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Further, Mr. Karloff endured unspeakable discomfort in portraying these characterizations. He was the youngest of nine children.
Boris Karloff has created a body of work that has never been supplanted by any other artist. During this period, Karloff was also a frequent guest on radio programs, whether it was starring in Arch Oboler's Chicago-based Lights Out productions (most notably the episode "Cat Wife") or spoofing his horror image with Fred Allen or Jack Benny. Karloff always claimed he chose the first name "Boris" because it sounded foreign and exotic, and that "Karloff" was a family name. Spouse: Grace Harding (1910-1913; divorced) Olive de Wilton (1915; divorced) Montana Laurena Williams (1920; divorced) Helene Vivian Soule (1924-1928; divorced) Dorothy Stine (1928-1946; divorced) Evelyn Hope Helmore (1946-1969; his death) William Henry Pratt (23 November 1887 – 2 February 1969), better known by his stage name Boris Karloff, was an English actor. B. Priestley play The Linden Tree. Was Boris Karloff in the habit of Smoking? Not only was the cartoon a massive success and quickly became a Christmas classic, but the narration was released as a record and in 1968 Karloff won a Grammy Award for Best Recording for Children for his performance. Another possible influence was thought to be a character in the Edgar Rice Burroughs fantasy novel H.R.H. He was the youngest of nine children. Karloff also appeared in a small role in the original version of Scarface (1932) as a gangster, which actually was filmed before Frankenstein but not released until afterward because of censorship issues. Karloff remained very prolific throughout the 1930s in a wide array of roles, including starring in the highly-acclaimed John Ford-directed war film The Lost Patrol (1934) and starring as Chinese-American detective Mr. Wong in five films from 1938 to 1940, though his best-remembered films of the era are his horror movies, including The Ghoul (1933), The Black Cat (1934), The Raven (1935), The Walking Dead (1936), and The Invisible Ray (1936) and Tower of London (1939), some of which featured Karloff alongside fellow horror icon Bela Lugosi, and later starred in Universal's House of Frankenstein (1944) as a mad scientist and as the grandson of the original Dr. Frankenstein in Frankenstein 1970 (1958). Karloff did several short stints on Broadway throughout the latter half of the 1940s, including performing as Captain Hook in the 1950 production of Peter Pan. His father worked for the British government, and young Pratt was educated in private schools. The resulting film, directed by James Whale, was a huge success, launching Karloff into Hollywood superstardom—even though he was only billed as "?" The 5'11" (1.8 m) brown-eyed Karloff played a wide variety of roles in other genres besides horror. Karloff's birthplace is marked with an English Heritage plaque and he has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (one for film and one for television). by being active in the Screen Actors Guild in order to alleviate some of the hardships in filmmaking that he endured. He appeared for a supporting role in the film "Charlie Chan at the Opera.". Boris Karloff.". He married six times and had one child, daughter Sara Karloff, by his fifth wife. The heavy brace which was a part of his Frankenstein costume left him with chronic back trouble for most of his adult life. However, his daughter Sara Karloff publicly denied any knowledge of Slavic forebears, "Karloff" or otherwise. In a 1946 interview with Louis Berg of the Los Angeles Times, Karloff discussed his three-picture deal with RKO, his reasons for leaving Universal Pictures and working with producer Lewton. Due to the years of difficult manual labour in Canada and the U.S. while trying to establish his acting career, he suffered back problems for the rest of his life. His first notable role was in the film "The Hope Diamond Mystery." Karloff, along with H. V. Kaltenborn, was a regular panelist on the NBC game show, Who Said That?, which aired between 1948 and 1955.

Karloff is best remembered for his roles in horror films and his portrayal of Frankenstein's monster in Frankenstein (1931), Bride of Frankenstein (1935), and Son of Frankenstein (1939).

It is very rare today, although a download of it is available from His most acclaimed film role of his late period came in Targets (1968), a Corman-produced film directed by Peter Bogdanovich in which Karloff portrays an aging horror star whose final scheduled public appearance is interrupted by a sniper. He also featured in Michael Reeves' second feature film The Sorcerers (1966). Evidence that Boris Karloff Used Women: And here's evidence that Boris Karloff used and disposed of women, like dirty Kleenexes. Younger filmmakers, like low-budget filmmaking pioneer Roger Corman, hired Karloff to bring his fame to their projects. After the devastating Regina, Saskatchewan, Regina Cyclone of 30 June 1912, Karloff and other performers helped with cleanup efforts. Karloff performed in drag as the titular Mother Muffin.

Because of his health, he did not fight in World War I. He wore lifts along with padding so that the villain looks more powerful. Karloff left Universal because he thought the Frankenstein franchise had run its course. Although he worked up until the final months of his life, Karloff's health declined significantly in the 1960s. [9], In contrast to the sinister characters he played on screen, Karloff was known in real life as a very kind gentleman who gave generously, especially to children's charities. He was born on November 23, 1887 at Camberwell, London, England. Commercial Licensing / Settlement Agreement.

But it was his role as Frankenstein's monster in Frankenstein (1931) which made him a star. He is still an iconic figure of our society.

Karloff returned to the role of the "mad scientist" in 1958's Frankenstein 1970, as Baron Victor von Frankenstein II, the grandson of the original inventor.

He worked in various silent films to start his career in Hollywood. He was a student at Enfield Grammar School, Uppingham School, Merchant Taylors' School. Also quickly followed The Old Dark House with Charles Laughton and the star role in The Mask of Fu Manchu. His paternal grandparents were Edward John Pratt, an Anglo-Indian, and Eliza Julia (Edwards) Pratt, a sister of Anna Leonowens (whose tales about life in the royal court of Siam (now Thailand) were the basis of the musical The King and I.) Though Karloff was a horror movie star, he continued to act outside of Hollywood films. Sara Karloff, Actress: My Lovely Monster. They were dismissed, by critics and fans alike as undistinguished efforts. Karloff recorded the title role of Shakespeare's Cymbeline for the Shakespeare Recording Society (Caedmon Audio). At the same time, Karloff found additional success acting on television, including three series that he starred in: Colonel March of Scotland Yard (1954-56), The Veil (1958), and Thriller (1961-62). The finale reveals that the crippled Baron has given his own face (i.e. Records Karloff made for the children's market included Three Little Pigs and Other Fairy Stories, Tales of the Frightened (volume 1 and 2), Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories and, with Cyril Ritchard and Celeste Holm, Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes,[8] and Lewis Carroll's The Hunting of the Snark.


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