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When the attackers thoroughly check the site before planting the spike to decrease the chance of a hidden defender sneaking upon them. By contrast, " Hell " refers to what's directly beneath "Heaven". "Heaven" generally refers to a high ground position in Valorant. Refers to the starting location where players spawn at the beginning of a round. Do you want to learn more about Valorant? Open Range – Freely explore the entire range and all it has to offer.

The four playable maps are called Bind, Haven, Split, Ascent, and Icebox.

Valorant Terms, Definitions, Acronyms, and Slang. An advanced technique that allows you to mix up your movement and move, Refers to the decisions teams make in relation to. For example, if your teammate tells you an opponent is in "CT spawn" it means that the opponent is near the defenders' spawn/base.

Here is an example of planting for u-hall/CT spawn on Bind: To preemptively fire at an area or angle that enemies are often at. Refers to buying weapons to try to keep a lead over a team that is resorting to saving. Here is an example of heaven and hell on Split: Here’s an example of heaven and hell on Haven: To quickly peek out and return to cover to gain information or to bait an enemy into shooting at you. To position and look out to catch flankers, usually done on offense.

Examples: “I’m out of utility”, “They used all their utility”. Shooting Test – Test your gun skills with a variety of shooting challenges. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience.

The player or agent who looks to initiate the fight when attacking by entering first and getting the opening kill.

Another callout that you should the meaning behind is Heaven, as Heaven is a high ground position that is excellent for defending the A spike site. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. For example, on Valorant's Bind map, "U hall" is another name for the "A Lamps" hall (the room in the picture below). The downfall to these is that they make loud noises every time you use them, so you become an easy target. You can find VALORANT map overviews down below for the maps currently in rotation, which are: Haven is unique because it has three bombsites instead of two. When one player kills every player on the enemy team. When a player (usually a defender) sneaks around to attack the enemy team from behind. Seeing where an enemy is through the wall, such as with Sova’s Recon Bolt. This helps to ensure that if Player A dies, Player B has a higher chance of getting the trade kill. While in Valorant the attackers' goal is to plant a "Spike" each round, CS:GO T-side players had to try to plant the "C4 explosive". Looking for exit frags means to position yourself so you can kill these players rather than trying to defuse (usually done in 1v4, 1v5 situations).

We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. That wraps up our list of the most common CS:GO callouts and terms used in Valorant. When you’re on the attacking side and your team plays a neutral/non-commital strategy to gain information and/or look for picks. To most, Valorant feels like Counter-Strike with the addition of unique Agents and Abilities. For example, if the defenders have a feeling that the attackers will choose a particular site, they can stack it with more defenders than they would usually commit. Getting a kill by shooting through a wall or terrain. There are currently four active maps in the VALORANT map rotation: Haven, Bind, Split, and Ascent. If a teammate says that your team should "Eco" a round, it means that you should save enough money to buy a better loadout in the next round or the round after that. Firing from the hip, or without using alternate fire to zoom (ADS). This means that the map favors defenders. It is accessible through the main menu if you click play. On the Haven map, "Hell" is the space under "A Tower". A smoke grenade that allows a player to see enemies but the enemies cannot see them. Most CS:GO players referred to the explosive as the "bomb", and this term has been carried over to Valorant. There are direct paths to both bomb sites, and one interesting new mechanic: teleporters. A callout term often used to describe a high location where snipers and other long-ranged weapons are used from. A term that has been brought over from Counterstrike, referring to “counter terrorists” which are equivalent to Valorant defenders.

When your team chooses to buy but can’t afford a full-buy and it isn’t a force buy. When a player or team commits to traveling across the map to another location. Welcome to our glossary of Valorant terms!

Community term referring to Raze’s Boombot. On A site on the map Split, a "towards CT" callout likely indicates that they believe an opponent is at "A Screens".

Split has an obvious aesthetic change from one side of the map to the other, and Haven is a secluded temple area.

The creators of Valorant have been extremely successful in bringing over CS:GO players... and Counter-Strike players have brought all of their CS:GO callouts and terms with them. As with any competitive FPS game, knowing the maps is one of the most important things you can do to get an advantage. "U hall" refers to the "U" shaped hallways in Valorant and CS:GO. A particular positioning set up to guarantee that your ability lands in a certain way. Another phrase you might hear is something along the lines of "This map is CT sided". Mobalytics is the 1st personal gaming assistant that has everything you might need to enhance your performance and overall game experience. Here are the activities in the Shooting Range Practice Mode: To access the Shooting Range, click on “PRACTICE” from the very top right of the screen. Defenders in Haven will have to cover a lot more ground and spread their squad thing to make sure each bombsite is defended. If the saving team wins, it is Thrifty. Short for “teleport”, usually used in reference to taking a teleporter on Bind “one tp’d” or when an Omen is going to use their ultimate, “I’m going to TP to their spawn”. Spike Defuse – Methodically defeat enemies and defuse the spike before time runs out. The four maps in Valorant map rotation are Haven, Bind, Split, and Ascent. This list will be updated over time so please let us know if we missed anything that you think should be included in the comments below! Here's a breakdown of the most common CS:GO terms that many players have been using in Valorant: "CT" and "T" come from the team sides in CS:GO. In case it's not clear that Riot Games is looking to make CS:GO players feel at home, they even named their Sniper rifle the "Operator", allowing players to call it the "Op" which can be pronounced

"AK-47" or "AK" refers to the Vandal Rifle. So far there are four maps with one objective: planting or defending against a bomb (called a “spike”). Haven is one of the available maps for Valorant. Example: Light armor + Stinger. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. To poke out of cover to look for enemies. Players referring to heaven typically mean an area above ground level overlooking a bombsite or other location. Refers to long alleyways and pathways where snipers tend to be. There are currently four maps on Valorant. Due to technical lag time from the game, an aggressive peeker will see an enemy behind cover slightly before the enemy sees them. In Valorant, CT means the defending team, whereas T means the attacking team. When a player commits to defusing a spike rather than tapping it to fake out an enemy. You can also choose to enable Bot Armor and Infinite Ammo by hitting the F3 key. If you want to know what any other callouts mean, ask us on twitter. When a team wins an eco round against a team with superior resources. Knowing your way around the map creates more game sense and higher confidence, making you an overall better player. Usually a combination of heavy shields + a Vandal/Phantom/Operator/Odin. The B area has a main area, and two main entry points or three if you leave middle open allowing the attackers to wrap around to CT spawn. Freely switch between any character by hitting the F2 key to change. The Split map is composed of two bombsites located on the opposite sides of the map. In CS:GO "Heaven" would typically refer to specific high ground spots on the map, like where the crosshair is pointed in the picture below from CS:GO's Cache map.

These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. To have many team members attack a site or defend an area. The term originated in Counter-Strike and is used in many first-person shooter games, which is why heaven is a callout in Valorant. When your team is close to losing or the sides are close to switching so you spend the rest of your remaining credits and buy what you can. By contrast, "Hell" refers to what's directly beneath "Heaven". For defenders, it can be after realizing that the attackers are committing the spike to a site so the remaining defenders try to rotate in time to help defend the spike or defuse it. Before a bomb detonates, players will often run away so they can survive and save their guns.

Welcome to our glossary of Valorant terms! We’ve created this as a dedicated reference for current and future players who want to keep up with communication norms used in discussions both in-game and out of game in places such as forums and Discord. For attackers, it’s usually when you try to attack a site and realize that it is heavily defended. There is more space to fall back on this map, allowing for some aggressive defensive plays. The map still plays like a traditional competitive FPS map, but the third bomb site helps make things interesting. Example: One team full buys and the other saves. The attacking side in CS:GO are the "Terrorists (T)", while the defenders are the "Counter-Terrorist (CT)".

You can see all four VALORANT map overviews in this post. On Valorant's Split map, a "Heaven" callout usually refers to either the "A Tower" or "B Tower" locations. The map features two bombsites, each with two primary entry points. This means that Player A wants player B to hide and avoid revealing themselves until they hear Player A making engaging with an enemy. These will transport you from one bomb site to the other rather quickly. Everything You Need to Know About Team Comps and Teamfighting in League of Legends, 5 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Better in League of Legends, How Mobalytics GPI Advice is Created and Given to You. In this guide, we'll explain what CS:GO callouts and terms mean when used in Valorant, to help bring those of you who never played CS up to speed. In other words, take time to build your teams economy so that you can have Bombsite A has a wraparound through heaven in which attackers can get to the defense spawn and wrap to B. The Counter-Strike community uses these abbreviations for quick callouts, referencing the attacking team (T) or defending team (CT). Refers to a headshot that doesn’t kill an enemy, usually used to indicate that the target is close to dying. This can allow you to get the jump on an enemy without having to react to seeing them there initially but it can reveal your location, especially if you have a gun without a silencer. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. If someone mentions the "Desert Eagle" or "Deagle", they're referring to the Sheriff Sidearm.


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