a streetcar named desire summary
Blanche stays behind while Stella is in the hospital and Mitch arrives. Blanche stayed behind to care for their dying family while Stella left to make a new life for herself, and Blanche is clearly resentful by her sister's abandonment of the family. Homosexuality. Stanley comes home and tells Stella that he now has the lowdown on Blanche. After losing her family plantation Belle Reve to creditors, former English teacher Blanche DuBois moves in with her sister Stella and her husband Stanley Kowalski in a poor but charming neighborhood of New Orleans. Blanche and Stella have a warm reunion, but Blanche has some bad news: Belle Reve, the family mansion, has been lost. Knowing nothing about Stanley or the Kowalskis' lives, Blanche is shocked to find that they live in a cramped and run down ground floor apartment - which she proceeds to beautify by putting shades over the open light bulbs to soften the lighting - and that Stanley is not the gentleman that she is used to in men. "Animal joy in his being is implicit in all his movements." While a neighbor goes to find Stella, Blanche looks around the apartment for a drink. She is a faded Southern belle without a dime left to her name, after generations of mismanagement led to the loss of the family fortune. The original 1947 Broadway production of Streetcar shot Marlon Brando, who played Stanley Kowalski, to stardom. Stella assures her it will happen. Find summaries for every chapter, including a A Streetcar Named Desire Chapter Summary Chart to help you understand the book. Not quite a heroine, Blanche is the complicated protagonist of the play. Stella Kowalski. Home; Literature Notes; A Streetcar Named Desire; Scene 2; Table of Contents . . Each of these encounters will intensify with each subsequent meeting. Plot Keywords Stella tries to explain that New Orleans is different and that the apartment is not so bad. Their fight, however, comes to an abrupt end as Stella goes into labor and has to be rushed to the hospital. After spending several dates with her demanding to be only seen after dark, he wants to have a good look at her, he demands some realism, to which Blanche says that she doesn’t want realism, but magic. Tensions build in the apartment throughout the summer. Light, Purity, The Old South. from your Reading List will also remove any When her sister comes, Blanche quite frankly criticizes the place. . Aside from the use of the raw meat, he uses the bowling balls and pins, and the columns of the Belle Reve plantation home as obvious, overt phallic and sexual symbols. While Stella goes to the bathroom, Stanley, her husband, enters and meets Blanche. She tells Mitch about her past life, how once she was married to a young boy whom she later discovered with an older man. Soon after her arrival at the Kowalskis, Blanche starts to date Mitch, one of Stanley's friends and coworkers who is a little softer around the edges than most of Stanley's friends. When Blanche says that she took a "streetcar named Desire, and then . Blanche then returns to the subject of the apartment, wondering how Stella could live in such a place. Eunice Hubbell. Blanche meets Mitch, one of Stanley's friends, who seems to be more sensitive than the others. Recalling the fact causes some distress in Blanche.


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