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Lillard carried it forward when he got to the league, launching a "4 Bar Friday" callout on Instagram in 2013, asking aspiring rappers to submit their best four bars in 30 seconds or less and then posting the best of them each week. Drugs, prostitution and violence were a regular part of life when Lillard was coming up. "When you cut on a song and you hear someone talking about something that's true ... Not fabricated, not this and that, not that and this, it's truthful.". Ask him whom he was looking at this summer and Lillard won't talk to you about Leonard or Davis. He was academically eligible at graduation, though not widely recruited, and eventually signed with Weber State. I know it was worth it for him,' you know what I'm saying? This is the content this app was made for! He gives his heart and soul to each. This year there were zip lines, rock climbing walls and bounce houses.

He played flag football there and suited up for his first basketball game at age 6. The crime rate (according to AreaVibes.com) is 191% higher than the national average. He posted a picture with Jr. after leaving the bubble.

It also registers when Lillard steps onstage at the picnic as Dame D.O.L.L.A., perhaps the greatest rapper who lists professional athlete as a full-time job. (His party was canceled so feel free to FaceTime in to our quarantine household party for him today) ‍♂️✌#BigTwo #DameJr, A post shared by Damian Lillard (@damianlillard) on Mar 29, 2020 at 6:56am PDT. over Paul George and if it goes, you win the series. Lillard and his little one have a very sweet connection, there’s no denying that. THIS PAST SUMMER, Lillard, 29, signed a four-year, $196 million extension with the Blazers.

He could retire from basketball today and warrant having his "0" jersey hang in the rafters at Moda Center. And it goes. And then there are 1.5 seconds left in Game 5 against OKC last season, and it's all tied up and you launch a 3 from 37 feet (Thirty. Dame had a chance. It's part shuffle, part swagger in the feet and all laid-back, never-hurried cool, with the hands conducting at the same time. Giving them a nod, letting them know they belong to the moment too. He rode his bike all over Brookfield, and he and his brother, Houston Jr., hit the gym at the park early and often, playing against grown men, sometimes deep into the night.

"'When you go in a room, believe in yourself.' "I don't think I'm loyal to a fault. But Dame Lillard operated as Dame Lillard. "He's seeing everybody that hang out at the gas station and people that's on the strip coming down east and people that live on his street. "I've got to prove myself," Dame says. Lillard led them to the conference finals last season in a brutal conference that might be even tougher to win now, with Leonard and George, and James and Davis in the way. Dame's East Oakland is still predominantly African American, but for how long he doesn't know.

Lillard calls it a moment. Run that tape back. He's been an All-Star four times since.


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