motivation in management
Thus it is clear that productivity or high performance is not an end but it is merely a means to an end (the end is personal goal). There is strong accept­ance of his basic tenets of a plural, shifting or dynamic need structure. The word Motivation derives from the   Latin word “Movere”. They are willing to assert themselves when a decision needs to be made. Work situations which people find most dissatisfying generally arise from unhelpful nature and inadequacy of the organisation relating to-. This is management’s task. (d) The degree of motivation is proportional to the perceived inequity. Content Filtration 6. Better co-operation from employees and cordial labor-management relations. Motivation Management Theories. Further, human needs may not necessarily have the hierarchy as shown by him. Motivation produces goal directed behavior. 8.

Man is a wanting animal, a creature of ever-expanding wants. (b) The amount of tension is proportional to the magnitude of the inequality. It is but natural to be happy when you are appreciated by anyone. They suffer pain when they are rejected. We strive to make the need disappear. Douglas McGregor in his The Human Side of Enterprise has developed two theories to ex­plain human behaviour and two sharply opposite concepts of leadership and management style for motivation and human behaviour which he calls Theory X and Theory Y. He is dissatisfied with maintenance factors surrounding the jobs. Physiological and safety needs are innate or, natural needs. These theories are very important to know the behaviour of employees. The Latin word “Movere” means “To move”, “To drive” or “To drive forward” etc. The work factors which lead to job satisfaction and motivation (the so-called motivators) are different from those (so-called hygiene or maintenance items) which lead to job dissatisfaction. There is also a subloop, (Activity — Motive — Reward) within the main loop. Employees get various monetary and non-monetary facilities/benefits which provide better life and welfare to them. Need for affiliation refers to the desire to maintain warm, friendly relationships with others. Vroom’s theory takes into account the person’s expectations regarding^ the accomplishment of the task.

Existence needs are desires for well-being, such as feeling appreciated and valued. In fact they are revere side of a coin, one representing head and the other representing tail. I got the answers to all my questions after reading your content. Human needs tend to follow the classification of five categories of needs: i. Physiological needs e.g. Our wants are unlimited and this pro­cess of need satisfaction is unending. Most people are basically lazy, have little ambition, prefer to avoid responsibility and desire security as a major goal and prefer to be directed or led. This theory states that every person has the same needs, but each individual prioritizes them differently.

Fredrick Herzberg Motivation Hygiene Theory: According to Herzberg, maintenance or hygiene factors are necessary to maintain a reasonable level of satisfaction among employees.

Theory X is built on the least common human denomina­tor the factory ‘Hand’ of the past, who could be hired and fired, used and discarded just like any other commodity by manage­ment. Because of the human characteristic of dislike of work, most people must be coerced, controlled, directed, mo­tivated by fear or threat of punishment or threat of unem­ployment to get them put in adequate effort toward the achieve­ment of organisational objectives. Individuals with high need for achievement can be a valuable source of creativity and innovative ideas in organizations. Higher status and opportunities of participation in management. On other hand, maintenance seeker is motivated primarily by the nature of his environment and tends to avoid motivation opportunities. Management needs to identify each person's first priority need and adjust the working situation accordingly to optimize each person's performance. Existence needs are concerned with physiological well-being of an individual.


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