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Music by Dimitri Tiomkin, Lyrics by Ned Washington, Song: "Julie" Music by Dimitri Tiomkin, Lyrics by Charles Wolcott. The Thing is one of my favourite films of all time! The Thing From Another World was produced by Howard Hawks and bears his trademark creative stamp: a small group of researchers and military men recover a crashed flying saucer in the Arctic, out of which comes the Thing, an unstoppable alien bent on world domination. The Complete Howard Hawks 7:00 pm. Whatever the case, The Thing from Another World stands as both a consummate expression of Hawksian ensemble acting and a master class in the power of suggestion. Fantastic film. Both also feature sequences in which researching the creatures reveal the profound biological threat which the creatures present to the wider planet if our intrepid cast of characters can’t contain the monster. The Thing From Another World is a short score (26:50), so this CD is filled out with Tiomkin's 1953 score to Take the High Ground!, a military-training film from M-G-M starring Richard Widmark and Karl Malden (running 51:47). - Order by Phone 1-800-336-4627 Directed … Thankfully, Warner Bros. established the Archive Collection, a Manufacture-On-Demand DVD operation devoted to thousands of idiosyncratic and ephemeral works of cinema. I have to say this is JCs masterpiece. The score became the blueprint for the '50s "monster" movie genre, although Tiomkin never attempted another one like it. Master tapes to The Thing From Another World are long lost, but the complete score survived on monaural acetate transfer disks in Tiomkin's personal collection, and that source has been used for this premiere CD. The Thing from Another World (Blu-ray) - Blu-ray BD-R (1951) for $17.98 from Horror Warner Archive Collection Series Scientists and American Air Force officials fend off a bloodthirsty alien organism while at a remote arctic outpost. Because these elements are quite central to the overall story, it is very clear that the films are related and ripe for comparison. Carpenter’s gross and gooey shape shifter can become anyone and anything — it has no limits of expansion. Music Composed and Conducted by Dimitri Tiomkin, Song: "Take the High Ground!" REBECCA: An Visually-Striking Adaptation Does its Damnedest to Escape the Shadow of its…, With New Director’s Cut, DOCTOR SLEEP Proves a Mike Flanagan Masterwork, I’M THINKING OF ENDING THINGS is Charlie Kaufman Working Without a Net, THE TREE OF LIFE: Terrence Malick’s Revelatory Wrestling Match With The Eternal, Top 10 2019 Films To Make You More Empathetic/Compassionate. It’s always bothered me, however, that my favorite horror film of all time is a remake of a film I’d never managed to take in, myself. To place an order or for customer service, call toll-free, The Thing from Another World (aka "The Thing"), Invasion of the Body Snatchers (Olive Signature) (Blu-ray), The Black Scorpion (Blu-ray) (Blu-ray BD-R), The Giant Behemoth (Blu-ray) (Blu-ray BD-R), The Satanic Rites of Dracula (Blu-ray) (Blu-ray BD-R), Village of the Damned (Blu-ray) (Blu-ray BD-R), Horror of Dracula (Blu-ray) (Blu-ray BD-R), What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (Blu-ray) (Blu-ray BD-R), Mr. Lobo's Cinema Insomnia: Xenia: Priestess of Night, Mr. Lobo's Cinema Insomnia: A Hard Day's Nightmare, Redneck Zombies (20th Anniversary Ed.) The Thing looms and threatens our characters; he’s off screen the vast majority of the time. It’s the creature-feature version of lore or mythology, I guess, and it always clicks for me. * John Carpenter’s The Thing is my favorite horror film of all time, as officially decided upon right here at Cinapse. Reactionary or not, though, it's still a masterpiece. Face it: this film clearly appealed to mature people, and so was inherently limited in its ability to capture part of the market. Howard Hawks' The Thing From Another World is a fairly typical '50s sci-fi adventure film. The Thing from Another World, sometimes referred to as just The Thing, is a 1951 American black-and-white science fiction-horror film, directed by Christian Nyby, produced by Edward Lasker for Howard HawksRKO Pictures. It is well directed, and well acted. Maybe a little, but not a lot. Read more. Due to budget restrictions, the physical manifestation of the creature here is very “man in suit”, as portrayed by James Arness (Gunsmoke). Set the template for a decade of alien invasions. The Archivist — Welcome to the Archive. But it simultaneously feels dated here in 2019. Screenings from this program June 2019. See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive, Uploaded by Join us as we explore this treasure trove of cinematic discovery! Two cues are even in rudimentary stereo, owing to the use of separate overlays. The Archive has expanded to include a streaming service, revivals of out-of-print DVDs, and factory-pressed Blu-rays. The biology and the limited understanding our characters are able to come to of the threat they’re up against still bolster the terror of Carpenter’s creature (resulting in the infamous blood test scene which is equal parts smart thinking on the part of our characters and a nail-biting stress fest of a thriller sequence), but the gooey and gory details are what send the 1982 version into the creature feature pantheon. I never saw this film until now. Arctic researchers discover a huge, frozen spaceling inside a crash-landed UFO, then fight for their lives after the murderous being emerges from icy captivity. Johnny Green). Directed by Howard Hawks, 1939, Directed by Howard Hawks, 1932, Directed by Howard Hawks, 1938, Directed by Howard Hawks, 1953, Directed by Howard Hawks, 1940, Directed by Howard Hawks, 1942, Directed by Howard Hawks, 1934, Directed by Howard Hawks, 1946, Directed by Howard Hawks, 1962, Directed by Howard Hawks, 1944, Directed by Howard Hawks, 1949, Directed by Howard Hawks, 1928, Directed by Howard Hawks, 1931, Directed by Howard Hawks, 1955, Directed by Christian Nyby and Howard Hawks, 1951, Directed by Howard Hawks, 1930, Directed by Howard Hawks and Vincent Sherman, 1943, Directed by Howard Hawks, 1959, Directed by Fred Zinnemann, 1952, Directed by Howard Hawks, 1936, Directed by Howard Hawks, 1967, Directed by Howard Hawks, 1926, Directed by Howard Hawks, 1948, Directed by Howard Hawks, 1964, Directed by Howard Hawks, 1952, Directed by Howard Hawks, 1970, Directed by Howard Hawks, Henry Koster, Henry Hathaway, Jean Negulesco and Henry King, 1952, Directed by Howard Hawks and William Wyler, 1936, Directed by Howard Hawks, 1935, Directed by Howard Hawks, 1965, Directed by Howard Hawks and Richard Rosson, 1933. Scientists and American Air Force officials fend off a bloodthirsty alien organism while at a remote arctic outpost. many BIG thanx! In both the creature threatening the planet are aliens carried to the planet on UFOs, and in both the cast of characters forced to do battle with the creature are stationed on a remote arctic research facility.


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