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The University of Kansas - Institute of Haitian Studies - Haiti: A brief history of a complex nation, Central Intelligence Agency - The World Factbook - Haiti, Haiti - Children's Encyclopedia (Ages 8-11), Haiti - Student Encyclopedia (Ages 11 and up). President Magloire and his wife began a trip to the United States, Canada, and, President Magloire relinquishes the presidency; President of the Supreme Court. [133][20][123] During Senate hearings in 1921, the commandant of the Marine Corps reported that, in the 20 months of active unrest, 2,250 Haitians had been killed.

[361], The anchor of Christopher Columbus's largest ship, the Santa María now rests in the Musée du Panthéon National Haïtien (MUPANAH), in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. foreign (often German) capital, would raise an army, march on Port-au-Prince and drive the sitting government into exile. 2, links Port-au-Prince with Les Cayes via Léogâne and Petit-Goâve.

SHORT AND OVERSIMPLIFIED HISTORY OF HAITI. [252] Unable to receive sufficient funds from the government as Haiti endures severe natural disasters which takes up their attention and resources, such as the 2010 earthquake, has caused deadly cases of malnutrition, combined with the tight living conditions, increases the risk of infectious diseases such as tuberculosis which has led to 21 deaths in January 2017 alone at the Port-au-Prince penitentiary. A series of short lived presidencies came and went: President Pierre Nord Alexis was forced from power in 1908,[117][118] as was his successor François C. Antoine Simon in 1911;[119] President Cincinnatus Leconte (1911–12) was killed in a (possibly deliberate) explosion at the National Palace;[120] Michel Oreste (1913–14) was ousted in a coup, as was his successor Oreste Zamor in 1914. The major cities are: Cap-Haïtien, Jérémie, Les Cayes, Hinche, Gonaïves, and Jacmel. Haiti, whose population is almost entirely descended from African slaves, won independence from France in 1804, making it the second country in the Americas, after the United States, to free itself from colonial rule. [20] It begins at Haiti's eastern border, north of the Guayamouc River, and extends to the northwest through the northern peninsula. But the island was now divided and a defining characteristic, the geographic one, was fixed for modern day Haiti. Within the gulf lies Gonâve Island, which has an area of approximately 290 square miles (750 square km). To the west of the capital, near the quake’s epicentre, the city of Léogâne was almost completely ruined. (The sole exception was Some Haitians even traffic human laborers, especially children.

[236] It is estimated that President "Baby Doc" Duvalier, his wife Michelle, and their agents stole US $504 million from the country's treasury between 1971 and 1986. Haitian footballer Joe Gaetjens played for the United States national team in the 1950 FIFA World Cup, scoring the winning goal in the 1–0 upset of England. This particular provision of the Haitian constitution lasted until 1918 until the occupying forces of the United States forced a constitution onto Haiti which did not contain this prohibition. [115] In 1892 the German government supported suppression of the reform movement of Anténor Firmin, and in 1897, the Germans used gunboat diplomacy to intimidate and then humiliate the Haitian government of President Tirésias Simon Sam (1896–1902) during the Lüders Affair. Learn more about the world with our collection of regional and country maps. When Columbus landed in the island of Hispaniola on December 6, 1492, he found a kingdom ruled by a cacique, or Taino Indian chief. On December 7 2010, the country's electoral commission announced that Mirlande Manigat, the top vote getter, and Jude Célestin, the hand-picked candidate of Pré val, would face off in the second round of voting. Since the turn of the 21st century, the country has endured a coup d'état, which prompted a U.N. intervention, as well as a deadly earthquake that killed over 250,000. Geographical and historical treatment of Haiti, including maps and statistics as well as a survey of its people, economy, and government.

[324] [19] The climate is tropical, with some variation depending on altitude. [141] In 1941, during the Second World War, Lescot declared war on Japan (8 December), Germany (12 December), Italy (12 December), Bulgaria (24 December), Hungary (24 December) and Romania (24 December). 2010. The alluvial soils of the plains and valleys are fertile but overcultivated, owing to high population densities in those areas. Eventually it came down to Napoleon sending a large expeditionary force to win the colony back securely for France in 1802. The western French portion was called San Domingue, French for St. Dominic. [253], Unless families are able to provide the necessary funds for inmates to appear before a judge there is a very slim chance the inmate would have a trial, on average, within 10 years. However, they chose to divide the land equally among their sons. Haiti has a complex, rich, fascinating, and tumultuous culture and history with stories of resistance, revolt, and instability.

The land became deforested and the soil could not hold against the season torrential rains. The national team won the 2007 Caribbean Nations Cup. Infoplease knows the value of having sources you can trust. [143] On 27 September 1945,[144] Haiti became a founding member of the United Nations (the successor to the League of Nations, of which Haiti was also a founding member). [176][177] These charges were denied by the US government. [312] In 1950, the first formal census gave a total population of 3.1 million. Celebrities such as Truman Capote and Noël Coward visited Haiti; the era is captured in Graham Greene's 1966 novel The Comedians. The Piquets force Riviere-Hérard into exile; President Guerrier dies in office; the State Council appoints, President Faustin Soulouque is crowned Emperor Faustin I of Haiti, Fabre Geffrard is elected President of Haiti, President Geffrard is forced to flee the country, Saget relinquishes the Presidency; the Constituent Assembly elects, President Domingue signs a treaty of peace and friendship with the, President Domingue is overthrown; the Constituent Assembly elects, Port-au-Prince and Haiti are dedicated to, President Salomon is overthrown; the Constituent Assembly installs a provisional government, President Légitime is overthrown; the Constituent Assembly installs a provisional government, Haiti celebrates 100 years of independence, Pierre Nord Alexis withdraws from the presidency; the Constituent Assembly appoints, President Antoine Simon cedes the presidency to, President Leconte and 300 soldiers are killed in an explosion at the, President Auguste dies during a visit to northern Haiti, President Oreste is overthrown and succeeded by, President Zamor is overthrown and lost by, President Théodore resigns and is succeeded by, The Haitian government undertakes a monetary reform with the National Bank of Haiti, President Dartiguenave addresses United States President, United States President Harding responds to President Dartiguenave, President Dartiguenave's term ends; Louis Bornó is sworn into office, President Bornó is re-elected by the State Council and makes a diplomatic trip to the United States. Toussaint captured the city of Dondon a second time, this time for, The Treaty of Bâle was ratified, ending Spain's involvement in the conflict and surrendering the eastern part of. Jamaica is some 120 miles (190 km) west of the southern peninsula, across the Jamaica Channel, and Great Inagua Island (of The Bahamas) lies roughly 70 miles (110 km) to the north. International disputes: since 2004, about 8,000 peacekeepers from the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) maintain civil order in Haiti; despite efforts to control illegal migration, Haitians fleeing economic privation and civil unrest continue to cross into Dominican Republic and to sail to neighboring countries; Haiti claims US-administered Navassa Island. Fear of the disease caused tourists to stay away, and the tourist industry collapsed, causing rising unemployment. South of the Cul-de-Sac Plain is the fourth major range, called the Massif de la Selle in Haiti and the Sierra de Baoruco in the Dominican Republic. The return of both men coincided with a dispute over the result of the 2010 presidential election. The revolution wrecked Haiti's economy. [20][165] Amidst the continuing turmoil many Haitians attempted to flee the country. In 1791 there were approximately 500,000 slaves and about 50,000 Secondly, the peasants used farming methods which we actually harmful to the land, burning off top soil, and over-planting crops which took too much out of the soil. The officers were charged with murder, attempted murder, along with various other crimes. [195][196][197][193] In 2013, Haiti called for European nations to pay reparations for slavery and establish an official commission for the settlement of past wrongdoings. [349], Haitian art is distinctive, particularly through its paintings and sculptures. As a result piracy became widespread, encouraged by European powers hostile to Spain such as France (based on Île de la Tortue) and England. The Southern politicians who were a powerful voting block in the American Congress prevented U.S. recognition for decades until they withdrew in 1861 to form the Confederacy. [290][291], The Haitian gourde (HTG) is the national currency. [48][49] The first recorded smallpox epidemic in the Americas erupted on Hispaniola in 1507. The French achieved some victories, but within a few months most of their army had died from yellow fever. The new policy could affect some 200,000 Dominicans of Haitian origin. French is the principal written and administratively authorized language (as well as the main language of the press) and is spoken by 42% of Haitians. [219], Despite its small size, Haiti's mountainous terrain and resultant multiple climactic zones has resulted in a wide variety of plant life. In an interview with Unreported World, the prison governor stated that around 529 detainees were never sentenced, there are 3,830 detainees who are in prolonged detained trial detention. The gates to these houses are barred at night, the house is locked; guard dogs patrol the yard. The protests, groups of armed rebels, and French and American pressure led to the ousting of Aristide on Feb. 29. But one of the fundamental aspects of Haiti is its resilience. Haiti has twice occupied The Dominican Republic in the 19th century, and in 1937 The Dominican Republic perpetrated a terrible massacre on Haitians living in or near The Dominican Republic's borders. Millions of Haitians live abroad in the United States, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Canada (primarily Montreal), Bahamas, France, French Antilles, the Turks and Caicos, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Brazil, Suriname and French Guiana. It also has influences from Taino, Spanish, and Portuguese. the inland Central Plateau town of Hinche.). By late August 2011, President Martelly had spent his first 100 days in office without completing his first objective: forming a government.

About the size of Maryland, Haiti is two-thirds mountainous, with the rest of the country marked by great valleys, extensive plateaus, and small plains. Later in the revolution, the US provided support to native Haitian military forces, with the goal of reducing French influence in North America and the Caribbean.

[166][167] As part of the deal Aristide had to implement free market reforms in an attempt to improve the Haitian economy, with mixed results, some sources stating that these reforms had a negative impact on native Haitian industry.


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