fred thompson watergate hearings
Republicans counter, as I mentioned, that there is precedent for doing this. He described a gift that then Republican Sen. Howard Baker's staff gave him one Christmas in the era: "two brass spherical objects mounted on a rectangular platform with the inscription, 'You've got 'em, kid, you've got 'em. Back then, questioning was largely left in the hands of the Republican and Democratic counsels. "Mr. Butterfield," Thompson asked, "are you aware of the installation of any listening devices in the Oval Office of the president?" FRED THOMPSON: Mr. Butterfield, are you aware of the installation of any listening devices in the Oval Office of the president? Fred Thompson, Watergate Warrior, Dead at 73. ', "There was a short pause. Later that month, in a conversation with Nixon, Baker assured the president that Thompson was "tough. Might Ben Affleck try leap from Hollywood to US Senate? I was deeply inspired by his matter-of-fact, no-nonsense moral courage in that crucible.". In May 2007, he left the role, and a month later formed a presidential exploratory committee. ", Said Lenzner after those passages were read to him: "I find that all very understandable. His credits include "In the Line of Fire," ''The Hunt for Red October," ''Die Hard II" and "Cape Fear." Some 319 hours were broadcast overall, and 85% of U.S. house… ", But instead, Armstrong said, "Ervin very generously gave Baker the nod to go ahead and do the Butterfield question. Thompson himself noted later that "political partisanship and infighting were as common as ever on Capitol Hill.". The investigation centered on possibly illegal campaign contributions to President Clinton's 1996 re-election campaign—but it proved less than met the eye. But after that and other roles, politics again beckoned. He's six feet five inches. Once reckoned as a rising Senate star, he retired from that seat when his term expired in January 2003, a year after marrying Jeri Kehn, a political and media specialist. Thompson also supported John McCain over the more establishment Republican presidential candidate, George W. Bush, in 2000. "Thanks, Jesse," he chirps, before noting that Reagan made getting reverse mortgages easier. What happens if House decides the next president? ROBERTS: Well, Iran-Contra was a very complicated case just to begin with of selling arms to Iran and then using the money to pay Nicaraguan rebels called Contras. At that time, he shortened his first name from Freddie to Fred. Mitt Romney ribbed him for being a late-comer to the race. He died Sunday at age 73. It was some time before my theory -- and I was not alone in holding it -- proved totally wrong. 60, in 1973, to investigate the Watergate scandal, with the power to investigate the break-in at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) headquarters at the Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C., and any subsequent cover-up of criminal activity, as well as "all other illegal, improper, or unethical conduct occurring during the controversial 1972 presidential election, including political espionage and campaign finance practices". subscription yet. All rights reserved. The person posing those questions will not be a member of Congress. contact customer service "In retrospect it is apparent that I was subconsciously looking for a way to justify my faith in the leader of my country and my party," Thompson wrote, "a man who was undergoing a violent attack from the news media, which I thought had never given him fair treatment in the past. A few days after that conversation, Thompson's public question about Nixon's tapes -- regardless of his motivation -- helped bring about the end of the Nixon presidency, inadvertently or not. Thompson was not only on camera, but he worked behind the scenes with the Nixon White House—in ways that were not appreciated at the time. That's my main role ... Other than that, I do what I can to help. They both ran concurrent with the special prosecutor looking into the criminal activities. continue to use the site without a The Senate Watergate Committee, known officially as the Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities, was a special committee established by the United States Senate, S.Res. Thompson appeared on "Meet the Press" in 2005 to help shepherd the nomination of John Roberts as Supreme Court chief justice. Members of the Senate Watergate Committee's professional staff included: Hearings opened on May 17, 1973, and the Committee issued its seven-volume, 1,250-page report on June 27, 1974, titled Report on Presidential Campaign Activities. In Thompson's 1975 book, "At That Point in Time: The Inside Story of the Senate Watergate Committee" he writes that after learning of the existence of the tapes he "wanted to be sure that the White House was fully aware of what was to be disclosed so that it could take appropriate action. ROBERTS: No, not really. Except it wasn't so simple. [6] Some 319 hours were broadcast overall, and 85% of U.S. households watched some portion of them. ", "I was aware of listening devices," Butterfield said, "yes, sir.". Haldeman, the White House chief of staff who would resign on April 30. Thompson went on to serve as a Republican senator from Tennessee from 1994 until 2003. ALEXANDER BUTTERFIELD: I was aware of listening devices. The lawyers in those hearings became famous, none more so than the young minority counsel who asked the crucial question during Watergate. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? Shortly after midnight on June 17, 1972, five men were arrested inside the DNC offices. A staffer on the committee, Armstrong said, provided him with a copy of a document Thompson had written to Republicans on the committee with Buzhardt's instructions as to what to ask Dean about. ", "If that's in fact what was said, that's a pretty positive thing for Fred to have done," Lenzner said. Some Kansas City hospitals forced to divert ambulances as COVID-19 cases jump, Suspect dead, 9 in custody following beheading of teacher in Paris suburb, "At That Point in Time: The Inside Story of the Senate Watergate Committee". You don’t have a Christian Science Monitor By the early 1990s, Thompson said he had become bored with his 10-year stint in Hollywood and wanted to go into public service. In recent years, he's probably been best known as a TV pitchman for reverse mortgages—which was either brilliant or bizarre casting depending on how you looked at it. And he said he realized his responsibility was going to have be as a Republican increasingly. His rise to the Senate was atypical. [6] The audio feed also was broadcast, gavel-to-gavel, on scores of National Public Radio stations, making the hearings available to people in their cars and workplaces, and increased the profile of the fledgling broadcast organization.[7]. It was July 16, 1973, and the committee was hearing from Alexander Butterfield, a deputy assistant to President Nixon. The first weeks of the committee's hearings were a national politico-cultural event. But Nixon was not convinced. MARTIN: That wasn't the case with Iran-Contra, though, was it? At the same time, the other Republican candidates were meeting for their fifth debate. The couple divorced in 1985.


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