fighter squadron names

48 Airlift Squadron The 34th deployed about two weeks after the 4th Fighter Squadron, which is … 5 Maintenance Operations Squadron 49 Aerospace Medicine Squadron The last active component F/A-18C Hornet squadron began its transition to the super hornet in February 2019, leaving only a single reserve component F/A-18C Hornet squadron. 28 Aircraft Maintenance Squadron 25 Intelligence Squadron

9 Air Support Operations Squadron

Eventually all Anti-submarine (Light) squadrons will transition to the MH-60R and be redesignated HSM.

12 Training Squadron US Navy rotary wing squadron designations start with the letter H. The first use of the letter H to designate a helicopter squadron was in 1948 with the establishment of Helicopter Utility Squadrons (HU)[13] ONE and TWO. Test and Evaluation squadrons test everything from basic aircraft flying qualities to advanced aerodynamics to weapons systems effectiveness. Prior the creation of the HU designation, the two basic types of Navy squadrons were "heavier than air" squadrons designated with V as the first letter, and "lighter than air" squadrons designated with Z as the first letter. The Helicopter Sea Combat (HSC) Designation was created in 2005 after the Helicopter Combat Support (HC) squadrons equipped with the H-46 Sea Knight had completed their transitions to the new multi-mission MH-60S Seahawk, and in anticipation of the upcoming transition of the Helicopter Antisubmarine (HS) squadrons from the SH-60F and HH-60H Seahawks to the new MH-60S which began in 2007. 820 RED HORSE Squadron

Absence indicates that the designation was used only once. 12 Missile Squadron 469 Flying Training Squadron

628 Logistics Readiness Squadron 624 Aerospace Medicine Flight 482 Civil Engineer Squadron 3 Air Support Operations Squadron 3 Tiltrotor Aircraft. VX-1 and VX-9 report to the Commander, Operational Test and Evaluation Force (OPTEVFOR). 712 Air Refueling Squadron 717 Test Squadron VRC-30 is based at Naval Air Station North Island, VRC-40 is based at Naval Station Norfolk.

13 Fighter Squadron 94 Fighter Squadron 728 Airlift Squadron Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadrons THREE and FOUR carry the VQ designation, but they are not reconnaissance squadrons; they are airborne command and control, and communications relay squadrons which provide survivable, reliable, and endurable airborne command, control, and communications between the National Command Authority (NCA) and U.S. strategic and non-strategic forces. . 5 Space Launch Squadron The names have been divided into 3 categories. It recognized that the replacement of the MH-53 in the mine countermeasures role was dependent on technology which has not yet matured. There are also A-10 Warthogs with the 74th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron, deployed from Moody Air Force Base in Georgia, at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan, AFCENT said. 623 Air Control Squadron 726 Air Control Squadron 5 Combat Communications Support Squadron 87 Security Forces Squadron 488 Intelligence Squadron The U.S. 27 Special Operations Aircraft Maintenance Squadron An exception to this is that US Navy destroyers and submarines are administratively grouped by "squadrons". United States Navy. 50 Intelligence Squadron, 51 Combat Communications Squadron51 Force Support Squadron51 Logistics Readiness Squadron52 Air Refueling Squadron52 Combat Communications Squadron52 Expeditionary Flying Training Squadron52 Expeditionary Intelligence Squadron52 Logistics Readiness Squadron53 Air Traffic Control Squadron53 Airlift Squadron53 Fighter Squadron53 Weather Reconnaissance Squadron54 Air Refueling Squadron54 Aircraft Maintenance Squadron54 Airlift Flight54 Helicopter Squadron54 Maintenance Squadron54 Operations Support Squadron55 Air Refueling Squadron55 Airlift Flight55 Communications Squadron55 Fighter Squadron55 Force Support Squadron55 Intelligence Support Squadron55 Logistics Readiness Squadron55 Rescue Squadron 56 Aerial Port Squadron56 Equipment Maintenance Squadron56 Air Refueling Squadron56 Rescue Squadron56 Intelligence Squadron56 Training Squadron57 Intelligence Squadron57 Maintenance Squadron57 Munitions Squadron57 Weapons Squadron58 Aircraft Maintenance Squadron58 Airlift Squadron58 Fighter Squadron58 Maintenance Operations Squadron58 Maintenance Squadron58 Operations Support Squadron58 Rescue Squadron58 Training Squadron59 Dental Squadron59 Dental Support Squadron59 Dental Training Squadron59 Diagnostics and Therapeutics Squadron59 Emergency Medicine Squadron59 Laboratory Squadron59 Maternal/Child Care Squadron59 Medical Inpatient Squadron59 Medical Logistics and Readiness Squadron59 Medical Operations Squadron59 Medical Support Squadron59 Mental Health Squadron59 Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Squadron59 Pharmacy Squadron59 Radiology Squadron59 Surgical Inpatient Squadron59 Surgical Specialties Squadron59 Surgical Operations Squadron59 Test and Evaluation Squadron59 Training Squadron, 75 Operations Support Squadron In the early years of helicopter operations in the Navy, helicopter pilots were qualified fixed wing pilots who received transition training once they reported to a helicopter squadron. common use listed. The F-35C is a fifth-generation strike fighter that was originally planned to replace the F/A-18C Hornet, but expiring F/A-18C service life and delays in F-35C procurement forced the Navy to increase its buy of F/A-18E and F Super Hornets to replace F/A-18C Hornets while awaiting the arrival of the F-35C. The organizations in the table below are not technically "squadrons", however they either have custody of and routinely fly Navy aircraft or they routinely fly aircraft on loan from fleet squadrons for advanced training of those fleet squadrons. Naval Rotary Wing Acft Test Sqdn: 21 Jul 1995-1 May 2002, Developmental test and evaluation of Rotary Wing and Tilt Rotor Aircraft, Unmanned Aircraft Systems Test Directorate, Developmental test and evaluation of Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing UAS, A subset of the formal form designation is a Navy acronym format in capital letters, e.g., STKFITRON EIGHT SIX, This page was last edited on 2 October 2020, at 11:38. 21 Special Tactics Squadron Second in command is the Executive Officer (XO), also a Commander. 466 Fighter Squadron 82 Expeditionary Air Support Operations Squadron The designation was assigned to squadrons equipped with the new F/A-18A Hornet fighter attack aircraft. 4 Combat Camera Squadron They will be used by HSM and HSC Expeditionary detachments to support Littoral Combat Ship operations and will also be used by unmanned detachments on other aviation capable navy ships. 4 Operations Support Squadron 823 Maintenance Squadron 96 Flying Training Squadron 11 Airlift Squadron

718 Intelligence Squadron

Navy aircraft squadrons can be properly referred to by designation or nickname. Today all Fleet Logistics Support squadrons are U. S. Navy Reserve squadrons. By 1960 the VQ squadrons, rather than simply jamming communications and electronic signals, had been equipped to collect them for intelligence purposes. Helicopter Maritime Strike squadrons operate the MH-60R Seahawk. VF(AW)-3 operated as a night fighter squadron when it was still designated VC-3 but became a jet transition unit prior to its being redesignated an all weather fighter squadron. It is added to indicate that the designation was used more than once during the history of U. S. Naval Aviation and which use of the designation is indicated. These squadrons send two-plane detachments with each deploying aircraft carrier. The HSC squadrons which were formerly HS squadrons are carrier based and deploy as part of a Carrier Air Wing, while the HSC squadrons which were formerly HC squadrons or were newly established are land based "expeditionary" squadrons which supply detachments for deployment aboard ships other than aircraft carriers or for land based deployments as required.


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