chosin reservoir survivors list
The lifeline was the MSR, winding its way through the snow-covered mountains. They did! A few hours after midnight the wounded Drysdale arrived with the remainder of his Royal Marines. The "Cavalry" was Task Force Drysdale, a 250 man element of the 41st Royal Marine Commandos under British Lieutenant Colonel Donald Drysdale based back at Koto-ri. Others were not so fortunate. By the time they reached Hill 1520 (Hill number shows elevation in meters), three miles southeast of Yudam-ni, it was very dark and the temperature averaged a minus 40 degrees. By nightfall, he was close, but not close enough. He continued to resist, to battle the enemy, until wounded by a sniper bullet. The combat troops, warriors of the 5th and 7th Marine Regiments, moved 12 miles northwest to the village of Yudam-ni. As morning broke the winter skies, Myers and his force had almost reached the crest of East Hill. Company G's commanding officer, Captain Carl L. Sitter finally fought his way to link up with Ltc Drysdale, where the two held a council. With daylight on the morning of November 30th, it seemed that every Marine was either trapped and surrounded or fighting his way into that trap to rescue his brothers. As enemy fire raked into his force, Myers watched man after man falls at his side. They came out unashamed, bringing their equipment, their wounded, and most of their dead. On October 9, 1950, the first elements of American military units crossed the 38th parallel to take the battle home to the North Koreans. North Korea. The day before Lieutenant Colonel Faith had learned how serious the battle had become at Hagaru-ri and knew that there would be no relief for his battered force. Somewhere around noon his force found what remained of Myer's rag-tag force and linked up with them. There were many acts of heroism by thousands of soldiers and Marines at the Chosin that went unheralded simply because they were unseen or unreported. East of the Chosin Reservoir, Task Force Faith was hit again. The "Home by Christmas" offensive officially began on November 24th, the day after Thanksgiving. On the first night on Fox Hill, Barber's company had lost 20 men killed, one out of five wounded. Captain Sitter's jeep was destroyed, the driver killed, but the company commander managed to survive. From the mountains on either side of the battered soldiers, the Chinese Communist Forces fired indiscriminate death on Task Force Faith. Leaving shortly after morning broke the skies, by noon they had only advanced two miles. If there was going to be a withdrawal, no one, including Bill Barber, would be left behind. Meanwhile, Task Force Faith continued to move slowly towards relief, facing constant enemy roadblocks and attacking the fire. Then, under the direction of Myers and Sitter, the soldiers and Marines continued their assault on the enemy. Military planners doubted that the threat was real, and sent the Allied forces north to "neutralize" the forces of North Korea and ensure that a repeat of the June 25th invasion would not occur. In the east, the column from Task Force Faith was fighting its way back towards the embattled soldiers at Hagaru-ri. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. As it became apparent that the soldiers and Marines at the Chosin were facing an enemy that had surrounded them and outnumbered them more than 10 to 1, and in the face of similar opposing forces facing the 8th Army in the west, the drive to the Yalu halted and a withdrawal was finally ordered. Those who didn't understand what was happening called it a "retreat", while one American general simply said, "We're attacking in a different direction." How you assess what happened over those two freezing weeks in North Korea depends on your perspective. They could not take his body down the treacherous mountain terrain. As they slept, the enemy slipped quietly across the snow and into their midst. RCT-31, later known as Task Force Faith, was low on supplies and ammo. For weeks the Chinese soldiers moved into the rugged mountains of North Korea, traveling only under cover of night and camouflaging their positions during the day. They will be holding a reunion in Las Vegas in September 2006, but they do not, as yet, have a web site. Now, it was time to pull together to make the best of their bad situation. The victory had been swift and decisive, returning control of South Korea to its rightful owners. Unprepared and overwhelmed, the Army of the Republic of Korea was almost destroyed and the South's capital city of Seoul fell to the invaders within days. That didn't happen at the Chosin. The divided peninsula of Korea rests between the Sea of Japan and the Yellow Sea. Dressed in the uniforms of friendly forces, one CCF force attacked near a position held by Sergeant James E. Johnson of Company J, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division. In just three days the battle at the Chosin Reservoir had turned into a massacre. The task force pushed ahead gaining a mile an hour, Marines dying with every yard. It was obvious that he had stationed himself in a no-man's land from which there could be no rescue. Amazingly, Barber too had survived a fourth straight night of attacks at Fox Hill. Their position, dubbed "Fox Hill", was going to be home for a while. On the eastern side of the Chosin Reservoir, Army Lieutenant Colonel Don Faith watched as his 3,000-man force crawled into their sleeping bags to escape the sub-zero Korean night. Over the following days, the dangerous withdrawal continued along with the 53-mile distance from Koto-ri to the port at Hungnam. What remained of Task Force Faith was held together only by sheer "guts" and the valiant leadership of the commander for whom the force was named. His unit had been cut in half by the desperate attempt to break through the Chinese and reach Koto-ri. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. Twelve soldiers, Marines, and one Naval Aviator received Medals of Honor, seven of them surviving to wear their award. If the engine were shut down, chances were high that it couldn't be restarted. At 2:30 in the morning on November 28th, while Staff Sergeant Kennemore lay bleeding in the snow miles north of Barber's company, the Chinese swarmed Fox Hill. Somehow, East Hill had to be wrested back from the CCF. Lieutenant Colonel Faith expected the worst as night fell on November 28th, but his force was spared that night. The Girl Scouts of Harlingen Troops 109 and 4138 passed out the banks. The continuous attacks through the night quickly depleted the dug-in Marines ammunition. Eight thousand troops from the 5th and 7th Marines were at the northwest corner of the Chosin Reservoir at Yudam-ni. It was during the coldest winter in 100 years in North Korea that 15,000 fighters, mostly Marines, were surrounded by 120,000 Chinese and North Korean soldiers at Chosin Reservoir. For a long time, he crawled in the snow, back and forth between his men shouting words of encouragement, deploying his forces, and helping to throw back the attackers. Before the Marines could fight their way out, they had to fight their way in to link up with their surrounded comrades. Swooping in from their hidden positions in the mountains, the Communist soldiers surrounded Barber's Marines. With their backs to the wall, the men of the 1st Marine Division pulled together to accomplish the impossible. Captain Bill Barber had only been in Korea for a month, but he was no "rookie company commander". Less than 90 men remained of his 240-man company, but Barber wouldn't let them go down without a fight. A mortar barrage softened up the defenses at Fox Hill. Survival would call for leadership, teamwork, and immense courage. Yahoo is part of Verizon Media. There is an organization called "The Chosin Few" composed of veterans of the Chosin Reservoir -- the 1st Marine Division and the 31st Army Infantry Regiment. As the Communists swarmed Fox Hill that night he shouted orders, urged his men to resist, and continued to fight the waves of enemy soldiers. As they settled in for the night, they had no idea they were surrounded by an overwhelming number of enemies. The 1st Marine Division Headquarters was established at Hagaru-ri, a small village at the southern tip of the reservoir. All would be quick to point out that the award they wear, they do so in honor and memory of the valiant men whose awards went unrecognized. Captain Bill Barber's wasn't. Meanwhile, back at Hagaru-ri, engineers, clerks, and other support personnel suddenly found themselves operating as infantry. Seriously wounded, he died during the night. Thanks to Tootsie Roll Industries, all event-goers received a bank of Tootsie Roll candy. While the 8th Army was moving up the western edge of North Korea, on the east coast the port city of Wonsan was taken, followed by the city of Hangman. Only after the communist had been beaten off on the morning of December 2 did Staff Sergeant Windrich collapse and die due to the bitter cold, excessive loss of blood, and severe pain. Those captured were never heard from again. Then he ran to the company command post, drafting a small group of volunteers, and led them to evacuate the dying and wounded. Task Force Drysdale, supported by Company G, 3 Battalion, 1st Marines, 1st Marine Division planned to leave Koto-ri on the morning of the 29th to fight their way into Hagaru-ri to reinforce the headquarters there. Johnson rallied his men to resist the opposing force, then placed himself in a position to provide covering fire for his men. At one roadblock the enemy was close enough to throw a grenade into a truck filled with American Marines. From Yudam-ni at the northwest corner of the Chanjin Reservoir, the MSR was a dangerous, 78-mile journey to the Sea of Japan. Like the infamous "Charge of the Light Brigade", American soldiers and Marines had found themselves in "the jaws of death" because someone (in military planning) had blundered, refusing to believe that the Chinese could have secretly moved so vast a force into North Korea. As night fell his Marines tried desperately to break through the frozen ground to dig foxholes. "Take East Hill!". He replied: "Give Me Tomorrow.". High above Toktong Pass, Bill Barber and the remnants of his valiant Marines were cut off, surrounded, and taking new casualties nightly. USMC units 1st ... awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for rescuing survivors of RCT 31. The men needed to break out of the encirclement, and their only "lifeline" was to walk down a steep and narrow mountain road they called the MSR, or main supply route. He rousted his exhausted Marines from their sleeping bags and moved out with the dawn. The survivors of the Battle of Chosin Reservoir would later become known as the Chosin Few. During the Battle of Chosin Reservoir, the troops requested more “tootsie rolls,” the code name for the 60 mm mortar ammunition they needed. In the end, two officers and eighteen enlisted men lived, to stagger down the mountain to be with the rest of the column headed toward Hagaru-ri. On December 11th the last American troops arrived in Hungnam for evacuation. Daylight signaled the potential for the Marines to receive air support, and the Chinese pulled back. The war in Korea began early on the morning of Sunday, June 25, 1950, when nearly one hundred thousand soldiers from the North crossed the 38th parallel that divided South Korea from Communist North Korea. The Battle of Chosin Reservoir, also known as the Chosin Reservoir Campaign or the Battle of Jangjin Lake (Korean: 장진호 전투; Hanja: 長津湖戰鬪; RR: Jangjinho jeontu; MR: Changjinho chŏnt'u) was an important battle in the Korean War.


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