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Around the same time, at the age of 23, Aldo was elected as a constable. I'm in great shape--got all my energy and strength back. As the 1960s ended, Hollywood's appetite for Ray's machismo started to wane. Aldo Ray was an American actor of Italian descent, best known for starring in films such as ‘Pat and Mike,’ ‘Battle Cry,’ and ‘Miss Sadie Thompson.’ Born in Pennsylvania and raised in California, Aldo was enlisted in the ‘United States Navy’ during the Second World War.

"[4] But when Cohn died in 1958, Columbia elected not to renew Ray's contract and he decided to leave Hollywood. He explains everything and he knows exactly what he wants.

At one point in 1976, he was totally broke. The same year he was interviewed and said about his cancer: I regret that I don't have more control of my tongue and thoughts--because I speak too frankly and too honestly, and this world is not meant for frank and honest people. Though he worked steadily in the 1970s, the quality of his roles diminished, and he was typically cast as gruff and gravelly rednecks.

However the situation was resolved when he agreed to make Nightfall (1957), playing an artist who encounters a pair of ruthless bank robbers.[19]. He then married Jeff Donnell. He was a very sweet guy, but he was gone. He drank drank drank. Ray said later: I wanted, I guess, to see what it was all about--a kind of half-assed adventure, you know? Ray was originally cast in the role of Gurney Halleck in David Lynch's 1984 adaptation of Frank Herbert's novel Dune, as his ex-wife Johanna Ray was the casting director, but was replaced by Patrick Stewart due to ongoing issues with alcoholism.

Director David Miller was more interested in Ray than his brother because of his voice; also, Ray was comfortable talking to the camera due to his political experience.

Though the latter part of his career was marked by appearances in low-budget B-movies and exploitation films, he still starred occasionally in higher-profile features, including The Secret of NIMH (1982) and The Sicilian (1987).

A profile in Movie Morlocks analysed Ray's appeal from the film Nightfall: Nobody smokes a cigarette like Aldo Ray. They perform like professionals. Learn about Aldo Ray: his birthday, what he did before fame, his family life, fun trivia facts, popularity rankings, and more. [11], Ray was meant to appear in Jubal but refused, because Columbia had made a profit on his loan outs for Battle Cry and We're No Angels but not paid Ray a bonus; Rod Steiger took the role instead. "[25], He hired a press agent, started taking better care of himself physically and changed agents. He ended up playing a small role of a cynical college football player in the film ‘Saturday’s Hero.’ He shared the screen with actors such as Donna Reed and John Derek. Ray was profiled in Sight & Sound which said: Aldo Ray's technical advance in the four years since The Marrying Kind enables him now to work in subtler, more economical degree; there is an authoritative reserve- and, still remarkably intact, the original rare lack of ostentation. (His brother, Mario Da Re (1933–2010), lettered in football at USC from 1952 to 1954. All the same, his career seems to have become a nomadic drifting round the studios looking for the right kind of film. But there were other performers that unconsciously championed a new kind of natural approach to acting.

Ray starred in Kill a Dragon shot in Hong Kong in 1966, and Suicide Commando shot in Rome and Spain in 1968.

Generation. I never bowed down to anybody at Columbia or anywhere else, but my overall idea was, I'll do whatever they tell me because it's their business, not mine, and I've got to learn it. [5], Ray had been popular with Harry Cohn because, in the actor's words, "He took no shit from anybody and he saw that I was that kind of a guy, too. He was driving his brother Guido to an audition for Saturday's Hero but director David Miller was more interested in Aldo due to his voice, something that … He was interested in returning to politics but not until he had made "at least" four more movies.

He stopped getting main roles and resorted to doing small/supporting roles in films.

Ray's work in Pat and Mike led to his nomination, along with Richard Burton and Robert Wagner, for a Golden Globe as Best Newcomer.

His brother, Mario Da Re (1933-2010), lettered in football at USC from 1952 to 1954.

There's plenty of good stuff left in me, you know?[28]. Looking for some great streaming picks?

Mario DaRe was born on May 21, 1933 in Contra Costa County, California, USA as Mario Silvio Da Re. Aldo also appeared in many TV series in the 1950s and the 1960s, such as ‘Frontier Circus,’ ‘Lux Video Theatre,’ ‘Daniel Boone,’ and ‘Ben Casey.’, However, in the early 1960s, Aldo’s career went downhill.

Upon leaving the Navy in May 1946 he returned to Crockett. I'd rather live one good year than ten more crappy years. When Aldo was 4 years old, the family moved to Crockett, California, where his father started working at a sugar refinery. Aldo was signed on a contract and was sent to Los Angeles for screen testing.

Burton won the award that year, but Ray's career was launched. Instead Ray appeared in an adaptation of David Goodis's novel Nightfall (1957), directed by Jacques Tourneur and The Naked and the Dead (1958), an adaptation of Norman Mailer's novel, directed by Raoul Walsh. In 1944, when Aldo was 18 years old, he enrolled into the ‘United States Navy’ to fight for his country in the Second World War.

Whenever Ray erupted on screen it felt like you were watching a volcano explode and if you didn’t get out of the way it could easily swallow you up in a heavy flow of golden molten lava.

British actress Johanna Bennet (married March 26, 1960, divorced 1967), who continues to work today under the name, This page was last edited on 13 September 2020, at 19:08. He had four children from his three marriages. His athletic build and gruff, raspy voice saw him frequently typecast in "tough guy" roles throughout his career, which lasted well into the late 1980s. The economic boom and the Jazz Age were over, and America began the period called the Great Depression.

They shot all the sex stuff after I'd flown back to L.A.

He dropped out of college to become a constable, but that did not work out for him. Cukor famously suggested that Ray go to ballet school because he walked too much like a football player.

On the May 12, 1955 edition of Groucho Marx's NBC-TV quiz show You Bet Your Life, Mario appeared as a contestant. Aldo Ray has never been considered a great Hollywood actor in the traditional sense but his natural, unaffected performances often seemed to emerge from some unsettled place.

They don't mix. At the time he was Constable of the town of Crockett, California, where he lived with his … Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist.

When Aldo was 4 years old, the family moved to Crockett, California, where his father started working at a sugar refinery. There are certain people who have opaque eyes which refuse to catch the light. The film was a box-office hit - probably the most popular movie Ray ever made - although it led to him being typecast. The second one was done opposite Jeff Donnell, who Ray later married; it was more successful and Ray ended up being cast in the lead. He died there of complications from throat cancer and pneumonia on 27 March 1991 at age 64.

This was directed by Raoul Walsh who would be one of Ray's favorite directors. In 1953, Aldo appeared as the leading man in two films: ‘Let’s Do It Again’ and ‘Miss Sadie Thompson.’.


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