brook lopez and robin lopez
Brook Lopez blocks Carmelo Anthony! These metrics purposefully favor centers by a wide margin; there is a major bias towards efficient, low-usage offense, defensive rebounding, and rim protection. Copyright © ClutchPoints. Los Lopez pueden ser muy carismáticos y divertidos fuera del campo, o en el caso de Brook, considerado uno de los mejores pívots tiradores del torneo. Para ponerlo en contexto, ellos lanzan apenas por debajo del 57% en el otro costado. His averages of 8.2 points and 5 rebounds a game for his career do not jump out, but over the last three seasons he has shown he can be a capable starting center, with advanced statistics indicating that he is an above-average player at both ends of the court. The starting Lopez ranked 15th in the league with 46.47 total points, but the reserve Lopez held his own with 40.10 total points (which was still significantly higher than the league median mark of 36.71), and Robin mirrored Brook in most major ways. Partner of iOne Digital / Cassius Network. Es hermano gemelo del también jugador de la NBA Robin Lopez, elegido en el mismo Draft de la NBA de 2008. “We thought about it,” Brook told the New York Post. Cuando se piensa en el dominio absoluto que está teniendo Milwaukee en la 2019-2020, por supuesto que lo primero que se viene a la mente es la tarea de Giannis Antetokounmpo, MVP reinante de la competición y con todos los boletos para repetir en esta campaña. Ersan Ilyasova and Robin Lopez both had their minutes drastically reduced as the rotation tightened up out of necessity, and in general the overall performance of the frountcourt remained steady. Finalizó tercero en la votación del Rookie del Año. window.gdprTextData = {"buttonText":"OK","cookiePolicyLink":"http:\/\/\/news\/privacy_policy.html#Cookies","cookiePolicyLinkText":"Pol\u00edtica de cookies","privacyLink":"https:\/\/\/news\/privacy_policy.html","privacyLinkText":"Pol\u00edtica de privacidad","termsOfUseLink":"http:\/\/\/news\/termsofuse","termsOfUseLinkText":"T\u00e9rminos de uso","text":"Utilizamos cookies para proporcionarle la mejor experiencia en l\u00ednea. In an attempt to win the heart of the woman he loved, Steve Urkel, the nerd at the heart of the television show “Family Matters,” took “cool juice,” transforming himself into Stefan Urquelle. If Brook Lopez, the steady, if unspectacular, offensive force at the center of the Nets’ universe, took Urkel’s cool juice, he would probably come out a lot like his twin brother, Robin. Despite the praise, though, he has sometimes failed to connect with a fan base that has seen him placed on the trading block nearly as often as he has been injured and has watched him succeed with a plodding style. En su primera temporada promedió 12,6 puntos, 6,0 rebotes y 1,7 tapones, lo que le valieron para ser incluido en el mejor quinteto de novatos de la Pacific Ten Conference. Someone needs to help these two get along. But Robin Lopez seemingly has no problem with being viewed as a lesser player, often joking about it on social media. The Orlando Magic series was generally business as usual, but the Bucks’ systems were exposed against the Miami Heat, similarly to how they were exposed last year against the eventual champion Toronto Raptors. En su segunda temporada lideró a su equipo en puntos (19,3 por partido), y rebotes (8,2), siendo el tercero de la liga en tapones (2,1). He has had a strong player efficiency rating — 20 or higher — in each of the last four seasons and is considered the type of player an offense can run through. Brook Lopez (34.87), Giannis (37.04), and Marvin Williams (31.32) were the primary bigs in the Bucks’ postseason rotation, and each of them performed reasonably well relative to their regular season benchmarks and the league playoff median score of 30.37 total points. The starting trio of Brook, Giannis, and Khris was one of the best in the league, and Marvin Williams was a savvy buyout market pickup that shored up Milwaukee’s depth. His combination of rim protection and spatial control (in terms of both opponents’ shot attempts and shot recovery efforts) were a foundational pillar of the Bucks’ league-leading defense, as well as the key to unlocking one of the NBA’s most terrifying weapons: Giannis Antetokounmpo collecting a defensive rebound and pushing the fast break. Una es su inmensa capacidad reboteadora: capturan el 81,2% de los tiros fallados del rival, siendo esta la mejor marca de la liga. He was the star while both brothers were at Stanford and was taken by the Nets with the 10th pick in the 2008 draft. New York will now be home to both comic-book-loving 7-footers, as Robin has agreed to join the Knicks for an estimated $54 million over four years. Robin Lopez, on the other hand, has been a fan favorite on and off the court, but his status as a complementary player has many Knicks fans wondering how much of an answer he is as the team tries to rebuild from last season’s 17-65 disaster. teams. Look at Poupin and those scheming eyes. Brook Robert Lopez (North Hollywood, California, 1 de abril de 1988) es un jugador de baloncesto estadounidense que pertenece a la plantilla de Milwaukee Bucks de la NBA. In any event, New York will now have two of the game’s better 7-footers anchoring the lineups of its two N.B.A. Then again, the Milwaukee Bucks lost to the Heat for a number of reasons (their backcourt was certainly one of them), but how much blame falls on the lack of defensive flexibility, and how much of that falls on the frontcourt? Nadie más baja del 46% en toda la NBA. But when their heads turn, he’ll try to chase after [my cat] Edward. The Heat’s penchant for making shots and crashing the offensive glass rendered one of the Bucks’ strengths inert, further forcing Milwaukee out of its comfort zone and leaving them scrambling for answers they never came up with. "}; ); They’ve made solid trades and savvy signings, bringing in Brook Lopez, Eric Bledsoe, George Hill, and Wes Matthews, and in February they were poised to roll into the playoffs with confidence, momentum, and something to prove. They need a 3-and-D big man and Brook Lopez is pretty much … He was near the top of the league in both individual and team defensive rebound rates when boxing out, and paint field goal percentage allowed, giving further credence to theories involving Giannis-at-center lineups. A player’s Total Points value refers to his overall rank across all 8 of the considered metrics; think of it as a formula to help answer the question, “if you could build an idealized Bucks big man from scratch, what skills might they have?”. Is the Bucks’ sixth man a fixture on the roster? Twins Brook and Robin Lopez can’t live together because their cats won’t get along. #EdMikan4Ever.”. This was … [2]​, En el total de su trayectoria universitaria promedió 16,0 puntos y 7,1 rebotes por partido.[3]​. Brook promedia solo 2,2 por partido y su hermano 1,3. I dedicate this to all us Ed Mikans out there. Con cualquiera de ellos en cancha, la pintura de los Bucks tiene la mejor custodia posible. Then, as Bucks fans are painfully aware, the playoffs happened. David Deckard, the managing editor of Blazer’s Edge, a website dedicated to the Portland Trail Blazers, said Robin Lopez was the ideal player to slide in next to a star like Carmelo Anthony. La diferencia con el segundo es absimal: los Brooklyn Nets, quienes permiten un 48,7% en lanzamientos de dos. The twin brothers started their NBA career in 2008 and since then has made a name for themselves as individual players. That point was originally set in June, two days after the initial date of the NBA Draft, and it yet to be determined exactly when the new guarantee date will be.


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