adopt a highway volunteer program
Highways provide a first impression of Arizona for many visitors. How does it work? Adopt a Highway also enables residents who are environmentally conscious to make a personal contribution to a cleaner environment. John Smith, not Senator John Smith). Although WisDOT's program does not manage volunteer cleanup work on local and county roads, interested parties are welcome to review the following information to help organize community efforts. MnDOT will also place your group’s name on an AAH sign and erect the sign along the group’s section of roadway or near the group’s rest area. To meet Stay Home, Stay Healthy guidelines, we are not allowing the pick-up or drop-off of AAH equipment including any safety vests, hard hats, signs, pickers, bags or other items regularly loaned to AAH groups. Practice social distancing - stay at least six feet from each other. This marathon period of cleaning Nebraska highways generates lots of fun and competition between groups, as well as good publicity for the program and those who participate. Please call 1-800-BAN-LITT(ER) or 1-800-226-5488 The sponsor agrees to use only State-provided equipment during their litter pickups. Rose Mofford served as Arizona’s Governor. Adopt a Highway volunteer program infographic (PDF) The public can volunteer and participate in Adopt a Highway to pick up litter along Minnesota’s state highways. In April 2015, the Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) celebrated 25 years of “Adopt-A-Highway.”  On April 8, Governor Pete Ricketts signed a proclamation naming April as “Adopt-A-Highway Volunteer Appreciation Month” in Nebraska, during a ceremony at the State Capitol. endstream endobj 2 0 obj <>stream WisDOT's Adopt-A-Highway program is the official coordination system for generous volunteer efforts that remove trash, recyclables and litter from roughly 11,800 miles of state highway. endstream endobj 82 0 obj <>stream Volunteer Program. Groups have the option to participate as volunteers or to hire a maintenance service provider to perform the work on their behalf. Mail it to the NDOT District Office for the county where you want to adopt. �� 6�?�U��ݮ�[�v�q�l�� ��į@$�J-qW��Ys`�H2“R){�!�`��9«��voy�Ʒ�A��{�6�{w���CcW�����UE�i���O��8:.T�K� ��>� One time per year is the minimum requirement. The program is currently sponsored by the Nebraska Department of Transportation. The representative will sign an agreement on behalf of the group. When visiting one of NDOT’s offices to pick up and drop off supplies, please wear a mask and limit the volunteers to one or two. The organization shall not be a for-profit commercial venture, political action committee, or a political organization. The group agrees to give the Department of Transportation 48 hours’ notice before performing litter removal. Please call 402-479-4843 or your district office with any questions. �ԣj-��$Dݘ�{�fj���B�B�ps���5(>�!7�H7��AH�G���1�tj�ǥ�� x��#P �MEG�0$�HY�K(�3$?H��ö� �y-4�@׏ ��A@� Adopt-A-Highway Program; Adopt-A-Highway Volunteer Application ; Report Your Cleanup Here; Junkyard Control Program; Landscape Design Guidelines; Litter Grant Program. c”�ȇ��&a����PM��߲p�)sq~C�JM���'aq�b���Y�b|�� ER�6 Dkg�č����I�|��������fyN���wAw�X4��$hs>�t���lUg����� �g�OR Every volunteer needs to wear an AAH safety vest at all times. In the past years, the Adopt-A-Highway program has grown to cover about one-quarter of the State’s 10,000 miles of roads and currently 900 groups have adopted a section of Nebraska roadsides as their own. H��W�r��}�W�#�2��_��k;�M��fֵe�R0I\S������s�g@���٤R����=}9�8�iW���m{{�^��WϤ���3Q�x�)������;)�v���Nm��Q�kc��v�e�{�}�T�32(:���ӑ��/���k%c��"�x%*%U��Ʃ�EQ�5�����g�`� 4�2"�&� ��"{P�D#d#=~�H�{��Y5��0S��i%V7l�6J9Q� 4N��>��V��Z�Fi�؋��T��6pܸc�,aO"ia�eKV����v��R�2�O���Il����f\�Ng-:�#��s����"��d�㪵���7. … How to become a Volunteer. MnDOT’s AAH coordinators will provide volunteers with safety information, AAH safety vests and trash bags. PalmettoPride is excited to bring Adopt-A-Highway into our Pickup program. After trash picking is complete, use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol or disinfectant wipes. Everyone should take pride in our beautiful state and adopt a highway. Contact your coordinator for AAH safety vest and bag supplies. The adopted section must be along a state-maintained highway. 100 organizations joined the program during the first two years after it launched and collected litter on 200 miles of freeway. Leave bags near your Adopt a Highway sign for pick up. 3$y'p�`,��F�"��0;zx&LjN���e�3��_[�w�`1���6C����&�� �����z�����Cae � �`$��t>�CC�&�ᑣ�y�N���.�������!r�N\�D�z�Dl���N�,�ghFaB92r]�U�¸|��S��*M�h��@�pY���0��K�0�o�}n�6^�S��m������z��.z3�J�%��֌r�r\C�'��HRBA^����͚=�����깢zn�h�ioC_ubƱA�z��C!=,x�@2Q��Y�p �A5"��8 q�:�S��䙼���9�0�� Adult supervision is required for volunteers under the age of 15. Your County's Toll-Free phone number or website is provided here. Arizona's Adopt a Highway Volunteer program began in 1988. �� J 0¥(8���u+�"B~MB�W0�V$���BW֜���v�6"��|�9U2�R���@��䏨�$Yl�磈�C���Q���S;|�$�LM2���*5��kI�)�pAT8AÐm೎�"�$��z��Q$�a}���ϩ�V�$��rX���7�N6��L��J�7|`@�;����%g�G! The group agrees to perform the work in a satisfactory, safe, and professional manner, and will conduct a safety meeting prior to their litter pickups. Each group is asked to pick up litter a minimum of twice a year. You bask in the glory of taking pride in Arizona to help Keep it Grand©. Adopt-a-Highway is a Texas-born program that allows volunteers to adopt stretches of state-maintained roadway to conduct litter pickups. Call your Adopt a Highway coordinator to schedule a pick-up appointment or make arrangements to have supplies mailed to you. A program that turns community involvement into cleaner roadsides. Only pick during daylight hours and good weather. Bring and wear your own gloves and use a trash picking tool whenever possible to minimize direct contact. Volunteers should be in good physical health and mentally alert using good common sense about the safety of self and others. New York, NY 10041 … MnDOT reserves the right to approve and/or edit names or acronyms. Tennessee Department of Transportation Clay Bright James K. Polk Bldg., Suite 700 505 Deaderick Street Nashville, TN 37243 (615) 741-2848 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing guidelines will need to be followed. The group agrees to pick up adopted sections twice a year for two years (agreement is renewable). No volunteer groups supporting a candidate for office. All participants engaging in any Adopt a Highway activities must be at least 12 years of age and sign a permission slip. Nebraska's program officially began in April of 1990, through the efforts of Gretna State Senator, Emil Beyer. Today over 1,100 volunteer groups are cleaning almost 2,000 miles of landscape along state highways, and more than ever Arizona needs you to keep this program going strong. For more information, please call 718.712.7563 or visit our website: ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY VOLUNTEER PROGRAM NYC DOT Arterials Roadway Repair & Maintenance Adopt-A-Highway Program 55 Water St., 4th Fl. Adopt a Highway signs may not promote any message, whether political, social or advertising. The Adopt-a-Highway program will post signs with your group’s name along your adopted section of road, and will provide volunteers with safety vests, litterbags and the appropriate training. What is the Adopt-A-Highway Program? All participants in the group must review the safety information provided by MnDOT before every pickup. Volunteers should have an up-to-date tetanus shot. ��{>9����al*��Mm�����lJW�Z�5�e=$^��o}��4 You adopt a two-mile stretch of highway for a minimum of two years. Adopt-a-Highway We have suspended all Adopt-A-Highway volunteer activities until further notice as a safety precaution during the COVID-19 pandemic. No “In Memory Of” wording. Adopt-A-Highway The Caltrans Adopt-A-Highway Program provides an avenue for individuals, organizations, or businesses to help maintain sections of roadside within California's State Highway System. District 1 | 302 Superior St, PO Box 94759 | Lincoln, NE 68509-4759 | 402.471.0850, District 2 | 4425 S 108th St, PO Box 45461 | Omaha, NE 68145-0461 | 402.595.2534, District 3 | 408 N 13th St | Norfolk, NE 68702-1707 | 402.370.3470, District 4 | 211 N Tilden St, PO Box 1488 | Grand Island, NE 68802-1488 | 308.385.6265, District 5 | 140375 Rundell Road, PO Box 220 | Gering, NE 69341 | 308.436.6587, District 6 | 1321 N Jeffers, PO Box 1108 | North Platte, NE 69103-1108 | 308.535.8031, District 7 | 619 Auditorium Dr | McCook, NE 69001-0530 | 308.345.8490, District 8 | East Highway 20, 736 E 4th St | Ainsworth, NE 69210-1215 | 402.387.2471, Headquarters Address: 1500 NE-2, Lincoln, NE 68502, Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing guidelines will need to be followed. You agree to pick up litter, preferably three or more times per year. Thank you for your understanding. Individual names are OK but not titles (i.e. Copyright © Arizona Department of Transportation – All rights reserved. The State provides the nameplate signs installed at each end of the adopted section, litter bags, traffic signs, safety vests, and disposes of the filled trash bags. The leader of your group is the person who signs the agreement form and is responsible for the safety of the volunteers. Post Adopt-a-Highway signs commending the group at the beginning and end of their section . Also avoid poison ivy and other noxious weeds. 2020 ADOT- This is a Free Drupal Theme, Transportation Systems Management and Operations, Law Enforcement Resources/AZ Crash Report. Not sure where to mail your application or need help choosing an area to adopt? Do not pick when roads are wet or when visibility is poor. The sign legend is the name of your group only. The "Great Nebraska Trash-Off " is an annual event, usually held in April through May. No political candidates in office or running for office. Sections are a minimum of two miles and a maximum of six miles. �J�.�B��i��'��I K������:S���5V�㴅!+9W�ӂ2>t>:����cm@���[�P8�� �DF��Yz'�@�~��:hL`M>eR� Contact your district! The first Adopt-A-Highway program in the nation began in Texas in 1985, and is now international in scope. Here are some guidelines to help you plan your pick: MnDOT will erect a 3-foot-by-5-foot highway sign to recognize a group’s commitment. Interstate and high traffic highways are not eligible for the Adopt-a-Highway program. It's also advisable to … 100 organizations joined the program during the first two years after it launched and collected litter on 200 miles of freeway. }�:x���Ay�*�N�1H� No advertising directions or business addresses. %PDF-1.6 %���� Rose Mofford served as Arizona’s Governor. Since 1988, Adopt-A-Highway volunteers have been cleaning up litter along South Carolina highways. Groups performing pick ups must have less than 25 volunteers and maintain six feet apart. Since then, tens of thousands of volunteers have reduced litter and also saved taxpayers millions of dollars annually in roadside cleanup costs.


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