hashima island

They have a much more vivid imagination than mine, then. more. However at the very top of the summit, after a walk described as making one feel 'hellish pain', you find Senpukuji Temple.

With the aid of Google Chrome, this website allows you to take a digital dip into history to discover the secrets & legends hidden amongst Hashima's mysterious, desolate landscape. Nice harbor cruise en route to Gunkanjima. At the moment, due to the damage to the landing area, boats are not able to land, but the tour we went on was great- going round the whole island, on what was a flat, smooth day (so, no sea sickness for us), so you could see the town from every angle. The island was emptied so quickly that many items and possessions still remain for you to find as you explore the landscape and interiors – maybe you may come across the spirits of cats which couldn't be found before their owners took the rest of their lives back to the mainland in ‘74. Due to the recent typhoons, the landing dock was destroyed, so we could only venture out by boat, circle around the island, and leave. If you are thinking of going, I recommend checking to see, Hard to believe 5000+ people used to live here, The abandoned site of an island town that used to support undersea coal mines. Located 19 km Southwest of Nagasaki harbor, Hashima Island was home to Mitsubishi’s coal mine workers. Behold in front of you, the infamous ‘Stairway to Hell’. Nice harbor cruise en route to Gunkanjima. Some folks revere the site and claim it resembles a battleship.

with a load of abandoned derelict buildings on it. This was nicknamed ‘Glover House’ by its inhabitants, coming from the rumour that the designer of the construction was a Scottish merchant named Thomas B. Glover (1838-1911) who had strong links to Mitsubishi. What many don’t know is that the island had a history of forced labor before and during World War II. Stand in front of block 65 and look right to see ‘Salt rain crossing’ – this is where people had to wait for waves caused by typhoons to crash in before crossing to markets and shops, as water consumed parts of the area. Each year on the 3rd of April, the entire island held celebrations to represent the shrine's ‘Yamagami Festival’.

Some folks revere the site and claim it resembles a battleship. But it was an achievement that exacted a heavy toll in human suffering - Korean and Chinese replaced miners during the Second World War and were subject to poor conditions and starvation.

Having been down a few working coal mines, the idea of being 1km down, in 30c+ heat and close on 100% humidity and also under the sea as well, the working conditions were probably hellish.

Too bad we couldn't board Hashima and see close ups of the island, but nonetheless still a very good experience to hear Japanese side of the story.

I was left without the ability to grasp the island in its form as it remains today. Mostly Koreans, we gathered.


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