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The iconic band’s 1976 song “Radio-Activity” finds a perfect home in the final episode of Berlin Alexanderplatz, providing a musical correlative to the film’s interrogation of national identity. I had to crank the volume from time to time, though turn it down again during a couple of louder moments. In terms of an upgrade over the DVD version it’s about what one would expect, at a minimum anyways. And I believe having walked in an actor’s shoes is a tremendous advantage for a director, giving him insight into an actor’s fears and insecurities. “Hardly, old man. For Night Train to Munich enjoyed one clear advantage over The Lady Vanishes: since it was released in May 1940, after Britain had entered the war, the baddies could be unequivocally identified—and mocked. © 2008-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. The comparison, though, does Reed’s film less than justice. Harrison’s multiple-personality character fits a pattern in Reed’s films, in which duplicitous figures who conceal disruptive or antisocial impulses beneath a veneer of ordinariness crop up time and again. And I admired the way Reed repeatedly set up a dangerous situation, such as the returned phone call from Nazi headquarters to the phone booth, where we expect it to be intercepted by the English comedy team and it’s not, and the note under the doughnut, where we’re afraid it will be intercepted by the villain, Paul Henreid, and it’s not. Martin Scorsese’s World Cinema Project No. Apparently this was done in place of a commentary track, which is probably for the better. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. That feature is a conversation about the film between authors Bruce Babington and Peter Evans. Still, no severe pops, drops, or cracks. But I’ve always felt a kinship with him, coming from a similar background in theater, and having started as an actor. If there’s a slight lack of chemistry between them—Lockwood described Harrison as “just another leading man”—it could be partly because Harrison had just embarked on a torrid affair with the German-born actress Lilli Palmer, who would become his second wife. - Buy Night Train to Munich (The Criterion Collection) by Criterion at a low price; free shipping on qualified orders. Criterion's Blu-ray is a passable effort with an A/V presentation that obviously beats its own 2010 DVD, but the complete lack of new bonus features (not to mention Night Train to Munich's relatively small footprint) doesn't make this an essential upgrade or a recommended blind buy. How do you make a comedy about something as serious as the Nazi threat of world domination—particularly as it is happening? Highly recomended, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on May 20, 2014. Reed would next return to a wartime subject in The Way Ahead (1944)—not surprisingly, by this stage of the war, an altogether more serious view of the conflict—and to the thriller genre in two of his finest films, Odd Man Out (1947) and The Third Man, for which Night Train to Munich can be seen as a lighthearted preparatory sketch. Come on—off, off, off, off, off, off!”) But ultimately, this is Harrison’s film, even if Lockwood (in the fifth of her six films for Reed) is top-billed. One of the great pleasures for me in Night Train was the discovery of Rex Harrison. Their debate over whether their old university chum Dicky Randall could really be a Nazi is couched largely in cricketing terms. All Hello, Sign in. “Wittily written and spare as a coded message . Get info about new releases, essays and interviews on the Current, Top 10 lists, and sales. I’ve seen it at revival houses, recorded my own VHS copy, and recently even ordered a bad DVD copy from Turkey, where it had originally been sold as a special offer included with a newspaper or magazine. Perhaps there’s something in the English character that allows them to see humor in disaster. He’s played by Paul von Hernried (as he was then known), a genuine anti-Nazi dissident. Strauss’s review hints at the reason: “Written by the same needle-sharp wits that penned The Lady Vanishes,” he noted, “the film is by all odds the swiftest and most harrowing thriller to come out of England since the Hitchcock work.” Almost inevitably, since it shares its screenwriters (Frank Launder and Sidney Gilliat), its leading lady (Margaret Lockwood), two of its characters (the comic double act of Charters and Caldicott, played by Basil Radford and Naunton Wayne), and even its subgenre (espionage train thriller) with The Lady Vanishes, Night Train to Munich has often been dismissed as an imitation of Hitchcock’s movie.


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