inside 10 rillington place
Inside 10 Rillington Place John Christie and me, the untold truth As before, the atmospherics and portrayals are exceedingly good and make for chilling and impressive viewing – even the apparent discrepancies about Timothy Evans’s seemingly variable accent has been explained as symptomatic of his ‘chameleon’ persona and desire for acceptance, which sounds plausible although observations have been made, by those in a position to have knowledge, that his accent was indeed Welsh and, thus, this portrayal is actually erroneous. Far from being ‘just another’ book to add to the many already written upon the whole subject, this constituted a historical watershed in that the writer was none other than Beryl Evans’s youngest brother Peter Thorley. His defence was that he was mad and as a consequence the body of Beryl Evans was exhumed to see if it contained traces of carbon monoxide poisoning – like Christie’s other victims – it didn’t for very obvious reasons. The 1971 film also took liberties with the truth – Evans’s foul temper was brushed aside and Christie had no forged medical certificates on his wall and there is no evidence he ever performed abortions. To find out about crime in your area, please fill in your postcode below. Once released, she moved towards London and found work as a waitress in the Mayfair Hotel; she met a Cypriot man by whom she had a daughter, born in October 1942, who was later given up for adoption. Beryl and Geraldine Evans – potential reinterment?  18,00 €, 8,74 € These cookies are necessary to provide our site and services and therefore cannot be disabled. No doubt there will continue to be controversy and disagreement, sometimes bitter, amongst those who understandably prefer the sanctuary of the long-held version of a story and who suspect or perceive bad faith in those who come to unsettle it even though their only real motive is to dispel falsehood with truth. Having left that job, Ruth may have resorted to casual prostitution to provide income although this is not known for certain. Peter Thorley believes that Evans confessed to Christie he had killed his wife. 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Previously at an address in Elgin Crescent, she moved to 41 Oxford Gardens in Notting Hill which was close by to Rillington Place and, thus, within Christie’s sphere of activity, both as a local resident himself and as a War Reserve Constable. Christie and his wife were key prosecution witnesses. And so, just as his detailed confession made apparent, it really does seem that Evans indeed did strangle to death his young pregnant wife and his infant daughter – the latter crime for which he was tried and convicted – and for which he suffered the only penalty available under the law of the day. Everyone who wants to know the truth already does. Tim Roth presents a chillingly convincing depiction of the main character whilst the external scenery shots, particularly of the street itself, are also impressively authentic-seeming. The advent of this book must surely now remove all reasonable doubt – it exposes Timothy John Evans as a devious, foul-tempered drunkard who boozed and gambled away the family’s meagre means of support and left his young pregnant wife frightened, lonely and in complete despair for their future and that of their infant daughter and unborn son. Evans was hanged by Albert Pierrepoint at Pentonville on March 9, 1950. Peter Thorley has written a fascinating book about one of the most notorious murder cases of the 1950s.  18,00 €, 8,37 € • Inside 10 Rillington Place by Peter Thorley (Mirror Books, £8.99). Available. But many will regard Hurt’s BAFTA-nominated portrayal of Timothy Evans, in the 1970 film 10 Rillington Place, as his finest hour and, alongside Richard Attenborough as John Christie, it is certainly a compelling performance and one of the most impressive aspects of that film, for all its factual failings. An inquiry by John Scott Henderson into the possibility of two stranglers operating at 10 Rillington Place confirmed that highly unusual notion – the case against Evans was “an overwhelming one” and that he was guilty of the murders of Beryl and Geraldine Evans. The launch of this site now seems appropriate as the upcoming BBC drama ‘Rillington Place’ is set to air at the end of the month (November 2016) and so there is likely to be much to talk about. He recalls often visiting his sister and when she was out being entertained to tea and sticky buns by Reg Christie. The truth of what happened Inside 10 Rillington Place – by the only surviving witness. Many who had delved further into the research for themselves already harboured grave misgivings about the so-called Standard Version of events – that which had Christie as the sole guilty man and Evans the hapless innocent victim, framed by a wily older man and condemned under a corrupt, incompetent and vengeful judicial system. He told anyone who asked that Beryl had gone to her father in Brighton and taken Geraldine with her. The tenant in the first floor, a Mr Kitchener, was often away in hospital and on the second floor lived a young couple, Timothy and pregnant Beryl Evans. History records that the couple were offered an abortion by Christie. Home » Books » The truth of what happened Inside 10 Rillington Place – by the only surviving witness. Well, the long wait for Rillington Place is over and we can, at last, see the some of the fruits of the BBC’s labours in bringing this compelling story to a whole new audience. A jury at the Old Bailey had taken just forty minutes to reach its unanimous verdict and the destruction of the whole young family had spanned but four months.  12,40 €, 21,09 € Penalties for such offences could be as severe as those imposed upon the principal offender.  18,00 €, 15,81 €  12,90 €, 24,47 €  30,90 €, 10,54 €  24,20 €, 22,48 €  18,00 €, 17,83 € With his wife’s return home imminent, Christie described how he had bundled up Ruth’s body and moved it temporarily to beneath the front room floorboards before subsequently moving her to the outside wash house and finally burying her in a shallow grave in the back garden – where she was to remain until discovered by police ten years later in 1953.  12,90 €, 14,88 € Those who still believe the “official” story don’t want to know the truth. 14.09.2020. Evans had voluntarily confessed to her killing, and to that of his young, pregnant wife Beryl, in November of the previous year - both by strangulation. He also recalls Christie warning him of Evans’s violent behaviour towards Beryl.  9,50 €, 13,23 € Mr Justice Lewis’s summation takes up 25 pages in F. Tennyson Jesse’s account of the case in the Notable British Trials series (Trials Of Evans and Christie, Hodge, 1957), with which all students of true crime should be familiar. No Comments.  11,40 €, 10,36 € The book is not without its errors, mainly as to matters of more minor detail, but a little disappointing nonetheless; it is understood that this was at least contributed to by an inordinate degree of intervention by copy editors for the publisher leading up to the final text which resulted in mistakes being introduced or indeed reintroduced despite correction in earlier drafts. Welcome to the blog. And there the matter would have rested had liberal journalist Ludovic Kennedy not decided to get involved.  18,00 €, 22,16 € You can learn more about our use of cookies here.  12,40 €, 10,85 € Beryl Evans was left alone with a violent husband. A huge fight erupted towards the end of 1949 and Peter Thorley told his father about the bruises he had seen on his sister.  21,10 €, 9,48 €  11,40 €, 11,23 €  16,00 €, 21,09 € On November 9, he returned from the pub and took off his tie and strangled his daughter with it.  16,00 €, 16,95 €


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