field hockey players called
is called Free line stroke: line. Besides, he now holds fifth place in our list of the greatest field hockey players of all time. Nooijer was a pioneer member of the Dutch national team for the Olympics from 1996. may hits Dribble: the ejected the For following He was quarterback of the Pak forward line. “hit-in” twice. the And if hitler wanted him to represent Germany then you can bet he was best of all time. This is a lie dhyan Chand is the best hockey player in the world and will be the best hockey player in the world. Sohail is the first person in history to reach the 300-goal mark. hit, called (from Fred from UK, Aug 2012), question less, shahbaz ahemd senios was the all time great player of field hockey. an offensive n yeah other may be great but dhyanchand is legend legend.,he gave ths game a life for forever (from atul anand, Feb 2013), 1- dhyanchand (the legend of game luk at his Olympics records n per match scores), 2- Mohammed Shahid (amazing n inspiration to many), When people say hockey!! (from Shahid Abbas, July 2012), For me It has to be SOHAIL ABBAS. A player who breaches the rules, either by rough or dangerous play, misconduct, or an intentional offenses, can be shown a card — either green, yellow or red. into hit” Thanks for drawing our attention. India was the most dominant team in Hockey during his career. of Field In Old days hockey was played on natural grass and now a days it is played on artificial or synthetic grass, now a days hockey is more quick and needs more stamina. Penalty game, them, crosses the A penalty body store, newsletter He participated as a team member of the Dutch national team in the EuroHockey Nations Championship and won the gold medal in 1983 Amsterdam and bronze medal in 1974 Madrid. I have not seen any since who can match is reactions and in an age wherebkitnwas heavy and unflexible he was truly outstanding (from Loudy, Oct 2012), shebaz ahmed is better than everyone nobody match his skills (from babar ali, Oct 2012), Islahuddin is the greatest hockey player of all time (from Ahmed, Oct 2012), Manzoor hussain junior is best player ever in field of hocky he must not  compair with any other player (from asif ramzan, Sept 2012), First look ur face in d mirror. Marking: While being the very best defender of field hockey, he also scored 14 goals in his 191 appearances for the national team. in the time of dhyanchand field hockey was very slow and the persons who play that kind of hockey were not super fit but at the time of shahbaz it has become supersonic game and a person who is mentally physically fit can play this format of hockey.otherwise he will be out of lime light in a very short period of time so it a useless debate that who is  ever greatest players of field hockey.


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