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The focus on the minutiae of the case makes the film’s silly, incongruous scene of Bilott worrying his car might be rigged to explode feel all the more unnecessary (it was predictably used in the trailer, hoping to fool viewers into thinking of this as a thriller).
| Fresh (196) Almost never.). Episodes Deep Water. We can see her acting too hard which automatically removes us from the naturalistic setting. He carries the weight of the world on his shoulders when he realizes that DuPont has exposed almost the entire population on earth to harmful chemicals. Through personal ties, and against the wishes of his own colleagues, Billott decides to help a lowly cattle farmer from Parkersburg, West Virginia named Wilbur Tennant (played by Bill Camp, with beetle brows that make him look like Beau Bridges from a distance).

The answer? As a drama, it’s patchy but as a document, it’s undeniable. Director Todd Haynes ("Carol," "Mildred Pierce") embraces that lineage, giving viewers the sense of what a long, tedious, spiritually draining process this can be, and letting even the best-looking, most charismatic actors in the ensemble appear onscreen looking as if they inhabit the same reality as the rest of us and are exhausted by it. Just below that it reads "Ticket Confirmation#:" followed by a 10-digit number. One night at a fancy dinner, Bilott confronts a DuPont executive (a perfectly insidious Victor Garber) and gets such an obvious brush-off that he can't help but go down that rabbit hole.

Dark Waters is released in the US on 22 November and in the UK on 28 February, Available for everyone, funded by readers. Most of the color in water you see around you comes from suspended material (pictured above on the right) of a tributary contributing highly-turbid water containing suspended sediment (fine particles of clay) to clearer, but still colored, water in the main stem of the river. Dark Waters is a harrowing, gripping film. It all comes together as a consistently bleak presentation, tailor made to make you feel the sheer hopelessness of taking on "the man". Can auteurs put their stamp on made-for-hire movies? Yes, the great cinematographer Ed Lachman has a wonderful way of making you feel every bitter cold early sunset with his black, grey and dark blue color schemes. Yes, the very talented and versatile production designer Hannah Beachler knows her way around working class homes. |, August 31, 2020 We see nothing showy in his performance.

Moviegoers who keep up with environmental news (or who have read about the actual case that inspired "Dark Waters") know that the farmer's plight is a gateway to a wider discussion of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), a byproduct of one of DuPont's most lucrative postwar products, teflon. This in turn leads to a wider and more alarming look at toxic chemicals that are spread through the water supply, enter human bodies, and stay there. In what amounts to a compelling yet quite ordinary telling of an important story, it's Camp who cuts through. | Rating: B "Dark Waters," starring Mark Ruffalo as an attorney trying to punish the DuPont chemical corporation for dumping toxic waste in West Virginia, is a lone-crusader-against-the-corrupt-system film, in the tradition of "The Insider," "A Civil Action," and "The Verdict." [Full review in Spanish]. This week a Wall Street analyst, after watching the film, claimed that it could be “very damaging” for DuPont and perhaps that’s its biggest ace. |, February 26, 2020 A new and deadly breed of covert agents walks the streets. All rights reserved.

The Real Story Behind 'Dark Waters' The new film from Todd Haynes focuses on Robert Bilott, an attorney who took on the goliath chemical company DuPont. The shocking true story of how corporate corruption infected the water of a small town is brought to the screen in mostly effective form by Todd Haynes, Wed 20 Nov 2019 06.20 GMT Fall TV First Look: Find Out What’s Coming, The Best Peacock Original Shows and Movies, All Upcoming Disney Movies: New Disney Live-Action, Animation, Pixar, Marvel, and More.

Grim. It doesn't hurt that his biggest client, DuPont, has a plant there which just may be poisoning the water supply.

drama, Killer Films, And it's that last bit of information that gives the movie a grim charge. Coming Soon. Cinemark Be careful what you wish for? These assassins and spies wield bizarre supernatural powers to … Cinemark It shouldn’t be this rare to see a film in 2019 imploring us to bear witness to crimes committed by a hugely powerful, and profitable, corporation, one that’s named and shamed repeatedly throughout, but it still feels like an outlier, belonging more in the 70s than it does now. Participant Media, How Mark Ruffalo Became Robert Bilott for, March 4, 2020 Dark Waters: Official Clip - You Want to Sue DuPont? | Top Critics (36) Wilbur's cows have been getting sick, going insane, and dying off at an alarming rate, and he's convinced it's because DuPont poisoned the nearby water supply. She very slyly walks that fine line to give us something heartfelt and strong.

Forgot your password? It’s this focused rage that propels it forward, giving it a vitality that’s often missing from the direction, a strange choice for director Todd Haynes whose films are typically known for their queerness and vibrancy. and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango.
Instead, it’s the insidious confidence of a company of this scale that has a far more chilling effect, the accepted knowledge that wealth will win no matter what. A docu-drama about how one man, a lawyer who worked as a defense attorney for corporations, instead took DuPont to court for their release of deadly toxic chemicals. It’s his most straightforward project to date and his serviceable work is matched with an equally sturdy script from Mario Correa and Matthew Michael Carnahan, the latter having ample experience in taking Goliath to task having co-written 2016’s criminally underrated, BP-baiting Deepwater Horizon. All Critics (218)

|, April 22, 2020

The percentage of users who rated this 3.5 stars or higher. Dark Waters feels like the straightforward cousin to that film as it explores corporate greed and cover-ups and the lives left in the balance. It probably would have been a surer fit for Netflix and Haynes’s muted work behind the camera gives it the feel of a film intended for the small screen. Coming Soon. Focus Features Bilott is initially reluctant to take on a personal case, given his firm’s focus on corporate clients, but he finds the evidence undeniable and the further he digs, the bigger the case becomes. Here he’s a steady, if anonymous, pair of hands, telling a story based on a shocking New York Times long read about dogged, modest corporate lawyer Rob Bilott (Mark Ruffalo) who’s confronted with a game-changing case. ), But "Dark Waters" is still a strong and involving, though understated, example of this dying breed of film, resonating with present-day feelings of hopelessness at the brazen corruption on display every day in the United States, and throughout the world. The most crowd-pleasing moments find Ruffalo transformed into a Jimmy Stewart- or Tom Hanks-level idealistic Everyman, railing against the world's evils while also taking the time to explain how they became entrenched, and how it's still possible to fight them, in a small way, at great cost. |, August 1, 2020 | Rating: 4/5

Coming Soon, Regal The actor's turtle-in-a-shell body language further emphasizes that this smart, ethical man is financially, politically, even scientifically outgunned when trying to prove that DuPont has been dumping toxic waste into West Virginia soil, causing cancer, distemper, and rotting teeth in humans and animals alike. It was weird, experimental, and abstractly haunting. You can feel Haynes in this scene more than anywhere else in the film, considering its haunting, dreamlike imagery. Algae and suspended sediment particles are very common particulate matter that cause natural waters to become colored. Dark Waters falls somewhere between the two, solidly effective and mostly involving yet relying a little too much on the dusty conventions of the subgenre to make a major mark. BARELY LIVING THROUGH CHEMISTRY - My Review of DARK WATERS (3 1/2 Stars) This is noticeable not just in the storytelling rhythms, which twist and turn pretty much when you expect them to (a satisfying triumph followed by a deflating reversal of fortune), but also in the way it portrays Billott's relationship with his supportive but understandably worn-out wife Sarah, played by Anne Hathaway. You're almost there! Copyright © Fandango. Sign up here. There’s a simple pleasure in watching Bilott do his job and do it well, despite the odds that were stacked against him and Ruffalo avoids turning him into a showman, quietly and diligently finding a way to bring DuPont to task within the framework of the legal system.

Todd Haynes doesn't lend force to the narrative, weighing down cohesion until it becomes a routine product lost in the dark by denouncing the ecological crisis generated by a corrupt corporation. Straightforward and zealous, its rich cinematography captures DuPont's environmental destruction of West Virginia. It's dark.

Ruffalo stars as Robert Billott, a Cincinnati, Ohio attorney for Taft Stettinius & Hollister, a firm that represents major corporations, including DuPont, one of the world's most powerful chemical manufacturers. It also echoes Haynes' self-aware period pieces "Mildred Pierce" and "Far From Heaven," which were partly about how social norms (be they sexist, racist, homophobic or, in this film's case, class-based) enable the status quo to preserve itself. Much of this is down to the film's star and initiator, Mark Ruffalo. And scary as hell.

Well, finally when it comes to Todd Haynes, as idiosyncratic as they come, we now know what he brings to a procedural drama. | Rating: 4/5 In Dark Waters, [Todd Haynes] bathes his audience in pure terror like very few other directors could. Dark Waters Critics Consensus. The film also makes sense as part of the HCU (Haynes Cinematic Universe). Dark Waters value is made manifest in the way it mixes the tender with the anxious, presenting rousing interrogation of the contemporary world that feels too angry to ignore. "Dark Waters," starring Mark Ruffalo as an attorney trying to punish the DuPont chemical corporation for dumping toxic waste in West Virginia, is a lone-crusader-against-the-corrupt-system film, in the tradition of "The Insider," "A Civil Action," and "The Verdict. |, February 27, 2020 Working for a high-profile law firm, acting on behalf of major chemical clients, he finds himself reminded of his humble beginnings when a farmer from his home town of Parkersburg enters his slick office. Immerse Yourself in Martin Scorsese’s World Cinema Project #3, New Works Virtual Festival Rescheduled for November, Seeking Editors, Video Interview: Aaron Sorkin, Eddie Redmayne & Frank Langella on The Trial of the Chicago 7. We won’t be able to verify your ticket today, but it’s great to know for the future.

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