creep 2 review

manages to be creepier and more entertaining than the original.

Aaron tells our new hero, Sara (a game, headstrong Desiree Akhavan), he's a serial killer right off the bat, and offers her a full, unflinching look into his life as one of the great unknown American murderers. The pitch: Film him for 24 hours, he won’t kill her, and she gets good material. A micro-budget found-footage slasher that succeeds on its own terms, mining cringes and laughs out of a slow-burn plot and a joyously unnerving performance from Duplass. It’s not the actor-director’s first rodeo (he also bared all on HBO’s “Togetherness”), but it’s an unusual decision in the context of goofy found footage horror-comedy, not to mention a sequel to one.

The original Creep's laurels rested firmly, and singularly, on the head of Mark Duplass' characterisation. Patrick Brice manages to keep the titular creep from suffering the undesirable fate of diminishing returns by upping the amount of dark comedy and having the serial killer go through a midlife crisis. I have no idea where the final film in the trilogy is going to go, which is the entire reason for wanting to see more, as even if you guess what is coming next, you are still surprised at the outcome. He’s no longer content with his vocation and finds himself at a crossroads, not knowing where to turn. Fortunately, “Creep 2” manages to justify the effort by giving Duplass the opportunity to expand on the persona that gave the first installment an original hook. We've seen the very pinnacle of his murderous endeavors.

Desiree Akhavan is the perfect foil for Duplass. Sign up for our Email Newsletters here. Save.

Luckily the creators knew this and made enough changes to the dynamic, while still basically keeping it in line with the expectations set by the first, to give a fresh feel to the set up.

I only discovered Creep half of year ago and decided to watch it, even tho it seemed to be quite low budget and was using a way too shaky camera, but against all odds, I was impressed then and even more now! Not As Good As the Original But It's Entertaining, Inventive take on the serial killer trope, Short, but effective horror concerto (9.5/10), Not as good as the first, but a solid follow up, nonetheless, 7th Annual Nic's October Halloween Film Bonanza!!!

Apparently, the review was too short with the one line, so again, I will say , Nutcase!! Creep 2 takes the slasher sequel to a logical next step—one I've never seen before: the serial killer midlife crisis. This was a slasher film in disguise.

Save Whereas “Creep” suggested that the annoying man-child is scarier than you think, Creep 2 shows just how much scarier he gets with age. "You're a tough nut to crack," he says, disappointed, after one attempt. Desiree Akhavan as Sara in Creep 2 (2017).. It’s also worth noting that Desiree Akhavan who portrays Sara is also extremely good in the motion picture.

“Creep 2” barely gets to the end of the first act before Mark Duplass stands naked in front of the camera with a dopey grin on his face.

We already know Josef's moves. This time we are aware of who he is and what he is about, so while eager to see what happens this time it would be hard to pull off the same magic with a completely similar plot. Jackie Chan Goes Undercover on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and Quora. External Reviews Well color me impressed and use all the shades because I am one happy viewer! I would like to start this review out noting that there are massive spoilers for Creep, the film’s predecessor and first entry in a planned trilogy.

With Aaron baring his soul and promising Sara protection, who really is using who here? It’s fun, has two engaging actors giving two fantastic performances, and may even scare you once or twice (though I kinda sorta doubt it).


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