2017 nba draft combine athleticism test results
Similar to Thornwell, Evans’ numbers weren’t glaringly bad, but for a point guard, they were certainly underwhelming. We take a look at who stood out on paper. store, newsletter The most famous NBA Combine bench press story to this day is Kevin Durant failing to hit even one rep of 185 pounds. Jackson was a catalyst with his slithery handle, change of speeds and ability to attack the basket, and he measured out well for a point guard at 6'2" with a 6' 7.5" wingspan. Also see: 2010 NBA Draft Combine Official Measurements Combine Measurement Analysis. One of the bigger unknowns in this draft was one of the biggest standouts at the combine. And his max vert of 40.5 inches was one of only 7 to break the 40 inch mark. You will receive mail with link to set new password. The process of evaluating the 2017 NBA draft has already started. Known more as a great point guard than a great athlete, Williams-Goss nonetheless came out and posted the best lane agility time in the entire combine at 10.42 seconds. He played half a year of prep school ball before enrolling at mid-season at UK and spending the latter half of the college basketball season sitting out for the Wildcats. The Crossover has everything you need to know about the first day of Combine festivities in Chicago. His three quarter sprint was the fastest. Player: Standing Vert. A look at the winners and losers from the: 2017 NBA Draft Combine Athleticism Testing Results. Winners/Losers Winners: P.J. It's officially NBA draft season. All Rights Reserved. Lane Agility Drill: 3/4 Court Sprint: Hand Length: Hand Width 2019 NBA Draft Combine. 37.5 max vertical is very good for a big and confirms what he showed all season with his explosive assaults of the rim. The NBA released the athletic testing results from the 2017 NBA Combine in Chicago. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Kuzma led the second game with 20 points and impressed with his fluidity and motor. White has made the leap from Division II All-American to probable draftee. Bell had one of Thursday’s best showings with 13 points, seven rebounds, five assists and five blocks. While he;s sure to impress in interviews and shows some solid face up ability, his lack of run/jump athleticism could knock him a little ways down in the first round. A look at the winners and losers from the: 2017 NBA Draft Combine Athleticism Testing Results. He’s excellent at changing speeds, played aggressive defense and was generally hard to ignore any time he took the court. Thanks for signing up. Mason III measured at just 6'0 with shoes on, so the positive athletic testing is a good sign for him. He had the fastest shuttle run at 2.7 seconds, comfortably ahead of the rest of the pack, and his max vert of 42 inches was second only to Diallo. Fitness Test Results for the NBA Draft (Combine) A series of 'Athleticism Tests' are performed annually at the American NBA pre-draft camp. ©1997-2020 Topend Sports Network NBA Draft Combine: Athleticism Test Results By: Aran_Smith . 2017 NBA Big Board 4.0: As Draft Picture Gets Clearer, De'Aaron Fox's Stock Rises. See a description of the tests, and the best results for each year since 2000. A series of 'Athleticism Tests' are performed at the NBA pre-draft camp combine held annually. Unfortunately for him, he posted an underwhelming 32.5 max vert and a downright bad lane agility time, fourth-worst time at the combine. See also the top ranking lists for the years 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009. This site has no affiliation with the National Basketball Association | Website by, 2017 NBA Draft Combine Athleticism Testing Results. Still, he’s a potential lottery selection, but that status could be in jeopardy with these results. Bam Adebayo-actually surprised he came in close to 6-10 with shoes, I had him figured closer to 6-8/6-9. His max vert was 33.5 inches, and his shuttle run was the slowest of all the point guards. A series of 'Athleticism Tests' are performed at the NBA pre-draft camp combine held annually. The draft lottery took place during the playoffs on May 16, 2017. A series of 'Athleticism Tests' are performed annually at the American NBA pre-draft camp. His lane agility time was third overall, and his three quarter court sprint was also top 10. So he comes into this draft with a lot to prove, and he did just that with a 44.5 inch max vertical leap, 2.5 inches better than the next-closest competitor. Out of all the big men at the combine, Adebayo probably turned in the most perspective-altering performance. Kyle Kuzma-6’9.5″ in shoes, nice size if he becomes a 3/4. Player : Lane Agility Time (seconds) ... 2017 Leave a comment. Trying to pinpoint a player's athleticism based on their combine testing is akin to trying to get a feel for their basketball IQ by watching them play one-on-zero it simply doesn't make all that much sense. As someone who was more of a faceup power forward in college, Ojeleye needed solid athleticism numbers to help show he can transition to the wing position at the NBA level, so when his vert numbers both ended up in the top 5 overall, it was a solid boost for his stock. He actually has some touch and range on his shot, what he’s still missing is the focus and consistency to put it all together. Please enter your email address. As a subpar shooter, Diallo needed to prove he was truly an elite athlete to be drafted as an NBA wing, and he clearly did that with his vert, as well as his shuttle run and three quarter sprint, which were both top 3 at the combine. Especially surprising due to the fact that Williams-Goss is generally thought to be slow in comparison to most college point guard prospects. © 2020 ABG-SI LLC. Please check your email for a confirmation. A more under the radar prospect, White posted excellent times in all the speed and quickness drills, and at 6’4, could be an ideal point guard prospect from a physical standpoint. July 05, 2017, 00:25, adidas Nations Training Camp Interview: Jamal Murray, DraftExpress document.write(" CITE THIS PAGE: "+ author + ", "" + document.title + "." Topend Sports Website, "+ published + ", "+ url + ", Accessed " + today); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. One MVP and two championships … © 2020 DraftExpress LLC All rights reserved. Kevin Durant thinks the combine is useless.A majority of the top 10 prospects for the 2017 NBA draft apparently agreed, deciding to skip out on the festivities held this week in … The Colorado standout ranked No. Check out the 800 sports in the Encyclopedia of Every Sport. Primarily, he had an awesome max vert at 39.5 inches, which when combined with tremendous length, gives him a lot of raw physical talent. 2017 NBA Draft Combine. Kevin Durant thinks the combine is useless.A majority of the top 10 prospects for the 2017 NBA draft apparently agreed, deciding to skip out on the festivities held this week in … See What is a sport? As a 6’2” shooting guard, (6-10 wingspan) Mitchell is a guy who needs to be able to play faster and more explosive than his taller competition, and his athleticism test numbers proved he can do so. Three point two….Full measurements are available here. Kuzma’s testing was also strong, with top-five times in the lane agility and shuttle drills. Hamidou Diallo, Kentucky. The test results from the NBA combine are not always released, but we have been able to create these lists based on the results which have been found online. He leapt like a guard, turning in a 38.5 inch max vert, and also placing among the overall top 10 at the combine in the standing vert. After two days of drills, athletic testing, measurements, interviews and five-on-five action, the 2017 NBA Draft Combine is officially in the books. An undersized power forward from a Mountain West Conference school, Oliver relies on his athleticism to take less mobile power forwards off the dribble and finish at the rim, so his promising combine numbers will benefit him greatly. Previous Previous post: Extended NBA Mock Draft 4.0 Next Next post: NBA Draft Combine: Athleticism Test Analysis Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. author info Stop if you’ve heard this one before: the biggest man at the combine was a massive, skinny, lob-catching, shot-altering Frenchman. Essentially the entire league gathered under one roof to lay eye on a talented batch of prospects—the sentiment echoed around the gym was that there’s even more variety of opinion than usual once you get past the top group of players (many of whom skipped the combine completely). Reeves, DraftExpress facebook He's a highly unique physical specimen, ranking in the 95th percentile or better in those three categories in our extensive database. De'Aaaron Fox 34" 7. He finished top 10 in Lane Agility, Shuttle Run and Three Quarter Court Sprint (2nd) and had a solid top 20 max vertical at 36.5. He landed in the bottom 8 in all 5 athleticism drills, the only player to do so. He posted the day’s top time in the three-quarter court sprint, second-best time in the shuttle run and added a solid 36.5-inch max vertical. With another strong day Friday, his decision could get more complicated. 2019 NBA Draft Combine Athleticism Testing By: Aran_Smith . Lost your password? The televised portion of the 2017 NBA Draft Combine reached its conclusion Friday with another day of athletic testing and on-court work. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED is a registered trademark of ABG-SI LLC. Lane Agility (secs) Shuttle Run (secs) 3/4 Court Sprint (secs) ... 2019 NBA Draft Combine Measurement Analysis Next Next post: Situational Analysis: Charles Bassey. Richard Jefferson: 14 repetitions in 2001, Russell Westbrook: 12 repetitions in 2008, DeAndre Jordan: Eight repetitions in 2008, Nikola Vucevic: Eight repetitions in 2011, LaMarcus Aldridge: Eight repetitions in 2006, Carmelo Anthony: Seven repetitions in 2003, Durant now says top prospects should skip the combine all together, Draft prospect Killian Tillie: 'I think I can play very similarly to Danilo Gallinari', Celebrity virtual fans at the NBA bubble: From Barack Obama to Lil Wayne, Billy King on GM School, Steve Nash, Doc Rivers and more, Executives share worst interview answers from NBA draft prospects, By the numbers, 2020 LeBron-AD are the third-most dominant championship duo ever, By the numbers, the Lakers had the easiest path to a title in 30-plus years, LeBron James is the first player to win Finals MVP with three teams, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. He may still have his work cut out for him to be anything more than a second round selection, but these combine numbers were a good start. Here’s a look at some day one standouts who coupled positive measurements with strong play in the scrimmages. Coupled with a great jump shot and scoring ability, Jackson, at age 19, definitely looks like a potential first round prospect after posting the numbers he did. Frank Mason III played well during the five on five portion of the Combine and also posted an impressive 41 max vertical leap (fourth best, 97th percentile historically), and 34 standing vertical (seventh best, 96th percentile historically). He can shoot the lights out, put the ball on the floor, and looks justified staying in the draft at this stage.


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