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... Niangniang Mountain, also known as Jin E Mountain, is located in Qinghai Datong New City.

Is camping banned outright? Krasen, can you please elaborate on what happened at Nyenbo Yurtse? The Amdo Tibetan autonomous prefectures in Qinghai are: * Haidong is not a Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, but is home to over 135,000 Amdo Tibetans. No, you can camp inside the Nyenbo Yurtse park, but just not directly on the lake shores, only beside the parking lot, and pay 30 RMB for that.

Yushu prefecture, in far southern Qinghai, is a part of the Kham region of Tibet. Nomad woman from Tsolho prefecture herding yaks in the snow, Amdo nomads from Hainan / Tsolho prefecture, Snow-capped peaks in western Golog prefecture. Chaka Salt Lake: this natural crystallized saline lake is regarded as the eastern gateway to Qaidam Basin, which reserves the largest salt mine in the world. There are approximately 120,000 Tibetans in Xining, which is just over 5% of the total Xining City population.

Tibetan nomads can be found throughout Golog and Hainan/Tsolho prefectures as well as in parts of Huangnan/Malho and Haibei/Tsochang prefectures.

Qinghai is also called as “Amdo“, Qinghai Provincial Museum 青海省博物馆 covers an area of 17,000 square meters with the construction area of 20,800 square meters, its 9 halls are all with magnificent Tang style.

Do you organise a group tour to this places? This permit can be purchased at the Public Security Bureau in the prefecture capital of Dawu in Machen county for around 50 RMB per person. Qinghai has six sub-autonomous prefectures such as Hannan, Huangnan, Haibei, Haixi,  Golog and Yushu. While much of Amdo consists of rolling high altitude grasslands, there are numerous snow-capped peaks as well. Now I plan to make a bycivle tour next year and was thinking that a tour around Xining could be nice. Hello There are another eight counties which are under the direct authority of Xining, the capital of Qinghai province. Thanks My driver also told me he knew of a guesthouse in Dari. With some hiking possibilities maybe. What to see in the city? Hello ! Particularty about Qinghai part: Nyenbo Yurtse is very beautiful, but more and more commercially tourist place, the gate ticket was 120 RMB, and they didn’t allow us to sleep in a camping at lake shore.

About Amnye Machen, I thank you for the useful information that I read in “9. Amdocraft Yak Milk Soap tested and approved.

During the summer season, the lake is a very popular spot for Chinese tourists. © Adventures In Tibet 2009-2020 All Rights Reserved, homestay and camping with Amdo Tibetan nomads, Amdo Tibetan travel agency based in Xining. The coldest regions are Golog prefecture (especially Madoi county) and areas above 3500 meters north and south of Qinghai Lake as well as the nomad grasslands around Tsekog county in Huangnan/Malho prefecture.

Any other area in Qinghai is fine to me if you have any suggestions. This unique land yet is the home for unique animals such as yaks, sheep and horses with different looks. There were a lot of organised horse riding groups coming to that south side of the lower lake in the afternoon. And can we just walk few days inside Kekexili, walking only on foot, and sleeping in tents? They said it is because recently the tourists leave a lot of garbage on the shores and they try to stop it. Amnye Machen ཨ་མྱིས་རྨ་ཆེན་ rises to 6280 meters and is found in Golog prefecture. Is there any transport from Yushu to Kekexili? What things to do in Qinghai to travel Tibetan areas in Amdo? What makes Amdo a priority list for most travellers? The current 14th Dalai Lama as well as the late 10th Panchen Lama are both from this prefecture.

4. What to do in Qinghai province or what to see in Amdo Tibetan area? Young nomad girl from Zeku / Tsekog county རྩེ་ཁོག་, Nomad tent in Xinghai / Tsigortang county རྩི་གོར་ཐང་ in Tsolho prefecture, Farming area near Tongren/Rebkong རེབ་གོང་ in Malho prefecture, Old prayer wheel in Jianzha/Jiantsa county ཅན་ཚ་, The Yellow River viewed from the Kanbula National Park in Jianzha/Jiantsa county ཅན་ཚ་, Qinghai Lake མཚོ་སྔོན་པོ་ frozen in the winter, Young nomad boy from Gonghe/Chabcha county ཆབ་ཆ་, near Qinghai Lake. Xining City covers the Xining city limits as well as the 3 surrounding counties of Datong, Huangzhong and Huangyuan. Another area in the Qinghai part of Amdo that has some travel regulations is Golog prefecture. Why Amdo is a great place for adventure tours? No organized tour is required. We want to make a few days trekking this August’2016 in the area. Though very remote and difficult to reach, these lakes are amazingly beautiful and offer stunning views of the nearby Kunlun Mountain Range. 2. I’m in Xining and i’m going to travel through Amdo and Kham until Chengdu. The area of Nianbaoyuze won’t open to public in the near future, they told me they got issues with people littering and polluting. We are still not sure where to go- but probably will choose between Kekexili and Amnye Machen- all starting from Yushu. We ran into a police checkpoint an hour or so out of Dari and I got pulled into the van to make a registration. Ok, here are most exact idea if you want to travel there soon. Golog and Yushu are most nomadic areas raised above 4000 meters. I even managed a quick dip in the water whilst nobody was around.

Yak and sheep herding remain a vital part of most Tibetans lives in this area. This short-stay Amdo tours are more suit to get well acclimatisation before taking a tour to the Tibet autonomous region.

The highway is perfect, still free for use (without toll gates), and only the two tunnels are still closed, which was better, because we could go to the old dirt road which passes Drakde La pass and the Damxung glacier- again free. The relatively low lying valleys in Haidong/Tsoshar prefecture and the northern counties of Huangnan/Malho and Hainan/Tsolho prefectures are excellent for farming rapeseed, barley and wheat. Just check our day tours from Xining including Qinghai Lake Day Tour, Tibetan Medicine Culture Museum Tour and Overnight tour to Rebkong for the well-known traditional Thangka arts. Be careful of those Tibetans along the southern shore of Qinghai lake. In Huashixia an officier told me there were no guesthouses able to take foreigners there and that there definitely was in Dari. Ok, here are most exact idea if you want to travel there soon. Is it still a dirt road with no buses or other transport? Just in regards to the Alien Travel Permit, I was not asked for this at all in Goulou/Golog and had many encounters with the police- too many for my liking. If you somehow make it here, the police will quickly find you and escort you out. A couple of local nomads approached those of us who had pitched tents at dusk and asked us for a 20 kuai fee for staying there. More than that, you will visit a Chinese style monastery with a great formation on the very mountain. The sole plateau habitats world’s instinct wild animals like black-necked Crane, while Pandas, Wild Ass, Antelopes and wild yaks etc. It is best to spend a night or two in Xining, elevation 2300 meters, before going to higher elevation areas of the province. That park was the best option for me. Hi…Kekexili is not located in Amdo, but in Kham. The Tibetan cleaning ladies are insanely loud though. Pingback: Update of Amnye Machen”. Amdo Craft » Blog » Autumn in Qinghai. If you plan to go north from Golmud to either Xinjiang or Gansu provinces, the police often require foreigners to purchase an Alien Travel Permit for around 50 RMB per person. Xining is easily reached by rail or air from most large cities in China.

As I see on the map, there is a road from Yushu to Qumarleb, but how about the section from Qumarleb to Budongquan at the Tibetan railway? Really Cool. Tibetan Trekking Travel Co. Be safe. Tibetan nomads can be found throughout Golog and Hainan/Tsolho prefectures as well as in parts of Huangnan/Malho and Haibei/Tsochang prefectures. From there, the river flows through much of eastern Qinghai province contributing to the fertile soil found in the region.

I did notice some rubbish around and four Chinese guys who arrived just before dark were literally hurling their trash into a small pile of garbage in the morning in the fenced area we were camping in. Delingha county in Haixi prefecture (northwest Qinghai) is completely closed to foreigners. Thus travel to Amdo is the best substitute to travel to Tibet. The section around Gannan and North Sichuan was as usual crowded with tourists. The Amdo region of Tibet is spread across the Chinese provinces of Qinghai, Gansu, and Sichuan. thanks for share...extra wait .. …. The lake is a stunning turquoise color and during the fall and winter, snow-capped peaks form the background of the lake. Day 6 Lake Qinghai – Delingha – Golmud (2780m, 616km) Later in the day we drive west to Delingha to board our overnight train heading south west entering the Tibetan Autonomous Region. A great trip and highly recommended for those who want to see Tibet on a fully independent trip. Losang thank you so much for all these Informations.


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