how to buy barcelona fc tickets
Official Barca merchandising shops We have included some tips below that will help ensure you will still get to see the match even if the match date changes. In this case it is compulsory that you enter through the correct gate, which is mentioned on your ticket. In both cases, members have a discount on the first ticket. The best sports complex in the centre of a big city. 8. Partner with us | Site Map | Contact Us | Our other sites, Copyright © Barcelona Hotels: Where To Stay In Barcelona, 8. Tickets for matches at Barcelona FC are often considered to be like gold dust. The easiest and most convenient way to reserve your Barcelona FC football tickets if you are outside of Barcelona is to purchase them online. Porta (Gate): Gate through which you must enter the stadium. This is the reason why we recommend you book your flights and accommodations according to the possible changes mentioned above. Members enjoy different types of advantages, including: Preferential and exclusive rights in ticket purchases for every game. When qualification for different rounds is achieved, tickets are put on sale as quickly as possible. The club offers different sales channels. The above conditions are set because of the nature of how a football match can change, and it is best that you arrange your travel plans accordingly to be as flexible as possible. 7. If a match date changes from Wednesday to Tuesday or Thursday or vice-versa there will also be no refunds. In the Champions League, once the group stage draw has been made at the start of September, tickets are put on sale. Tickets can be purchased with a credit or debit card. All the content included in the travel guide is based on practical and organized Barcelona information. For the Gamper, or a possible Spanish Super Cup, ticket sale normally begins 3 or 4 weeks before the game. Tips To Visit The Sagrada Familia In Barcelona, 9. 3. How To Buy Tickets To The Sagrada Familia In Barcelona We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Asiento (Seat): Finally, look for your number in the row of seats. The Camp Nou stadium is divided in four zones: These four areas are divided in turn into divided in three levels or stands, with the first stand being closest to the pitch, and the third being the highest and farthest. Tips To Attend A FC Barcelona Match Most games go ahead as planned, but there can be changes at short notice, so it is worth being prepared for this eventuality. How To Purchase Renfe Train Tickets Online, I have been lucky enough to travel to 35+ countries across the globe. After creating Seville Traveller, an independent online travel guide about with over 25,000 monthly readers, I decided to launch Spain Traveller. The first (for members without season tickets) with a finite number of tickets available. 6. Facilities and activities at the Nou Camp It is up to you to check the match is still scheduled as planned for yourself. 4. Barcelona FC stadium and museum tour Kickoff times at the Camp Nou range between 7pm and 9pm. The tips below are not hard and fast rules, but they are shown to be the case if a match is rescheduled. Until then, the warning “date and time pending confirmation.” Once the time has been set, this message disappears. Booking sites will not accept liability for any consequential loss of travel costs etc. Follow our tips below to give you the best chance of seeing a match even if the dates are rescheduled. Our website uses cookies. The role of the booking agent is to provide you with the tickets for the match. Buy your tickets here to see FC Barcelona. 10. Postponing a match can happen for any number of reasons - some of which could be bad weather or simply rescheduling by a club for their reasons. Get Your FREE Copy Of "Spain For The First Time". We recommend before you book your tickets online, it is a good idea to read the terms of service of the booking agent. Experience the most exclusive spectacle from a great position. For football games scheduled mid-week, they can be moved from Wednesday to Tuesday or possibly even to Thursday. You can use any access gate, you only need to show you have an official ticket (no need to validate it at this time). History of the FC Barcelona Club Excitement guaranteed! In the Copa del Rey, the date is confirmed on the days following the draw. The Official site of the Barça Foundation. The identifying numbers are located on the side of each row’s seat and follow a consecutive order, from the lowest to the highest. In LaLiga, the exact kickoff date and time is not known until up to 10/15 days prior. Nowadays it has a capacity of 99,350 people. If you want to book tickets by telephone you can call the following number however make sure once again to clarify with them what the terms and conditions are if a match is rescheduled, cancelled or postponed before you buy. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The easiest and most convenient way to reserve your Barcelona FC football tickets if you are outside of Barcelona is to purchase them online. The right to participate in draws for both domestic and European finals. 12. This is a detailed and comprehensive guide to help you choose the football tickets that will suit your needs best. Location map showing the walking routes to Camp Nou Football Stadium from the nearest metro stops. Stop navigating from one website to another, and read ALL the information you need before you leave home. Tips To Visit The Sagrada Familia In Barcelona ATM Machine: Tickets for Barcelona FC stadium and museum tour In general, online ticket booking sites do not have a responsibility to inform you if football game dates have changed after a customer has made a booking. Learn about all the games being played at the Camp Nou. Planning ensures you will still see the match if the match should be postponed or the date of the gamed changed by the club. Look out for 'La Caixa' cash machines throughout Barcelona where you can follow instructions to buy a match ticket. However, the price range shows which areas provide the best visibility. It requires a little planning in advance and to ensure to build in some flexibility to your visit dates. This map is copyright registered and protected and may not be copied. That is just part of the nature of the game. Different online booking agents may have different terms and conditions; however, they will all be subject to the same issues of football matches, possibly being rescheduled. 9. Teaching Barça values to boys and girls. Now you must find your boca or entrance, to reach the sector where your seat is. The call is available in Spanish, Catalan and English. Get Now Your FC Barcelona Tickets Online ». Atlético de Madrid, Valencia FC or Sevilla FC) or their historical rival, Real Madrid FC. Fila (Row): Now find the row where your seat is located. Barcelona FC has made it easy to buy tickets for both the matches and the tours of the stadium. The final date and time of the match are confirmed only a few days before. The initial part of the call is automated, until you are put through to an operator to make your purchase. You can … The best seats are located on each side of the field, giving you the possibility to have one goal on your left and the other on your right. For football games at the weekend it is possible for the match to be moved from Sunday to Saturday and possibly even to Monday. How Many Days To Spend In Barcelona ‘Barcelona In 15 Walks’ is a complete ​160+ pages guide featuring exclusive content, relevant websites, rich designed maps and dozens of photos, allowing you to explore ​Barcelona before you set a foot in Spain. This is most reliably done by visiting the official Spanish Football Federation website: These tips will help you select your seats. Here is a complete summary of all the guide: 1. And the best part is that you can download it, and start reading immediately with one click. Tickets for Barcelona FC match However, you must plan to be flexible with your dates on your trip. This site uses cookies. Members can buy a maximum of 6 tickets per game, except for Category A + and A + + (such as FCB - R. Madrid and some Champions League knockout games) which are limited to 2 tickets. 5. Why waiting in line when you can get them instantly from your computer or device? How To Move Around Barcelona Hence if you don’t mind to attend a match of either club, you always have a chance to get tickets. If a match date changes e.g., from Sunday to Saturday or Monday (or vice versa), there are no refunds if you cannot make the new match date. This article is part of a complete guide about Barcelona where you can read all the information you need to plan your trip to this popular destination in Spain. The large majority of FC Barcelona tickets are available online. 2. There are different prices depending on the match category. It is now possible to purchase tickets through 'ServiCaixa' - this is a system allowing people to buy tickets from cash machines. ​First hand and updated​ information about Spain. It’s rare but matches can sometimes take place on weekdays if the calendar is tight due to other official competitions (Copa del Rey, Eurocup, Word Cup, or other events). Get your FC Barcelona tickets now! A match takes place on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday generally.


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