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So, it’s going to be interesting to see how much like Cannibal Holocaust this turns out to be. By loading the video, you agree to YouTube’s privacy policy.Learn more. Cannibal Holocaust is an exploitation film from 1980. Simply titled Cannibal, the new video game is being made as a collaboration between Cannibal Holocaust director Ruggero Deodato and independent developer Fantastico Studio. It’s apparently going to be a 2D game anyway, so how horrific can it actually be? The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. The issue with trying to turn that into a game in the modern day is just how stomach-churning the film was in the first place. The developers are working with the original director. Of course, this is all a moot point until the game actually comes out. Simply titled Cannibal, the new video game is being made as a collaboration between Cannibal Holocaust director Ruggero Deodato and independent developer Fantastico Studio. While the level of horrific realism was just about manageable as a passive observer, once you’re in there taking part it’s probably going to be a lot harder to get through.

Cannibal Holocaust has been called one of the most controversial films of all time.

Will Mega Evolution Return to Pokemon Sword and Shield? The game is due out for mobile devices, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One this coming November, so one has to imagine that more details will be revealed soon. Is Meghan Markle Really a ‘Self-Made’ Millionaire? Neither of which seem like good options. Chief Editor: Samburaj Das – samburaj@ccn.comU.S. Making an adventure game out of a movie literally accused of being a snuff film when it was released seems like a great idea to me. Sister-site: Hacked – Protection against online Abuse and Cybercrime. Editor: Aaron Weaver – aaron.weaver@ccn.comFinancial Editor: Sam Bourgi – sam.bourgi@ccn.comDirector and Founder: Jonas Borchgrevink -jonas.borchgrevink@ccn.comHR and Recruiting: Pamela Meropiali – pamela.meropiali@ccn.comSales Manager: Pankaj Upadhyay – The main issue with a Cannibal Holocaust game is that unlike the movie it has to be interactive. Cannibal Holocaust Game Is a Truly Terrible Idea Right Now.

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Dalton Cooper is an editor for Game Rant who has been writing about video games professionally since 2011. Either it’s going to be somehow horrific, or it’s going to be too take to be Cannibal Holocaust and will feel like a failure. Opinionated articles are clearly marked with “Opinion.” is a part of Hawkfish AS, a Norwegian Media Company with regional offices in the U.S., Canada, and India. The new decade has started out with bush fires, celebrity deaths and a deadly virus sweeping the globe. Having written thousands of game reviews and articles over the course of his career, Dalton considers himself a video game historian and strives to play as many games as possible. Based on the artwork, it seems as though Cannibal will attempt to replicate the found footage style of the movie, which is something that's been done in games like Outlast and Resident Evil 7. A scientist goes and finds a tribe of natives, withdrawn from society, holding onto the remains of the documentary crew's equipment. Cannibal has been announced for the Xbox One

Not only that, but there was at least some attempt made at having a point, even if the over-reliance on gore did undermine it somewhat. In the press release, Cannibal will be an interactive horror adventure game directed and written by Deodato and feature original drawings from Solo Macello. Sorry Diablo Fans, But Coronavirus Just Put BlizzCon 2020 in Jeopardy. Either the game is going to shy away from that level and be a pale imitation of the original Cannibal Holocaust. Cannibal Holocaust has been called one of the most controversial films of all time. Pitched as an interactive horror graphic adventure game, Cannibal will be both written and directed by Deodato.

A game that follows up on the 1980’s ‘video nasty’ Cannibal Holocaust is coming out soon, and it’s not going to end well. A game that follows up on the 1980’s ‘video nasty’ Cannibal Holocaust is coming out soon, and it’s not going to end well. MORE: 10 Horror Games With the Most Heart Attack-Inducing Jump Scares, Ranked. If ever there was a movie that would seem like an unlikely choice for a video game adaptation, it's Cannibal Holocaust. William Worrall is a professional writer based out of the UK who has been writing about video and tabletop games for over a decade and has covered industry events such as EGX and UKGE. Address: Drengsrudhagen 6, 1385, Asker, Norway.

Cyberpunk 2077 Has an NSFW Witcher Reference, Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Knows Fans Want to See Classic Franchises Return, Outriders is Leading the Starfield, Mass Effect 5 Pack, Xbox Game Pass Getting LucasArts Remasters, Genshin Impact Exploit Gives Players Unlimited Stamina, Halo Infinite Could Release Campaign and Multiplayer Separately. Other than graphic gore, the film contains several scenes of sexual violence and genuine cruelty to animals, issues which find Cannibal Holocaust in the midst of controversy to this day. Infamous horror movie Cannibal Holocaust will live on thanks to a video game sequel, launching this November on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam. The game will explore similar themes as the Cannibal Holocaust movie, including natives' lives and of course, cannibalism. This idea is only going to end in disaster. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of Hideo Kojima Wants to Make A 'Revolutionary' Horror Game, 10 Horror Games With the Most Heart Attack-Inducing Jump Scares, Ranked, Dragon Age 4: The History of Thedas Through the Eyes of Sten and the Qunari, Super Mario Receiving New Physical Rewards Via My Nintendo, Respawn Reveals Why Forge Could Never Work in Apex Legends, Rumor: Assassin's Creed Valhalla Leaked Images Show Returning Modern Day Character, Call of Duty Teaser Site PawnTakesPawn Has New Video Live, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Players Find Inappropriate Images in Beta, Obra Dinn Developer Says Sony Denied Request to Discount Game on PS4, The Elder Scrolls 6 May Actually Abandon One Long-Running Staple, Ghost of Tsushima Multiplayer Mode Narrated By Uncle Iroh Voice Actor. It did basically invent found-footage as a genre. In 1980, the hugely controversial film Cannibal Holocaust released in theaters, generating significant backlash and innovating the found footage genre in the process. Nothing is more cheerful than hyperrealistic murder, torture, and cannibalism after all. CCN – Capital & Celeb News, also known as CCN Markets, CCN, and, is a global news site with journalists in the U.S., UK, Europe, and Asia. Now someone has decided to make a game based on the most controversial (probably) film of all time, Cannibal Holocaust. 2020 has been a rough year. Even if this Cannibal Holocaust game has a similar social commentary to the film, what’s the point?

Consider scenes like the infamous ‘impalement’ scene. A new game is being planned which will continue the legacy of that film.

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It’s one of the most disgusting pieces of cinema that you can actually sit through. If the game is so unpleasant to play then no one is going to be able to stomach it long enough to get your ‘message’. © 2020 Copyright: Hawkfish AS. They were so close to reality that the film’s creator was accused of airing an actual death on-screen. Samburaj Das edited this article for CCN - Capital & Celeb News. Dow Weak as Jobless Claims Highlight Desperate Need for Fiscal Aid, It’s the Small Things That Make the PS5 Teardown So Impressive, Xbox Can’t Make Up It’s Mind About $70 Next-Gen Games, Don’t Be Fooled by That Dazzling NBA 2K21 PS5 Sizzle Reel, Sony’s Forced Button Change on PS5 Is a Pointless Fiasco, Sony’s PS5 May Not Have Dolby Vision/Atmos – but There’s Good News, Impressions: Microsoft’s Xbox Series X Sweats While Sony’s PS5 Chills. Many gamers are turning to things like Minecraft and Animal Crossing for a bit of escapism in these dark times. With one of the innovators of the found footage genre at the helm, though, it will be interesting to see if Cannibal will be able to take this style of horror game to the next level. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. In 2006, Entertainment Weekly magazine named Cannibal Holocaust as the 6th most controversial film of all time. Celebrating the fortieth anniversary of the cult film Cannibal Holocaust, Cannibal is a terrifying interactive experience that serves as the fourth chapter of director Ruggero Deodato's cannibals cycle.

Cannibal will launch this November for iOS, Android, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One. If you see a breach of our Code of Ethics or find a factual, spelling, or grammar error, please contact us. The director of the 1980 cult horror film Cannibal Holocaust is making a new horror video game called Cannibal that will explore similar themes. It focuses on an American documentary crew that goes missing in South America, only to disappear. Yet, it’s not without at least some merits.


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