dilemma sentence

See more. The United States is trapped in a self-made dilemma. All Years There are no selection dilemmas for Redknapp. Dilemma definition, a situation requiring a choice between equally undesirable alternatives. 16 examples: They asked participants to relate a recent ethical dilemma they had encountered… by Penguin Random House LLC and HarperCollins Publishers Ltd. His dilemma is whether or not to return to his home country. He managed the dilemma by circling. About this time a distressed manager discovered Dean on a curb stone, explained the, ``When, then, the Count of Monte Cristo, hearing of the, ``Franz and I have to thank you a thousand times, count,''returned Albert;``you extricated us from a great, ``Well, it will be given to some one who has done nothing to deserve it,''said Beauchamp;``that is the way the Academy mostly escapes from the, He has two means of extricating me from this, Philosophers, that give themselves airs of superior wisdom and sufficiency, have a hard task when they encounter persons of inquisitive dispositions, who push them from every corner to which they retreat, and who are sure at last to bring them to some dangerous, If you will advise me, knowing my feeble powers such as they are, how you think it will be best to exert them in a, An often quoted letter between Rothmann and Brahe pointed out the whole, Although the oracle had predicted that he would either kill a king or be killed by one, when faced with the, He is also the co-author of "The Mis-Education of Black America: Black Education Since "An American Dillemma"" with Walter R. Allen in "An American, In his fiction, he has illuminated the underlying human, Throughout the video, scenes of Ross's lover and her, For example, Tennessee’s Populist Party was demoralized by a diminishing membership, and puzzled and split by the, The Fifth Doctor (in "Castrovalva") begins reverting to his previous personalities and the Sixth Doctor experiences extreme paranoia, flying into a murderous rage and nearly killing his companion ("The Twin, "Doctor Who" television writer and script editor Eric Saward suggests in his 1985 novelisation of "The Twin, A reviewer considered it overly sentimental, saying that "Miss Cheavens poses a stark enough, He first collaborated with the Ramones on their 1984 album "Too Tough To Die", where he co-wrote the song "Daytime, The tenth level, a flat expanse with two Namegon aliens and one door, illustrates this, Such an "unlawful order" presents a legal, "Higher ethics," such as those, could be used by an individual to solve the "legal", Of course, from the chiefs' point of view, the, According to Bobby, the Kooriers music expressed ""the confusion and frustration of Aborigines and their cultural, This paradox of imagery adds atmosphere to the moral, Hence, health experts face another ethical, For example, the simple "tit for tat" strategy has been shown to be effective in round-robin tournaments of iterated prisoner's, Lawyers who would like to discuss an ethics, As opposed to external conflict, in which a character is grappling some force outside of him or herself, the, BugCrowd showed that participants will follow the Prisoner's, In "Re-Creating Ourselves: African Women and Critical Transformations", she writes brilliantly about the, It was a political fable expressing the CCF's view that the Canadian political system was flawed in offering voters a false, The campaign provides at least 8 hours gameplay on the easiest difficulty, and each level presents you with a new threat or, In 1942 he acted on the West End stage in "The Doctor's, This song did not achieve the commercial success of his hits "Hot in Herre", ", As Damon and Colby explain "this was the first time Virginia's values had ever been seriously challenged and she stayed awake all night long worrying about the, Spartan Motors, by then the ⅔ owner of the company, did not see a solution to the market, He also wrote for the MTV movie awards, the 2011 NASCAR Awards, and the Pilot "Moral, See words in the context of real sentences.

Dilemma definition: A dilemma is a difficult situation in which you have to choose between two or more... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


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