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As both a notable South African and woman artist, Faith speaks to issues of human rights, spiritual endurance and social issues. Si ses oeuvres sont abondamment diffusées sur Instagram, elle-même n'aime pas trop être photographiée. Entretien, explications et, surtout, contextualisation. Women in Street Art – The Bernard Magrez Foundation – Paris, France

Standing 11.000 square feet tall, this piece pays tribute to Noam Chomsky, and calls out for brotherly love. The intricate projection was carefully constructed to interact within the artwork, layering a narrative alluding to borders, immigration, freedom of movement, peaceful protest, government oppression and the strength of the human spirit in overcoming these challenges.

Memorie Urbane Mural Project – Gaeta, Italy This image ('Harvest') is a reversal of that," says Faith47. Wooster Collective 10 Year Anniversary Show, Jonathan Levine Gallery – New York, USA Elles veillent aux carrières de Matt Holubowski, d'Antoine Corriveau et de Fanny Bloom… Et elles viennent d’accueillir les Sœurs Boulay, duo qui a quitté Dare to Care Records dans la foulée des dénonciations de juillet dernier. Elle trouve Johannesburg plus intéressante et estime que, culturellement, c'est dans la capitale du pays que ça se passe vraiment : « D'ici cinq ans, je vois Jo'Burg devenir une plaque tournante de l'art contemporain. Au Cap, sa murale iconique Harvest, située en bordure de la passante avenue de Waal, a servi à recueillir des fonds pour installer des feux de circulation dans un quartier du township de Khayelitsha. Homeless, group exhibition curated by Axel Void – Miami, Art Council Public art intervention – New Orleans, USA, Urban Nation Museum, group exhibition and public art intervention – Berlin, Germany, Art Miami, Juxtapoz Clubhouse installation – Miami, USA, Cape Town Art Fair – Cape Town, South Africa, Art Republic Mural Project– Jacksonville, USA, XX: A moment in time – Saatchi Gallery, – London, Freedom as Form Group Exhibition – Wunderkameren Gallery – Milan, Italy, PM10 – Urban Nation Museum Group Exhibition – Berlin, Germany, Agitprop, Brooklyn museum – New York, USA, Cities of Hope Mural Project – Manchester, UK, Inter|urban Mural Project – Cleaveland USA, Aqua Regalia Solo Exhibition – Jonathan Levine Gallery, New York,USA, Art Liberté Group Exhibition, Du Mur de Berlin – Gare de l’Est, Paris, France, Dragon Tiger Mountain Mural Project – Nanachang, China, Murals for Oceans Expedition Mural Project – Cozumel, Mexico, Aqua Regalia Solo Exhibition – London, UK, Berlin Wall 25th Anniversary Group Show – Paris, France, Library Street Collective Group Show – Basel, Miami, USA, Redux Group Show – Inoperable Gallery, Vienna, Austria, 5 Sector Mural Project – Glasgow, Scotland, Forest for the Trees Mural Project – Portland, USA, Rencontres Australes d’Imaitsoanala – Antananaraivo, Madagascar, The Art of Collaboration Wynwood Walls, Basel – Miami, USA, Artesano Mural Project – Rio San Juan, Dominican Republic, Women on the Walls Group Exhibition, Jeffrey Deitch and Wynwood Walls – Miami, USA, Wooster Collective 10 Year Anniversary Show, Jonathan Levine Gallery – New York City, XII. And with the weight of the world on our shoulders, we must still be able to live with empathy, we must somehow keep our hearts open".
A Study of Warrick Triangle at Rush Hour – Large Scale Freeway Overpass Commission, City of Durban, South Africa Faith47 is a street-and studio-based artist in Cape Town, South Africa. [12][13] Her female figures speak to female empowerment. Art Miami, Juxtapoz Clubhouse installation –  Miami, USA Design Indaba Talk and AURUM Performance – Cape Town, South Africa Together Group Exhibition, KP Projects Gallery – Los Angeles, USA "[10], Painted as part of the Monument Art NYC project's focus on immigration, Estamos Todos Los Que Cabemos speaks of the migratory patterns of birds, observing that nature ignores human borders on a map. L'artiste globe-trotteuse, qui a entre autres réalisé des oeuvres de street art à New York, Vienne, Porto Rico et Miami, a signé aussi plusieurs murales en Afrique du Sud. The Restless Debt Of Third World Beauty Solo Show – Atm Gallery, Berlin, Germany1st Internationale Graffiti Bienale – Belo Horizonte, BrazilAnything Could Happen Group Exhibition – Carmichael Gallery, Los Angeles, USA, EXHIBITIONS: La très talentueuse Dominique Fils-Aimé va clore sa trilogie inspirée de l’héritage de la musique afro-américaine dans Three Little Words, qui sortira le 12 février. Dislocation, Group Show – Everard Read Gallery – Cape Town, South Africa

“We forget that the dividing lines specifying countries were merely drawn by politically hungry men. », Lectrice de Naomi Klein, grande voyageuse, elle se dit intéressée par la psyché humaine. Veni, Vidi, Vinci, Fluctuart – Paris, France Moniker Art Fair – London, UKDesign For Humanity Group Exhibition – Thinkspace, Los Angeles, USAFor Those Who Live In It Group Exhibition – Mu Gallery, Eindhoven, NetherlandsLe Salon Du Cercle De La Culture Group Show – Circle Culture Gallery, Berlin, GermanyStroke03 Art Fair – Berlin, GermanyEscape Art Fair – Vienna, AustriaBiennial – Sao Paulo, BrazilFocus10 Art Fair – SwitzerlandUrbanus International Mural Project – ChinaMuao Mural Project – A Coruna, Spain, EXHIBITIONS: On peut admirer la murale de Faith47 dans la rue Clark, au sud de Prince-Arthur. Klaus Warschkow photography. The mural has become a visual landmark and gateway from University City to West Philadelphia. And have moved to a country where there seems to be a fundamental crisis in the very soul of the nation.
People are waiting for service delivery. COVID-19 oblige, les organisateurs d’Illumi – Féérie de lumières ont décidé de changer de formule pour la deuxième année d’existence de l’évènement : la promenade à pied au milieu des structures illuminées s’est transformée en parcours automobile. In reality, the earth is open. The only way I can keep going is if I can transform some of this into my work.” Faith tells BOOOOOOOM[32]. Si tout va bien…. Her schooling came through graffiti art of which she began in 1997. "There's an inherent irony in recreating nature on cement, so the series is a nostalgic reminder of what we’ve lost but also an attempt to reintegrate that into the present," Faith47 said. Thingking embedded LED lights into the mural, which are activated by Twitter. Short Film Festival CortoLovere – Italy Reconnaît avoir sinon ri, du moins souri. Et son auteur est devenu une célébrité en quelques jours. Following an active street art... More › Description Add New Artwork + Digital Archival Inkjet on Somerset Paper, 26.6 x 18.3cm More. In this way her work is both an internal and spiritual release that speaks to the complexities of the human condition, its deviant histories and existential search." This page was last edited on 8 October 2020, at 14:44. As Faith47 told Wooster Collective, "Miners are waiting for justice. The Generations Group Show – The Showroom Gallery, New York, USAEpitaph Solo Show – Mrego, Brussels, BelgiumFour Group Show – 34 Long Fine Art Gallery, Cape Town, South AfricaArtotale International Mural Project – Lueneberg, Germany, EXHIBITIONS:

Cities of Hope Mural Project – Manchester, UKInter|urban Mural Project – Cleaveland USA This exhibition further extended the possibilities of immersive spaces, enveloping the viewer into a sacred ‘room’ filled with collected objects and other intricacies from everyday life that – together with figurative paintings – explore the notion of the mundane as sacred, celebrating the discarded and unwanted as holy.

In one of Faith's books she writes, "I am not religious but I pray through my work to unknown devils and gods.

Berlin Wall 25th Anniversary Group Show – Paris, France Aqua Regalia Solo Exhibition – London, UK “The Harvest” is interactive in the sense that it allows members of the public to control if and when the artwork lights up.

880302543Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy, Open 10am-5pm Weekdays, 9am-1pm Sat (by appointment only), email sales@bramptonframing.comphone 01246 554338store_mall_directory 11a Old Hall Road, S40 3RG, Brampton Picture Framing@bramptonframing@brampton_framing, Professionally framed large original Rolling Stones gig poster, Large closed corner frame with commissioned oil painting, Very Large Original Charcoal Swan Framing. Supersonic Art[51], "Equally at home in grimy alleys as she is in a studio, she creates murals that are both breathtaking and poignant. Artesano Mural Project – Rio San Juan, Dominican Republic, EXHIBITIONS: Faith's mural, thematically based on Eirene, the Greek goddess of peace, highlights the importance of actively working towards a society that functions on open communication and inclusion. The large-scale public installation adorns the city wall, giving a monumental space to some of America's most marginalized people; the homeless. The intricate lighting pattern was an artistic … Et il y a quelque chose d'extraordinaire à peindre sur un vaste mur ; on pourrait même dire que ça témoigne d'une certaine arrogance. Source: Beyond The Streets – Los Angeles, USA The De Waal Drive mural that I mentioned above is a particularly interesting piece as it was designed and displayed in order to create a sense of public awareness with regards to a local societal issue with the goal of ultimately bringing about change. Après avoir lancé quatre séries de chansons, Helena Deland franchit la grande étape du premier album avec Someone New. There is a longing for a deeper connection to nature, and a resurrection of the divine feminine.


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