gumball vs rob

"Is that all you got? Like the vacuum cleaner, fire extinguisher, his bombs, a Yo-Yo Wool that returns to Garfield after being launched, the Klopmand Diamond which sticks to a victim and explodes, the X-Ray Glasses, various Disguises, an Air Bubble that lets him breathe underwater and the Time Watch that freezes time! Before Gumball even hit the floor, Garfield swung his other leg in a diagonal upwards arc, launching Gumball through the wall of the school and into the hallways. Standard Tactics: Despite all of the hax Gumball has, he never uses them in combat, and there are only a limited amount of hax he has actually used when sufficiently angered (Explosion, Energy, Death and Acid Manipulation). The blue cat continued his careful exploration of the school. The rich text editor does not work with JavaScript switched off. And lastly, his plans, in the rare occasions he makes them, often make everything worse. W-what's thi—". "Hey! Gumball: OK, so dad has a laser shooting out of his butt. Tier: 9-A | At least 4-A, likely 3-A with the Console, Unknown with the Universal Remote and Magic Notebook, Name: Gumball (formerly Zach) Tristopher Watterson, Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Toon Force, Regeneration (Low-High. Lastly, he has a further batch of power-ups in Class Spirits — the Fireworks makes him faster, the Mirror makes enemies slower, the Voodoo Doll stuns enemies, and the Poster makes Gumball temporarily invincible. The camera zooms in on the vehicle and starts an analysis of the passengers: "Jon, are we almost there?

Garfield smiles and begins to walk away but than he remebers that gumball was supposed to buy him pizza. ...No one really liked it, so Davis decided to give Gnat the boot in the most pro gamer way possible: He killed him off at the end by having some guy step on him. He is pacifistic; on one occasion, he felt remorse after sending Rob to The Void and didn't hesitate to save him despite Rob ruining his life.

Spontaneously reshaped himself after shattering to pieces in The Crew), 4th Wall Awareness, Spatial Manipulation (Seen here), Stealth Mastery, Vibration Manipulation (Created a shockwave strong enough to slam Carmen into a wall), Weapon Creation (Created a sword with is own self righteousness), Acid Manipulation (Gumball can build up toxicity within himself and release it), Broadway Force, Power Bestowal (Made Dodj or Daar, which can grant anyone who plays it supernatural abilities), Hammerspace, Time Manipulation (Time Stop and Time Travel. Gumball had noticed the trio, and more importantly, Odie, who had climbed over the fence. Gumball retreated to the end of the hallway, which was T-shaped, and went to the left. "I-it wasn't me, sir! "Talk to the foot! The two cats contiune to scream until they both hit a tiny island. Garfield and Gumball jump across the islands in the void until they get back to their neighborhood. Dare infuriate this cat, and he will mop the floor with you in no time. Kirbysakurai: Well i guess you could say Garfield cut Gumball's runtime you know cats... Cuts.... Cartoons.. i'll stop. Garfield threw a piece of lasgana and missed again. ", asked a concerned Darwin. I guess since rob has the remote he yeets with BFR or age hax.

Kirby: He once ran so fast he killed the mail man. As he prepares for another blow, Garfield interrupts. Marx: he is not much at glance but he is acctuaklly pretty over powered.

It also allows him to make a sword out of justice? This, combined with his durability, makes him surprisingly annoying to dispose of. Oof Gumball can't catch a break with all these losses. "Can I pet him?". Garfield is seen watching Cartoon Network. Marx: Meanwhile Garfield was able to turn off the lights get into bed than the light's turned off making him "faster than the speed of dark" and if you don't believe that, he was able to go faster than the speed of sound in the comics for food. Speed was equalized), The Snatcher (A Hat in Time) The Snatcher's Profile (Gumball was 4-A, bloodlusted and fully equipped. Gumball cut him short by using the Rasengan, throwing a chakra projectile at the ceiling. Speed was equalized), Four (Battle for Dream Island) Four’s Profile (Speed was equalized, 4-B Four was used, and Gumball had access to all of his equipment), Announcer (Battle for Dream Island) Announcer’s Profile (Speed was equalized, both had all of their equipment, and both had prior knowledge), Calypso (Twisted Metal) Calypso's Profile (Speed was Equalized, Gumball was fully equipped, bloodlusted and had prior knowledge), Bluto (Popeye) Bluto's Profile (Speed was equalized and Gumball had the Magic Notebook), Chara (Undertale) Chara's Profile (Chara is possessing Frisk and Gumball has all equipment except for The Helmet and the Console, and speed was equalized), Cat Noir (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir) Cat Noir's Profile (Cat Blanc was used, Gumball had all equipment aside from the Universal Remote, and speed was equalized), Hat Kid (A Hat in Time) Hat Kid's Profile (Both at 4-A. ", asked John, through the fence. The smirk reappeared on his face as he swung the mallet into the locker, shattering it to pieces. He could've sketched at least a dozen solutions for problem, but nah, he was lazy and just sold the guy to a pet store. While his Toonforce is his biggest trump card, it has backfired against him just as many times. That's cheating!

The chunk fell down on the floor and squashed Garfield. The Elder Scrolls metaphysics & philosophy. I recommend bloodlusting both of them so Gumball can use his hax. Greg: The interesting thing about Garfield is that he's surprisingly tough for a character who only fights a fourth of the time. Garfield then kicked Kirbysakurai into the void. We'll hold them off for you! "There he is! Kirby: Garfield lives with his owner jon arbuckle and his dog odie. Turned right, saw nothing. The lasagna cat who loves to tease Odie ... but when anyone else touches him, all hell breaks loose." "Not gonna lie, that's cool. kirbysakurai: School and I got forgot my password. The camera panned down to frog perspective as we see Gumball moving forwards.

Probably represents your fear of not fitting in. Is highly afraid of water and can't swim. Gumball is an imaginative, sarcastic, and eternally optimistic cat who often finds Darwin and himself in mishaps, usually originating from his antics. "Okay, Gumball, I don't think this is going to work out. Outside in the hallways, Garfield had his X-Ray Glasses on, and finally tracked Gumball to the classroom. ", he yells. It's about a blue cat named Gumball Watterson as he is accompanied by a two-legged fish named Darwin to live off everyday live in Elmore. He lacks combat experience.

Even a potato fights better than you! Garfield: Let's just say we are eating pizza for lunch. Kirbysakurai: hello there just wanted to say saiyan gumball is featless. Follow 10014.


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