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The trick is coordinating the two drives so that a coherent, skilful, useful result comes out at the end. We could store with any provider we chose, including ourselves.\nOpen-source philosophy would play a huge role in this future, whereby any third parties with access to fantastic volumes of personal data (such as chain stores, Google, Amazon etc.) !Friday 5th May, 2006\n[img[photography|icons/photography.jpg]]\n*Added [[being a good consumer|being a good consumer (photo)]] to MyPhotography/[[the city]]. Angles [[angle]] and [[ratios|ratio]] must be preserved, but lengths cannot be. Recognise and build on them for a deeper experience. There is some amazing marionette work in this film. !TiddlyWiki advances\nToday, a few days after starting work on javascripts to implement a [[freeform notepad|freeEdit]] inspired by ~TiddlyWiki and topic maps, version 2.0.0 of ~TiddlyWiki came out, along with a prominent link to [[TiddlyDesktop|http://www.digitaldimsum.co.uk/tiddly/tiddlydesktop/]].\nI had been well and truly pre-empted, in a truly labour saving way. Arguments A and B are distinguished.\n*''Argument independent'' - result of operation independent of both arguments...\n*''Single argument dependent'' - result of operation dependent on only one of the arguments.\nNotes:\n*Half the operations are ''symmetric'', half are ''asymmetric'': there are only two table entries which determine this, the values where A and B have different truth values. !image\nlong blades in the turf\n!hosted on\n[[flickr|http://www.flickr.com/photos/conskeptical/82489230/]]\n!description\nice crystals growing in a freezer.\nthe freezer is a chest freezer, these crystals are sticking out horizontally, and not breaking, despite me breathing and vibrating the floor and generally disturbing their environment. Withnail and I turned up to 11.\n*''A Few Good Men'' - military courtroom drama with an excellent performance by Jack Nicholson. A confused mess that is so hard to understand.\nPut it in boxes.\nLabel the boxes.\nTick some other boxes.\nIs it easier to understand now?\n\n(20/04/2004). As a friend of mine recently put it: 'you're all about the interweaving themes aren't you Crispin'.\nA neat handle on this came to me via [[Go]], specifically the book [[EZ-Go|EZ-Go (book)]], which stated clearly that ideally every stone you play in Go should have local and global benefits, short-term and long-term benefits, and generally be multipurpose. !image\ndon't try and reach too far\n!hosted on\n[[flickr|http://www.flickr.com/photos/conskeptical/82489200/]]\n!description\nice crystals growing in a freezer.\nwhy do some crystals grow long and thin, and others branch fractally like this one? Man wakes up to discover himself in a world of apes. At root mathematics has a subjective, human perspective. !image\nmetal feet\n!hosted on\n[[deviantART|http://www.deviantart.com/view/9823912/]], [[Flickr|http://www.flickr.com/photos/conskeptical/94574850/]]\n!description\nanother shot of the meccano man... !Definition\n*Methods of proof are recognised ways of showing that [[propositions|proposition]] are either true of false.\n!List of methods of proof\n*[[direct proof]] - combining axioms logically to reach a proposition.\n*[[proof by induction]] - showing that the case following a true case is also necessarily true, then showing a true case.\n*[[proof by construction]] - demonstrating an object with the required properties.\n*[[nonconstructive proof]] - demonstrating the existence of an object with the required properties, even if an example cannot be found.\n*[[proof by contradiction]] - proving that the negation of the proposition is false.\n. Documenting my own view on the matter might be a good way of crystallizing my thoughts and finding holes in them.\n*Although it might look like I'm trying to write an encyclopedia, that is not the aim, the internet has plenty of excellent resources for that. Hmmm. !Sunday 12th March, 2006\n[img[photography|icons/photography.jpg]]\n*Today I uploaded [[don't jump|don't jump (photo)]]. A consequence of pure repetition.\n*''Camera slinging'' - This is one I really want to improve. Interesting, and full of good facts. Typically arms, legs, wrists, hands, ankles, feet, back, head and face are good candidates for seiho. But doing that would be like taking a racing car through a piece of beautiful countryside. (eg, the text between the bullet and a hyphen character), Code: insert data items, and it spits out a text object based on those items\n*marked up text\n*a script for combining the (marked up) text into output (file(s))\n*markup elements (all named and with various attributes): offset (insertion point), interval, sequence (of intervals or offsets)\n*example: insert all the intervals from one file into all the insertion points in another.\n*example: find identically named intervals (input) and insertion points (output) and insert the intervals into the respective insertion points.\n*example: replace intervals in one file for intervals with compatible attributes from another file. How do I factor myself into my opinion and interpretation of the world, my environment, my surroundings? Definitely an interesting read.\n*''QED - The Strange Theory of Light and Matter'' - Richard P. Feynmann. Required.\n**pattern descriptions in order: {{{>PATTERN_NAME,COPIES;}}}\n***the name of the pattern followed by how many repeats you want of it. Every element of technology augments you and extends your capability.\nOn an intangible level, even mechanisms of language, conventions of communication and modes of thought could count as technology.\nDoes it really make sense to think of ourselves as made entirely of meat? We arrived after everyone else, on account of our tardy mode of transportation. They are an astronomically derived measure of [[angle]].\n!Convention\n*Degrees are usually measured in an anti-clockwise direction.\n**Under this system negative angles represent clockwise measurement of angle.\n*Where an angle measure is restricted to a complete revolution, degrees are given in the [[interval]] 0 - 360.\n*Angles greater than 360 represent more than one complete revolution. Counting from 1 to 8 or 10 is a common count for exercising and stretching to. the cloud makes the mountain look tiny. . The stones it intersected with are removed from the board, and the turn is over. !Sunday 26th March, 2006\n[img[philosophy|icons/timepiece.jpg]]\n*Added a discussion on [[interchangeable user interface elements]] to the [[computing]] section.\n**//(journal: computing: UI interchangeable elements: menus, toolbars, hotkeys etc. Volume II of nothingness.\nI tore through volume after volume, and began to realise that this encyclopedia was a truly encyclopedic encyclopedia.\nIt would continue forever, for far longer than my desperate quest could ever run.\nI let go of all the pages. . There are 6 belts, divided into two groups: 5 for the kyu (beginner) grades, and 1 black one for the dan (advanced) grades. It seems to me that a lot of people don't adapt themselves and expect their environment to change, in almost all situations. Where did you start? !image\nglassy\n!hosted on\n[[Flickr|http://www.flickr.com/photos/conskeptical/125690227/]]\n!description\nreflections in a smashed wine glass. !Watches now\nHere are the usual time-related functions of today's watches:\n*Give the time, and sometimes date, in standard format.\n*May give world time.\n*May have one or multiple alarms.\n*May have a stopwatch, perhaps with a split-time function and lap-timer.\n**Split-time: Allows you to time multiple things started simultaneously by allowing you to temporarily freeze the display while leaving the counter running. !poem\nEverything is true,\nYes it is,\nNo it isn't,\nThe restrictions are your own restrictions,\nIt can do what you can,\n\nNothing is true,\nYes it is,\nNo it isn't,\nThe exceptions are the ones you choose,\nIt can do what you can,\n!info\ni wrote this ages ago, when i began to realise the value of scalar/multi-D truth/falsity as opposed to binary truth/falsity (related to excluded-middle applicability, Aristotelian/non-aristotelian logic and the pros and cons of these things) and when i began to realise the value of holding, and sometimes believing, mutually-exclusive/contradictory ideas simultaneously. Welcome to TiddlyWiki by Jeremy Ruston, Copyright © 2005 Osmosoft Limited, This page requires JavaScript to function properly. !description\n*''Drums:''\n**Snare, small tom-tom, medium tom-tom, floor tom\n*''Imagine:''\n**a rectangle with the snare at bottom-left, the small tom-tom at top-left, the medium tom-tom at top-right and the floor tom at bottom-right.\n*''Required choices:''\n**Starting drum: any\n**Direction: clockwise, anticlockwise\n**Drum offset: -1, 0, 1, 2 (ie, a drum offset of 1 from the snare, in the clockwise direction, would be the small tom)\n*''What to play:''\n**Use the leading hand to play each drum in the rectangle in sequence (depends on the direction you chose).\n**In between these strikes use the following hand to play the drum at the chosen drum offset from the drum the leading hand played previously.\n!examples\n{{{\nCascading toms: starting on mid-tom, leading hand moving clockwise, accents on following hand, offset -1\nSnare : . It's clearly a meaty text, but a bit more waffly and off-target than it needs to be, in my book. Each advert seems to say 'wake up you people!'. Hate is just love with it's back turned.// - ''Terry Pratchett''.\n\n//For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled.// - Richard Feynman in Rogers' Commision Report into the Challenger Crash. When you need one, you just open it. can be programmed from the input file or attendant scripts.\n!Particulars\n*''Obvious development language:'' - Perl\n!Examples\n*[[WebSudoku|http://www.websudoku.com]]\n*My drum tab assistant, and arithmetic tester, in MyJavaScript\nSee also: [[mental gymnasium]]. Out of practice.\n**[[Gess]] - a curiosity game, played using a Go set to 'generalised chess' rules.\n**@@[[Go]]@@ - Chinese strategy. So physical learning seems to be a gentler way of learning to recognise those boundaries and weak areas in all ways of learning.\nI would like to explore far more of these similarities and differences, and articulate them more clearly, but actually it's difficult, and it's a big project. It opens easily on the carpet tiles below.\nThe parallel gaze of two unfocused eyes drifts aimlessly around a room silent with the concentrated effort of seventeen pencil-wielding students.\nIndex fingers rise and fall. So here is an outline of how to do so:\n!Resources\n*media: video/images/audio/text, tv/radio/internet/papers/magazines\n**timescales: daily/weekly/monthly\n**cost: free or not\n**distribution: wide->narrow\n*types of resource:\n**headline/survey - good for getting a rough sketch in\n**factual reporting - good for extra detail\n**analysis - good for structural support and multi-perspectives\n**opinion - good for extending multi-perspectives\n!Things to bear in mind\n*Reliability and context of source\n**Place in history (sources of any age are written without knowledge of events after the creation of the source)\n**Target audience (political leaning, nationality etc.


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