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Copyright © Fandango. The percentage of users who rated this 3.5 stars or higher. Kotoko is allowed to meet her child now and then, but things are not the same. He is able to convey the solitude and disparity of a fractured mind with visceral filming techniques. Don’t worry, it won’t take long. Kotoko (2011) – Film Review ★★★★ Shin'ya Tsukamoto brings us Kotoko, an over-powering and emotionally fraught horror and forces us to watch a person's mind fall apart. Please reference “Error Code 2121” when contacting customer service. Regal There are no approved quotes yet for this movie.

This takes it’s time to tell this story, so, although the horror scenes do occur, and are absolutely stellar during them, frankly the film doesn’t have that much else going on. This is a difficult film, full of abhorrent behaviours and unbearable tensions - but at the same time it shows a profound respect towards its troubled subject, and therefore towards its viewers as well. Some might find an issue in the final half where it seems to end on too many different false endings to really matter and loses it’s steam somewhat because of that, but overall the film is still way too enjoyable to matter much on this front. Sound is also utilised to powerful effect but can become overbearing, just like it is for Kotoko. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy This is a film that will be very divisive amongst viewers, but I found it even more impressive after a second viewing. Uncompromising, as ever, this is quite different from Tsukamoto's other work but then I guess that remarkably they are all quite distinctive with just the one thing in common that makes them his own and makes them so difficult to watch. The other performances are nowhere near as powerful or poignant, yet also don’t stand-out either, so there’s no one who stands out nor turns in a bad exhibition. Awards It's not an easy watch, but do check this out and give it some adoration. Renown for the celebrated “Tetsuo” films, Japanese auteur and cult favorite filmmaker Shin’ya Tsukamoto offers another bleak and harrowing tale with his effort ‘Kotoko.’ Reteaming with singer/songwriter/actress Cocco nearly a decade after their previous collaboration in ‘Vital,’ this new effort arrives as one of the director’s best films ever and offers plenty of engaging elements at its core. Coming Soon. The percentage of Approved Tomatometer Critics who have given this movie a positive review. Altogether, the film offers a lot to get invested in for those who prefer to dig into this kind of effort. That forces her into a self-destructive pattern of self-mutilation and creates an overall frantic central premise here. There’s a brutality on display here with the way these occur, which gives this a striking tone and feel that goes hand-in-hand with the madness she displays. Kotoko (played by folk singer Cocco) is a mother that suffers from visions of dangerous doppelgangers, as well as constantly finding herself in troubling situations. Really quite a confronting and, at times, hard to watch movie. Therefore, I'm braving new territory. One of the finest aspects of the film is the strength of the central character. Please click the link below to receive your verification email.

Rated the #53 best film of 2011, and #3572 in the greatest all-time movies (according to RYM users).

As if this were not enough the film's director and co-writer also appears and attempts a relationship with this ongoing nightmare, crazy lady.

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Kotoko. Coming Soon, Regal
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Kotoko's inevitable downfall involves her harming herself more and more. Although there’s plenty to like, the film does have a few minor issues on display. Also, a vision involving her son towards the end was too violent.

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The themes of this film are based on her real personality. Ghanaian journalist Nana Ama Owusua, popularly known as Owusua Kotoko has mysteriously died! The narrative becomes difficult to interpret at times, but this is well shot and oddly absorbing with a unique feel. This was a fantastic effort with a lot to enjoy about it.

Some experiences they must have been, too, if this is to be believed. I migliori film del decennio 2010, di Matteo Fumagalli. To top it off, she also struggles with an ability to separate fantasy from reality, where she constantly imagines evil doppelgangers of those around her who often viciously attack her. Film / Reviews 'Kotoko' Broken woman sings her way along a downward spiral by Mark ... SHARE “Tetsuo (Tetsuo: The Iron Man),” the 1989 film that … Along with some shaky visuals, this is a brilliant aesthetic representation of mental illness. And all the time the lead lady is self harming, in a big way. The acting is top notch and you really feel for the character and her family. Beautiful and ugly movie at the same time... Kotoko depicts the harrowing destructive nature of mental instability. | The failure of one bleeds over into the other and gives us a tremendous amount of sympathy for her which, is only possible through her sensitive and restrained performance. Forgot your password? There is strong violence and the film is very tragic but there are also moments of beauty such as when Cocco sings and dances. Tormented by frightening visions, single mother Kotoko (Cocco, from the soundtrack to Tsukamoto’s earlier film “Vital”) struggles to take care of herself and her newborn child, as she often sees hostile doubles of the people she meets. The vast majority of the film is a character study so those expecting traditional jump-scares or slashings will be disappointed. He found himself fascinated by Kotoko after hearing her sing on the bus, and begins to stalk her in hopes to get her hand marriage.


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