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Twitter; Facebook; LinkedIn; Sign in. First, online video and display simply do not perform well enough to deserve greater investment levels. In a study commissioned by Thinkbox, Ebiquity and Gain Theory used their databanks of existing, client-funded data and analysed over 2,000 advertising campaigns across 11 categories to uncover the impact of different forms of advertising on both short and long-term profit.

The post Mark Ritson: Gary Vaynerchuk is wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong about media appeared first on Marketing Week. One can make an ignoble argument that quality might trump quantity in our respective followings. The answer was that it was a lot more complicated than that. Email address. The likely option – the only option – is to carry on being Gary Vaynerchuk and being wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong about media. In fact, there appears to be a clear correlation between more channels and more effectiveness in most cases. In the UK, online companies spent more than £600m last year on TV ads and are the fastest growing sector for TV advertising.

Screen Life 3 was a groundbreaking piece of audience research that combined a video ethnography of 18 households with mobile viewing diaries of 800 British consumers to answer many of the more complex questions about audience behaviours during advertising exposure.

Too many marketers over the past decade have made the same mistake and used their own viewing behaviour and that of their industry friends to make media decisions and predictions that wildly underestimate the reach, impact and longevity of TV advertising. Rarely are incumbent media like radio (despite his claim above) or cinema completely destroyed and replaced by a new medium. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5e44eae5fe3e2139 How do you counter empirical data with personal anecdote?

Despite his fame and fortune he has kept it real and passed a test that many, of lesser humility and character, have failed.

Once you add proper data like that to the picture Vaynerchuk’s argument is not just disproved, it’s shown to be ridiculous. READ MORE: Mark Ritson: Maybe it’s just me, but shouldn’t an ‘expert’ in marketing be trained in marketing? It’s wrong because to instantly prescribe any tactical solution without first pausing to consider the strategic requirements that precede the media decision is dumbness personified.

Our website uses cookies to improve your user experience. Like most of the digital marketing industry, Vaynerchuk confuses communications and tactics with proper brand strategy. Ignoring the amateur hour that goes on at every Gary Vaynerchuk event for a second, we have a mountain of data to show that marketers are far more digital and social while far less likely to go home and turn on a TV than the average consumer. But in recent years his stage show has usually included a section in which he uses his audience and a show of hands to demonstrate the fallacy of TV advertising. It’s therefore highly appropriate that, in this age of Facebook and social media, the most influential media thinker of our current age is Gary Vaynerchuk. They aren’t strategies, of course. I very much doubt it. TV advertising works from the cracks of quotidian existence, somewhere between making a coffee and an argument with your dad about the cat. That’s an over-simplistic notion and one that leads to his next fundamental error – assuming that a multiscreening viewer belongs to one screen and not to both.

Mercedes Benz recently doubled down on a major new TV campaign in America called ‘What Makes Us’, in which six 30-second TV spots show off the different Benz models with each highlighting one of the company’s brand values. Netflix is the exception but given the company has never made a profit and currently owes more than $8bn in long-term debt options, I would suggest the prediction that TV companies are the ones that will be “gone” very soon might be a case of right prediction, wrong company. If Vaynerchuk remains intrinsically focused on promoting Facebook and Instagram as the ideal channel mix, he takes the opposite view of TV as an advertising medium. More information can be found in our Cookies Policy and Privacy 

Vaynerchuk does not miss a beat. Second, TV advertising’s place in generating the best ROI and providing the most substantial contribution to profitability is unequalled. Wunderman’s clinical approach to media was reflected in the way he promoted himself and his firm. Tempting but pointless.

But for all other TV programmes Vaynerchuk maintains that even when the tiny audience for network TV does tune in, as soon as the ad break occurs the whole audience reaches for their phone and tunes out from the commercial messages targeting them. Observational data (of multiscreening during ad breaks, not me and the missus going at it) from the IPA confirms that only around 20% of total TV watching coincides with online use. What the second screen removes in terms of attention, it often returns in physical proximity and aural availability.

Keep me logged in. As a result, he concludes that “70% or 80%” of the population don’t even have the chance to see a TV ad and that, as a result, the $80bn spent this year in America is wasted. Coke’s senior insights manager for Western Europe, Adam Palenicek, told Marketing Week last year that his employer was “not particularly doing that brilliantly at the moment” in transforming its content for digital. If you continue browsing, we assume that you consent to our use of, Ritson and Facebook go head-to-head on the big questions in marketing, Broadcasters must join forces to beat Amazon and Netflix, Mark Ritson: Marketers are clueless about media effectiveness – here’s the proof, Share of search and keeping strategy alive: Your Marketing Week, How John Lewis and Waitrose will get people to ‘fall back in love’ with the brands, Burger King, Patagonia, Diageo: 5 things that mattered this week and why, To end associations with the Proud Boys, Fred Perry needs to do more than stop selling them shirts. No such mix is even countenanced.


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