olympus has fallen white house down
On a snowy Christmas drive from Camp David to a campaign fundraiser, the car transporting the First Family spins out of control on an icy bridge. I mean non-stop, double-uzi, bullet-in-the-face, helicopter-slamming-into-a-building, throw-a-cat-into-a-ceiling-fan action? We’re getting a third chapter in the Stabby McHeadshot saga. Who’s worse, North Koreans or US Rednecks? His resume speaks for itself – the raw brutality he displayed in 300, the quick wit and fast draw from RocknRolla, the unrivalled understanding of a woman’s desires from P.S. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! [18] The score was recorded at Trevor Morris Studios in Santa Monica with the Bratislava Slovak National Orchestra. They both have their strengths. The film stars Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett, Robert Forster, Cole Hauser, Ashley Judd, Melissa Leo, Dylan McDermott, Radha Mitchell, and Rick Yune. Before being killed, agent Roma (Cole Hauser) alerts Secret Service Director Lynne Jacobs (Angela Bassett) that "Olympus has fallen." Sorry Gerard. [30] Production was scheduled to begin in May 2014 in London, with Creighton Rothenberger and Katrin Benedikt returning to pen the script. Funny that. White House Down has better cheesy one-liners. White House Down has Lance Reddick, the man with the greatest face in history. Advantage: Neither film was loved by critics in general, so this one’s another tie. Affiliate links used when available. If you put down your soy latte and take off your dark-rimmed, weak-prescription glasses for a minute, you’ll notice that there is nothing wrong with sitting back and taking in a cheesy action movie with more one-liners than a Tim Vine marathon. Absolutely not. /Featured Stories Sidebar, Action/Adventure, Features, Nu Image & Millennium Films, Political, Sony, Olympus Has Fallen, White House Down, The Quarantine Stream: ‘Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh’ Marks a Hilarious Return to the Comedian’s Musical Roots, How ‘Lupin III: The First’ Director Takashi Yamazaki Brought a Japanese Anime Icon into 3D [Interview], 21st Century Spielberg Podcast: ‘Bridge of Spies’ and ‘The Post’ Personify the Spielbergian Hero’s Quest to Do the Right Thing, Clint Mansell on Composing the ‘Rebecca’ Score in the Shadow of Hitchcock, Incorporating “The Devil’s Instrument,” and More [Interview], The Quarantine Stream: ‘Penny Dreadful’ is the Beautiful, Lurid Gothic Horror Show of Your Dreams, ‘Days’ Review: A Slow, Wordless March Towards Loneliness [NYFF 2020], Copyright © 2005-2019 /Film. I don’t have much preference regarding the cast, but I think Butler matches a bit more with the cheesy humor that was present on WHD, he’s sort of the new Bruce Willis in a way. olympus has fallen is far far far better, seeding the public’s consciousness with fear, Mr. his acting was bad in White House Down !! but its kind of dragging this stuff for too long. It was awful on so many levels. It’s like the good Die Hard movies. Banning escorts Asher out of the White House as the latter receives medical attention. The Koreans are better to watch, but the rednecks offer a few laughs, which is exactly what you need to break the ice in situations like this. Aided by rogue members of the prime minister's own detail, including former Secret Service agent-turned-private contractor Dave Forbes (Dylan McDermott), they hold Asher and several top officials hostage in the PEOC, where Lee is executed on live video. Emmerich’s action romp just barely beats it with a still-rotten 51%. If you happen to be the President of The United States, 2013 is not your year. Don’t get me wrong, Channing Tatum might be a great guy. Butler revels in the brutality he dishes out to the intruders, and old-school Cannon Films fans like myself will enjoy the callback to action movies of decades past. It would be more comparable to Die Hard than White House Down which could be compared to any spoof movie like Hot Shots but the problem with that is that WHD wasn’t supposed to be a spoof. Somewhat like on that Lethal Weapon with the kung fu villain, but even weaker, as there’s no the-guy-is-kinda-crazy excuse. After Asher informs him of Cerberus, Banning disables it with the assistance of Trumbull and his staff. In 2012, Millennium Films competed against Sony Pictures, which was producing White House Down (also about a takeover of the White House) to complete casting and to begin filming. Plot. Many many movies have had monetary success yet the acting and story of the film were subpar. ops… Thanks for asking. White House Down‘s hero is more John McClane than Marion “Cobra” Cobretti, and Channing Tatum is a natural fit for both the physical action and boundless sense of humor. How I wish I was American. The film received mixed reviews from critics, who praised Fuqua's direction and Butler's performance, but criticized the violence and screenplay. It went on to earn $161 million worldwide, and while that’s far from a blockbuster profit, it was enough to warrant a sequel in 2016’s London Has Fallen and a third film in the upcoming Angel Has Fallen. both are really good, but in olympus has fallen the deaths look faker. He’s joined by Aaron Eckhart as the President and a supporting cast that includes Dylan McDermott, Rick Yune, Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett, Melissa Leo, Robert Forster, Radha Mitchell, and Ashley Judd. Finley Jacobsen as Connor Asher, the son of Benjamin and Margaret Asher. On the other hand, those tasked with piecing White House Down together decided on none other than Channing Tatum. While praising Butler's role as a "solid" character, Edelstein criticized the script and the violence of the film, writing "Olympus Has Fallen is a disgusting piece of work, but it certainly hits its marks – it makes you sick with suspense. But you can’t compare him to Gerard Butler. and the twist (who knew the Speaker was in it too). The plot depicts a North Korean-led guerrilla assault on the White House, and focuses on disgraced United States Secret Serviceagent Mike B… Speaking of Tina Turner, Angela Basset is in Olympus has fallen – clear winner!! Was your favorite Godfather movie part 3? So yeah, both movies are winners in my book. It is the first instalment in the Fallen film series. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Is it about ancient Greece? I had that song as my ringtone on my Samsung D600 in 2006. Not as bad as the gratuitous fight on “Jack Reacher”, though. Freedom isn’t free. One question I do have…how is it that hollywood comes out with 2 very similar moves from 2 producers (sony & millennium), is that just a coincidence, producers from the same boss or perhaps theft…casue I assume movie/script theft is deemed illegal in the holltwood world. These aren’t really awards bait-type films, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that both were nominated by the Washington DC Area Film Critics Association for “Best Portrayal of Washington, D.C.” They both lost to Lee Daniels’ The Butler. In 2013, Rothenberger sued Green in federal district court in California, seeking a declaration that he was sole author. Olympus Has Fallen has personality but is purely interested in the action – bloody, violent, foul-mouthed action. Steve Jobs vs. Pawn Sacrifice: A Tale of Two Nerds, The 28 Funniest English-Spanish Movie Title Translations. Dear on the couch, with a clarification like Jamie Foxx (black guy) & Aaron Eckhart (white guy) one would think your american but I guessing aussie…pull your head. The clear winner is Olympus Has Fallen. The White House is going to go down. I think rednecks taking over is far more cheesier than Koreans doing so. Olympus Have Fallen seems to be a bit slow. These are trying times for the United States, and depending on your own political awareness you either see that the country is slowly bleeding to death beneath the ignorant and greedy whims of those in power, or you’re wrong. I’d wear a hat, just so you can hold onto it. To do this, he requires access codes to the Cerberus system, held only by Asher, Secretary of Defense Ruth McMillan (Melissa Leo), and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Joseph Hoenig (James Ingersoll), all of whom are inside the PEOC. Get a room. When in reality I’d seen Olympus Has Fallen. Olympus Has Fallen is way better !! Anonymus… really?? [6] It was initially scheduled for an April 5, 2013 release, but moved to avoid competition with The Heat, which was to open at the same time (its release was later pushed back to June 28). [34] However, on September 28, 2014, it was announced that Babak Najafi would take over direction of the sequel.[35]. [32] However, the film's release was delayed to March 4, 2016. In Olympus Has Fallen, terrorists attack and infiltrate the White House, and only a disgraced Secret Service agent stands a chance of stopping them. With that in mind, we’re revisiting a pair of movies that opened in theaters only three months apart back in 2013 with very similar plot lines.


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