new conservative party
Yes I know he always confounds the pundits but this time his usual standby issue, immigration is well and truly dead in the water. Labour are going to need the greens, nz first is hopefully dead in the water after peters let his supporters down after the last election. The party once described as 'nasty' and 'for the rich' may resemble Margaret Thatcher’s landslides in terms of its voters but its representatives could not be more different. Switching tenses again. What fascinates me every election is how these new parties, steeped in political naivety, constantly crop up. STOKE GOES BLUE "My mum was off a council estate in London and got herself into a grammar school. The exceptions; a demand for state support to be based on need and not gender or ethnicity (read female or maori), a correct assertion that there are only two genders but otherwise all fairly innocuous stuff. Wealth taxes and strangling environmental legislation, will mean a grim three years ahead for NZ. Yes Sir Bob . It damn near cracked 5%, primarily as it identified a genuine electoral conservative sentiment but in particular, because it attracted a number of respected public names as candidates. One of a new crop of 108 brand new MPs to now represent the Conservative party, Mr Gullis is as far from the archetypal Tory toff as you could possibly get. Describing his modest background, Mr Gullis, who joined the Conservatives as a teenager, added: “My dad failed school and went back to that school to be a cleaner and did night school, he ended up working hard to get himself a masters from Durham. Leighton Baker is largely invisible; the real star is Elliot Ikilei. The crazy tax on wealth they are promoting would cripple many people. Time to Act? Unless they win the seat in northland, they are are gone for good as a political party Explaining that over 70 per cent of current Conservative MPs were elected after 2010, he said: “Yes, some experience has been lost over the years but there’s been a changing of the guard just as the public has changed their minds. Given his form only an idiot would bet against him cracking 5%. Reminiscent of the witless snake oil saleswoman and cult-of-personality wannabe, Christine Rankin, who was involved with the previous iteration of the Conservative Party, the Colin Craig political vanity project. But to gain traction they need to offer more than clichés. If he really believed his voters would trust him enough to vote for him again at this election, then he is totally delusional 20,000 more police and tougher sentencing for criminals. Interesting observations. Such as the extreme end of life law {abortion} that has recently been passed.. Hopefully that will be a deterrent. Our mission here is to help our party supporters cast meaningful votes in national and local elections. Back to school for you to learn the difference between figurative and literal. We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. It’s a well intentioned party but their leader, Leighton, does not have a good image *as* a leader. Meanwhile the carbon absorbing earth is covered by acres of new housing to cater for the half a million immigrants that the Key led National government bought in to make our G.D.P figures look good.


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