food, inc review

We display the minimum age for which content is developmentally appropriate. The egg-to-death life of a chicken is now six weeks.

I'm shocked. Did you know that it only takes 48 days for a chicken to go to market. There are no seasons in the American supermarket. Many fingers are pointed at guilty parties doing the dirty deeds of the farming industry,along with some pretty unpleasant footage of unethical practices (i.e. How tiresome and such efforts are always so transparent especially when discussing a film that's full of surprises! This documentary does a good job educating the consumers on how food is produced,packed and marketed in U.S nowadays. In 1975, he won the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished criticism. I was expecting more from this movie, I really learnt nothing from this that I didn't already know. Mass amounts of info in a short little film, Brilliant exposé of food industry cover-up. I will say this, and I can't see myself saying it again for some time; this is the most terrifying and important documentary I have seen in years. What would you expect when you appoint someone from the food industry to head the agency that inspects food. ),not to mention GMO corn,grains,etc. Is it unfair for the filmmaker to portray the companies as the villains, the farmers as the victims, and independent farmers and consumer advocates as the heroes? I saw this when I was 9 and have been vegan ever since. The documentary was made years ago and there still aren't people changing the way they are being slaughtered or kept. Food Inc. is the new brilliant documentary which should shock all Americans about what has become of our food supply. You don't. Despite emphasizing the gloom and doom of our country's dependence on a select group of multi-national corporations that monopolize our food industry, the documentary ultimately has a hopeful message: Pay attention to the food you eat, buy locally grown food, support independent farmers, make more meals as a family, and eat less (much, much less) at fast-food restaurants. They say your total cholesterol level shouldn't exceed your age plus 100. Robert Kenner's documentary "Food, Inc." sounds like something you've heard of before. It's times like these I'm halfway grateful that after surgery I can't eat regular food anymore and have to live on a liquid diet out of a can. The documentary talks about choosing organic over inorganic frequently. Teens and up. That's true even if you're eating the beef at a pricey steakhouse. If this offends you, try to do something about it.

This is such an eyeopener to the food industry!!! A giant chicken processor canceled her contract and refused to do any more business with her. Is this natural? When Eric Schlosser's book "Fast Food Nation" first woke America up to the horrific way that fast food meat is processed and Morgan Spurlock's documentary "Super Size Me" exposed the deadly health concerns of too much fast food, most Americans began to associate fast food with unhealthy food. The ugly facts of animal mistreatment, food contamination, and government collusion are covered up by a secretive industry that wouldn't talk to the filmmakers or let the interiors of their chicken farms, cattle ranches, slaughterhouses, and meatpacking plants be filmed.

Kids: Does this make you think twice about asking for a Happy Meal? Parents need to know that Food, Inc. is a hard-hitting exposé on the food industry, especially the elite group of powerful corporations behind most of the food on supermarket counters. Since profit, not nutrition, is the bottom line for these corporations, Kenner posits that consumers can make a difference by making more informed food purchases. They seek to lull a complacent public into believing that the food we eat is wholesome and is produced in the simple spirit of our agrarian forefathers. We've all heard and know the dangers of food in this country from hearing news health reports and seeing films like "Super Size Me" and reading books like "Fast Food Nation" who's author appears in this film. With family run farms pretty much a thing of the past, institutional farming has pretty much taken over,and the dim,dark & dismal effects are omnipresent. Anyone who's read either Pollan's or Schlosser's work (and their influence as producers/consultants is obviously influential) may know a lot of the material, but the vast majority of Americans are in the dark, which seems to be how some in the food industry would prefer it (not that any of the companies agreed to be interviewed for the film). Most chilling is how the industry is controlled by corporations who are more interested in profit and making money than people's health. Most teens may not be interested, even though the documentary is rated PG and educational. This film also explores demand for certain products that are not Genetically modified. There were also repeated shots of a plane's view of a massive cattle ranch. Like many social issue documentaries, Food, Inc. is better at addressing problems than offering solutions: its endorsement of organic food in particular feels a little flimsy. There are but a small handful of corporate farms who grow or raise our food that you find in just about every chain grocery store and market stretching from cost to coast. With Schlosser and Pollan and a host of other interview subjects weighing in, Kenner shows how the astronomical rise of fast food changed farming, the food industry, and even the global diet -- and not for the better. And with periodic cases of food scares and poisoning, this film takes a look throughout the food chain of today, and although it's rather US-centric, it still has plenty of relevance here since after all, we import almost everything. By going back repeatedly to how it was before it shows us how much it has evolved and also the effects of those drastic changes on food prices, American eating habits and ultimately on their health. The point is made that there are only a few multi-national corporations who actually produce the vast majority of food products seen on our supermarket shelves today. My family and I started shopping at Whole Foods and the Fresh Market because we are more conscious about the food we eat now. It's a good thing that most theater concession stands don't sell cheeseburgers and chicken fingers, or audiences would want to hurl them -- in either sense -- after seeing this movie. If you have your fill of fruits and vegetables daily, don't think about the pesticides that coat them. Disturbing scenes of a crowded chicken house and cattle factory, and even more disturbing scenes of various slaughterhouses that "process" chickens, pigs, and cows into poultry, pork, and beef. It's worth noting that none of the featured companies agreed to be interviewed for the film, which does end up making the message seem somewhat one-sided. The next time you admire a plump chicken breast, consider how it got that way. They're grown in cages too small for them to move, in perpetual darkness to make them sleep more and quarrel less. Moving, earnest documentary on global warming. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has estimated that foodborne diseases cause approximately 76 million illnesses, 325,000 hospitalizations, and 5,000 deaths in the United States each year. This is a fantasy. The family farm is largely a thing of the past. | This film explores how food is grown, and the concerns that people have, such as the e-coli outbreak that seems to happen every year. But surprisingly, the overall message of the documentary is one of hope -- how every dollar we spend on food makes a difference, not just to our immediate families, but to the world. And I don't have to tip. One of the most powerful documentaries I've seen (and I've seen a lot). This doesn't mean that the director isn't making a bad film or doesn't have some clever visual cues and transitions or know how to combine interviews and archival footage, since he does. Note: To watch the first 3½ minutes of "Food, Inc.," go to: Parents: Set preferences and get age-appropriate recommendations with Common Sense Media Plus. And it's about time a major distributor has taken on such topics.

There are a few disturbing scenes, mostly involving over-crowded chicken/pig/cow "factory farms" and slaughterhouses. More than a century later, "Food, Inc.," a documentary from director-producer Robert Kenner and investigative journalist Eric Schlosser ("Fast Food Nation… If you eat food this is a must see documentary!


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