jim varney cause of death

1983) Jane Varney (m. 1988; div. How to Marry a Millionaire. (June 14, 1986) Night Court, My Favorite Year, It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, Disney, Walt, 65, animator, producer; lung cancer (acute circulatory collapse following an operation to remove a tumor) (December 15, 1966), Dorsey, Jimmy, 53, musician, bandleader; lung cancer (June 12, 1957) In the early 1980s, he played his signature character Ernest P. Worrell in hundreds of commercials. Smoke! Trained winners in all three Triple Crown races, including five straight Belmont winners during the 1980s. Revered German playwright, poet, director, translator, Murrow, Edward R., 57, newscaster; lung cancer. Young, Faron, 64, country-western singer; self-inflicted gunshot wound. Anne of the Green Gables, Stella Dallas. The next year is one of the most tumultuous in Synanon’s history to that point. Ocean’s Eleven, Marvin, Lee, 67, actor; heart attack.

Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowden, 71, UK Royal Family; stroke/heart attack (February 9, 2002) Profession. Jim Varney died at about 4:45 am February 10, 2000 at his White House, Tennessee home. Patton, Dr. Strangelove, The Hustler, Anatomy of a Murder, The Hospital, Scotti, Vito, 78, actor; lung cancer (June 5, 1996) Arnaz, Desi, actor, lung cancer (December 2, 1986), Lucy & Desi plug Philip Morris Check out the Philip Morris commercial at: http://www.tvparty.com/tv/ilovelucy1.ram, Astor, Mary, 81, actress; emphysema (September 24, 1987) Buck, Frank, 66, writer/adventurer, lung cancer (1950) Allen lived with an George Burns, an inveterate cigar smoker, for 38 years; she had a long history of heart problems. Gargan would hang out at Happy McMann’s Tobacco shop, touting his sponsor’s products. The Maltese Falcon, Baldwin, James, 63, author, esophageal cancer. Jim Jones was best known as the cult leader of the Peoples Temple who led more than 900 followers in a mass suicide via cyanide-laced punch known as the Jonestown Massacre. The movie actor Jim Varney died at the age of 50. Shamseddine, Ayatollah Mohammed Mehdi, 64, spiritual leader of Lebanon’s Shiite Muslims and a staunch advocate of Christian-Muslim coexistence; lung cancer (January 10, 2001), Shostakovich, Dmitri, 69, composer; lung cancer (August 9, 1975), Smith, “Sonic” Fred, 45, rock musician; heart failure (November 4, 1994) Reeve, Dana, 44, actress, singer, author, motivational speaker, advocate; lung cancer (March 6, 2006). Co-founderof the Spoleto arts Festival, Scott, George C., 71, actor; ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm (September 22, 1999) Movie Actor.

“The Andy Griffith Show,” “Three’s Company,” “The Incredible Mr. Limpet” (1964), “The Ghost and Mr. Chicken” (1966), Kovacs, Ernie, 43; TV personality; skull fracture from an automobile accident caused while he was trying to light his trademark cigar (January 11, 1962), L’Amour, Louis, 80, author; lung cancer. D.A. He was the son of James Albert Varney, Sr. (father) and Louise Varney (mother). (August 16, 1948), Sartre, Jean-Paul, 74, philosopher (existentialism), author; After 2 heart attacks (1971, 1973), his health was never the same; his sight failed almost totally and his production diminished; In March of 1980, he was hospitalized for edema of the lungs, and died a few weeks later. AKA James Albert Varney, Jr. Born: 15-Jun - 1949. Hayward, Susan, 55, actor; lung cancer metastized to her brain (March 14, 1975) With so much exceptional talent and far more left to contribute as an entertainer, it’s hard not to think about what could have been. Signs went up on orders of owner Tom Benson, after .

The movie actor Jim Varney died at the age of 50.

From Tobacco News, 6/10/93: There is no smoking anymore on the grounds of the New Orleans Saints’ mini camp. Cause of death: Cancer - Lung. Hamilton Burger, Perry Mason TV Series

Werewolves of London. The home-run record holder appeared in Camel ads in the 60s, Martin, Dean, 78, singer; acute respiratory failure. Many news reports noted that the nonsmoking widow and caregiver of actor Christopher Reeve had spent a lot of time performing in smoky nightclubs. The Burns and Allen Show Nye, Carrie, 69, stage actress; lung cancer (July 14, 2006) Scott suffered several heart attacks over the years. The Maltese Flacon; The Thin Man, Hansberry, Lorraine, 34, playwright; lung cancer (1965) (Internet Movie Database) He died before the commercial aired. . He also provided the original voice of Slinky Dog in the first two Toy Story films.

Armstrong, a smoker, advertised Camels. . Born Yesterday, Humphrey, Hubert, Vice-President under Johnson, 66, bladder cancer (1978), Huntley, Chet, actor, news commentator; lung cancer (1974), Huston, John, 81, director; emphysema/pneumonia (1987), Howard, Mo, 77, actor; lung cancer Allen, Gracie, 58, actress; heart attack (August 27, 1964)

Bass singer with The Drifters

Naso-pharyngeal cancer. What We Talk About When We Talk About Love, Fires: Essays, Poems, Stories. The lung cancer was discovered when he had a leg amputated several weeks before because of circulation problems

Varney's first film in a lead role other than Ernest was the 1993 big-screen version of the comedy TV series Beverly Hillbillies, in which he played Jed Clampett. She had apparently given up smoking when she suffered her first, mild stroke in 1998. In 1976, he underwent heart bypass surgery.

Addicted to Love (1986), Parks, Bert, 77, actor/singer; lung cancer (February 2, 1992), Patchett, Jean, 75, fashion model; emphysema (January 22, 2002), Patterson, Jennifer, 71, TV cook; lung cancer (August 10, 1999) We strive for accuracy and fairness. (April 13, 1980) Frankenstein; Targets, Kaufman, Andy, 35, lung cancer (1984)(Kaufman only smoked in-character, but played for years in smoky clubs. See http://www.rambles.net/one_warm89.html. A Face in the Crowd, The Long Hot Summer, Anatomy of a Murder, Reinach, Jacquelyn, 70, writer; lung cancer (September 30, 2000) By the looks of this list it would appear that smoking cigarettes is not as cool as you thought is it? The late, great Jim Varney passed away 20 years ago today, and the legendary actor is still deeply missed. The Temptations Bitter Rice, Mambo, Scent of a Woman (1974) Smoked 5 packs a day, Jones, Etta, 72; singer; lung cancer (Oct. 16, 2001), Karloff, Boris, 81, actor; heart and lung disease (emphysema) (February 2, 1969) Just a bit to say I did a classic.” (Jim Varney), “I started to do a study on how not to do stand-up comedy. Tobacco Road, God’s Little Acre, Candy, John, 43, actor; heart attack (March 4, 1994) Within months of the biopsy operation she was smoking 30 cigarettes a day. Throw Mama from the Train, Rand, Ayn, 78, author/philosopher; heart failure/lung cancer (March 6, 1982) The larger-than-life comedic star John Candy dies suddenly of a heart attack on March 4, 1994, at the age of 43. He gained further notability for playingJed Clampettin the film version ofThe Beverly Hillbillies(1993) and … The Twilight Zone (1959-64), Seyrig, Delphine, 58, actress; lung disease (October 15, 1990), Shaw, Robert, 51, actor; heart attack (August 28, 1978) The General. James Albert Varney Jr.(June 15, 1949– February 10, 2000) was an American actor, comedian, and writer. Remains: Buried, Lexington Cemetery, Lexington, KY. Stella Dallas, Double Indemnity. Nixon, Pat, 81, First Lady of the US, 1969-74; multiple conditions. (May 6, 1910) he played in films such as Toy Story , Toy Story 2 , Ernest Scared Stupid , Ernest Goes to Jail , Ernest Goes to School , Ernest Saves Christmas The Beverly Hillbillies , Fast Food 1989 and other films. Jim Varney real name was James Albert Varney Jr.. Comedic actor who became known for portraying Ernest Worrell in the franchise based around the character. Comedic actor who became known for portraying Ernest Worrell in the franchise based around the character. Don’t you sometimes dream of the same thing?”, King Edward VII of England, 69, pneumonia; he suffered for years from a series of heart attacks, chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Sullivan, Ed, 72, entertainer; lung cancer (1974), Taglioni, Fabio, 80, Ducati motorcycle engineer and designer; throat cancer (July 18, 2001). Butterflies Are Fee, Bus Stop, Somebody Up There Likes Me, Hellman, Lillian, 79, author; lung cancer (June 30, 1984) Your contribution is much appreciated! Jim Varney Death. My Fair Lady, Brigadoon, An American In Paris, Gigi, On a Clear Day You Can See Forever, Camelot, London, Julie, 74, singer, actress; complications from stroke (October 18, 2000)


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