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There were people were throwing blankets or jackets and materials over the barb wire so they can climb over the wire to come in. Got my way through the crowd, it was a big crowd. The plane is taking off. It came out and tried to land on the ship. Andrew Wilson 11/29/15 Dr. Jacobs SS 110 World History Last Days in Vietnam Summary The Vietnam War took a toll on many people. At the embassy, a lot of the people who got out happened to be good wall jumpers. We said, "Alright. When are we gonna finish this?" Stuart Herrington, Army Captain: Because of the Paris Agreement American soldiers were going home. We've got these people over here." I don't think anybody really understood the magnitude of it until we looked at what we got in front of us. And Ambassador Martin pulled me out of line and he said, "I know what you've been doing. Paul Jacobs, Commanding Officer, USS Kirk: This big Chinook showed up. Terry McNamara, Consul General: The people on the boat were scared. Hugh Doyle, Chief Engineer, USS Kirk: You could stand there on the deck, and you could watch it all happen. Slate: On March 10, 1975, North Vietnam launched a massive invasion into South Vietnam. We cannot take you." And the solution was to reflag all these ships as American ships. Frank Snepp, CIA Analyst: The Americans were gone and as a result the house of cards began to collapse. And he could see that the main runway was full of craters from North Vietnamese artillery. We have been reducing the population here as measure of prudency and will take measures to reduce it further as a, as a question of prudence. Our plan was that my deputy would bring up the rear and he would go through the consulate buildings and make sure that we had destroyed all of the sensitive material. ** He was blind in one eye and lame in one leg, and I said, "Harnage, we got people at 6 Gia Long. Frank Snepp, CIA Analyst: The prearranged signal for the evacuation was broadcast on American radio in Saigon. I had become so concerned I decided to pull our best Vietnamese agents in out of the woodwork to try to see what they could tell us about Communist planning, which obviously was rapidly evolving. We couldn't think of what else to do, these other planes were looking for a place to land, so we just, just, physically pushed them. Graham Martin is the responsible guy. And when they began showing up in the Philippines, Martin hit the roof and fired him! Because, if the people have money, maybe they will find a connection to get out. And he was in tears, a family… the family were in tears and I said to him, "Get on the plane. We had prepared three or four landing zones right across the street from the main runway of Tan Son Nhut airbase. Dan Rather, CBS News (archival): As the enemy approaches, the panic has swept from the coastal cities crowded backstreets and pagodas onto runways at the airport. John Zecca, Gaffers 500,000 refugees rolling, rolling south towards Saigon. We had 75 Marine Corps helicopters out there. And then we were attacked. We don't need helicopters. L. Craig Johnstone He came flying over and landed on our flight deck. The end of April of 1975 was the whole Vietnam involvement in a microcosm. We then tried to scramble into the embassy ourselves. So, we said what the heck? Hugh Doyle, Chief Engineer, USS Kirk (archival audio): I really don't know where to start. The third option was military fixed-wing aviation, the C5As, the C-141s, which carry a lotta people. So I assigned a few Marines to get rid of the money. Meaning, if they see us all leave at the same time, they'll panic. Frank Snepp, CIA Analyst: We are now in a crisis. The Marines started going out as choppers came in. The embassy compound was the size of a city block. Writers Mark Bailey & Keven McAlester nominated for Writer's Guild Documentary Screenplay Award.LAST DAYS IN VIETNAM is nominated for a Critics' Choice Award by the Broadcast Film Critics Association. Joseph McBride, State Department Officer: Ambassador Martin was dragging out the evacuation as long as he could to get as many South Vietnamese out as possible. I served as a naval officer and three and a half tours in Vietnam. Here's a man flying a twin rotor helicopter by himself and at the same time he's taking off a flight suit. Juan Valdez, Marine Embassy Guard: We never expected any trouble out there. So, there's really not a big area to land the Chinook. You know, so... Paul Jacobs, Commanding Officer, USS Kirk: As we approached the Philippines with our refugees, there was a big problem. Some were anchored, some were just adrift. Dam Pham, Lieutenant, South Vietnamese Army: There was chaos in Saigon at that time. Juan Valdez, Marine Embassy Guard: The choppers started coming in at 10-minute intervals. Left meant, inside the embassy compound. Matt Radecki, Legal Services Stuart Herrington, Army Captain: This is the way my map looked mid April. Stuck? Juan Valdez, Marine Embassy Guard: When that chopper landed, I told the marines, "Go, get in." Le Nguyen Binh Everybody in Saigon that day seemed to want to leave, and by the time I got to my pickup point, it was chaos. They took off all their military clothes, boots, and they threw them away. We made sure they were taken care of and the Pioneer Contender was going to Guam. And Kean said, "Sir, not gonna happen. And I said, "You two stay right with me. Josie Azzam So, General Carey comes out, gives me an apple and a cup of coffee or something and says, "We're under orders from the president. Henry Kissinger, Secretary of State: So we held a briefing. We were, you know at this point, four or five hours from Can Tho. ", Paul Jacobs, Commanding Officer, USS Kirk: He smelled like a Naval Officer, you know. You really think we have to do it? And, in Saigon, there was no shortage of people like that. Well, he told the sailors to stand down and we continued down the river. Many people, Vietnamese and American, suffered throughout the entirety of the war. You got to remember this is an ambassador who had lost his only son in combat in Vietnam. Aide to Graham Martin (archival): He has no statement to make. Miki Nguyen: One by one, we jump out. Jim Laurie, NBC News Correspondent: My cameraman Neil Davis and I decided to stay. They should get out, they had business with Americans. Additional Photography We were standing by for the evacuation of Americans. Kristen Crosby Review for World War II Test - Europe. I mean, you have... Steve Hasty, Marine Consulate Guard: We were dealing with an ambassador who was just convinced that somehow he was going to be able to pull this out and that there wouldn't have to be an evacuation and therefore there wouldn't have to be a concern about evacuating South Vietnamese. He didn't get permission from Washington to do that. They have a courtyard and a swimming pool and we mostly gather around the swimming pool. And Ambassador Martin wouldn't hear of it. Miki Nguyen Richard Armitage, Paul Jacobs and the U.S. Navy escorted the vessels of the Vietnamese Navy— filled with thousands of refugees—to the Philippines. Ron Nessen, White House Press Secretary: In April of '75, I was with President Gerald Ford, and we were flying across the country on Air Force One when one of the airplane's crew comes and hands me a note and it says, "Da Nang has fallen." That's it. Hugh Doyle, Chief Engineer, USS Kirk (archival audio): None of them had ever landed on a ship before, they were Vietnamese air force. Each helicopter took about 40 people. There are tens of thousands of South Vietnamese employees of the United States government, of news agencies, of contractors and businesses for many years whose lives, with their dependents, are in very grave peril. Jim Laurie, NBC News Correspondent (archival audio): In the words of General Minh, we are here to hand over the power of government to you in order to avoid bloodshed. The only option we had was sit on the stupid roof like a sitting duck. My first reaction, as any CO is "what did we do?" Many of them had Vietnamese wives, mistresses, whatever. Young officers in the embassy began to mobilize a black operation. I had sung my anthem many times, but never before had I felt like I did on that day. The rest were all Vietnamese. They, they, they take everybody. You would load whoever you wanted to bring out on these ships, and you'd be done with it. Journalists were arriving and counting on being recognized to be let in by the marines. How long would they stand by and let us do this? Where's our fall back? The second option was, you know, United and Continental and Flying Tiger airlines were still using Tan Son Nhut Air Force Base at the time, and you could've brought anybody you wanted out by commercial aviation. Afraid for a lot of things. Ambassador to South Vietnam (archival): If it were necessary. Was it, you know, marine security guards who looked the other way? There was 11 of us still left there. "Yeah." "Last Days in Vietnam… And he just shook my hand and said, "Thanks for trying." People being hurt because we didn't get our act together. As they climbed up the ladder to the roof, a photographer took that famous photograph. He finally, reluctantly, gave the go-ahead for the final evacuation. They had no idea what was going to happen so they came out ready for anything, really. And in this building there was over $1 million in U.S. currency. Joan Churchill, A.S.C. We were to be the sole U.S. military presence in Vietnam once the embassy evacuated and the ambassador was gone. Finally I looked out and I saw a black dot. Rob Fiks We didn't know how much longer we could last. not realizing we had been picked for a special mission. They were so close the shrapnel was plinking against the fence behind us. All rights reserved. Hugh Doyle, Chief Engineer, USS Kirk (archival audio): In the middle of the day, after we'd taken those first helicopters aboard, this huge helicopter called a Chinook. Then, I saw a chopper take off and I thought, "Shit, was I supposed to be on that one?". I was the last one out. So he lost everything. Paul Jacobs, Commanding Officer, USS Kirk: Late that night, I was quite surprised that I got a call to come alongside the flagship; the admiral wants to speak to you. And pointed to the CH-46 that was just flying away. Hasty stayed and helped him. My mom was holding my, my sister. CBC TV Archive Sales I says, "We got everybody?" Gerald Berry, Marine Pilot: About four in the morning, 4:30, I land on the USS Blue Ridge again. And, 1,000 people there. Paul Sanni, Series Producers Stack the ammo because this one's gonna be ugly. So, I went "One, two, three, four, five, six... ten. Basically any boats, trucks, airplanes or anything going south were besieged by people wanting to get onboard. American Experience is a production of WGBH, which is solely responsible for its content. In this case, meaning, "You're not allowed to bring out Vietnamese military people who were under obligation to stand and fight." And they began to argue with me. We thought that the USS Kirk would just going to be an observer to this whole thing when all of a sudden, on radar, we started seeing these little blips coming out from the shore. They were all inside the embassy building. We told Martin that he had to be on the last helicopter. Saigon was full of rumor, of false stories. Binh Pho, College Student: And then he said, um, "When you are in American embassy, you are in American soil. No more troops, no more money, no more aid to the Vietnamese." Juan Valdez, U.S.S. Ambassador to South Vietnam (archival): I think about 3…. Corbis Reporter, CBS News (archival): Our plane is surrounded here, I don't know how the hell we're going to get out. Getty Images They continued to organize these makeshift airlifts. They lacked simple things like barbed wire and bags for sand bags. Frank Snepp, CIA Analyst: There was in the parking lot of the embassy a great Tamarind tree, which the ambassador had often referred to as, "as steadfast as the American commitment in Vietnam." Garrick Utley, Reporter, NBC News (archival): The President also asked Congress for authorization to use American troops here to evacuate Americans and Vietnamese who worked for Americans.


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