beauty and the beast: the enchanted christmas ending
They all agree that they do not need decorations or gifts to celebrate Christmas, they have each other, and that is the best gift they could ever ask for. The original score and songs were composed by Rachel Portman with lyrics written by Don Black. Belle walks onto the castle grounds with an axe in her hand, as Sultan runs beside her, panting. Lumiere, please! I refuse to hope for it any more. I will not be disappointed again. Forte: Oh, but happiness is so… depressing. Forte (Tim Curry), a pipe organ, fears that Belle's plans may eventually bring about an end to the curse - the curse that brought him more importance in the Master's life. Beast But when a woman gives a man a gift, she’s saying, "I care about you.". Chip frowns at this.) We’ve risen above the tragedy. [as Forte plays while the Beast enters the room, about to ask Forte to compose a song as a present for Belle]  : Will you look at that! [plays loud music]  Beast gets in the mood, and demands Forte to compose a song as a present, who agrees unhappily. But I see my triumph is a solo act! Chip begs Mrs. Potts to tell the story. "As Long As There's Christmas", the theme of the film, is about finding hope during Christmas Time. MousekeDance It! Axe: (shouting) Hey, what am I payin’ you for, being boring? Beast reflects on his past: Christmas was the day he was most selfish and spoiled, and it was on that day that the Enchantress put the spell on him and the castle. We can remain as we are… forever and ever! Tweet, tweet, tweet! The album serves as the film's soundtrack and also as a Christmas album of traditional carols sung by Paige O'Hara. 18 of 22 people found this review helpful. This picture made under the jurisdiction ofI.A.T.S.E.®affiliated with A.F.L.-C.I.O.-C.L.C. LTD. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Forte Layout DirectorsALEX NICHOLAS – JOHN HILL, Layout ArtistsYOSH BARRY – DAVID SKINNERABETH DE LA CRUZ – WEYLEN TSENGNICK PILL – FRANK WESSING, Supervising AnimatorsANDREW COLLINS – KEVIN PEATY, AnimatorsSID AHERNE – PAUL MCADAMSIMON ASHTON – MAC MONKSDAVIDE BENVENUTI – RYAN O’LOUGHLINANDREW BROOKS – MARGARET PARKESSIMON BROWN – KRISTINA REAYROGER CLARKE – DI RUDDERBERNARD DERRIMAN – GEORGINA SANTOSMORRIS LEE – MYKE SUTHERLANDPIETER LOMMERSE – RIZALDY VALENCIAKEVIN WOTTON, Clean-Up ArtistsELI BRAGA – SONNY ESQUILLIONDARYL BROUGHAM – MAX GUNNERLINDA CATCHLOVE – DAVID HARRISONKEVIN COMPTY – JEANETTE IMERZHIQIANG DING – MICHAEL LESKEPETER EASTMENT – SUKHEE PARKESVIRGINA EASTMAN – JAMES SHAHCELINE ESNAULT – IDA WILSONNICOLE ZARUBIN, Inbetween SupervisorsDEBBIE CRAMB – AMANDA EARLE, Inbetween ArtistsSILVIO ARLENGHI – MAMIE MIAONOEL CLEARY – RICHARD PACEANNA DIMEZZA – ADAM PARTONENRIQUE GALLARDO – MARVIN PETILLASERENA GEDDES – ANTHONY QUELCHJOHN HORVATH – TOM SCHYVENSANNA JUKIC – DAMIEN SIMPERIAN LACEY – ADAM SMITHALAN LAM – AARON STANNARDDANIEL LARKIN – SEAN STEINMULLERDANIELLE LATTA – RICHAD TREFRY, Animation Checkers/CompositorsMARK EVANS – FERNANDO LETTERIELIAS MACUTE, X-Sheeting and ScanAMANDA ALLEN – CHRIS O’CONNERHELEN ORTH, Digital Paint CrewJOHN BARRET – DANKA JELENKOWSKAMARGARET FORBES – SONJA KOLOWSKIAGNES FORSTER – ANIA KORNAKIBARRY HINES – CHRIS MCMANUSMURRAY SWIFT, EFX AnimatorsSEAN ASPINALL – ROWENA HAMLYNDEBORAH CAMERON – DARREN KEATINGROEHL DEGUZMAN – WARREN LIANGADAM PHILLIPS, Production AssistantsROBYN DRAYTON – AMY GREENMARSHALL HUGHES, Background ArtistsBARRY DEAN – JERRY LIEWFELICE FERRER – VINCE JUNGSTEDTS.


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