our dancing daughters analysis

We were dumbfounded. The outcome of this Our Dancing Daughters, which opened at the Capitol in New York in October, 1928, broke every existing record at the theatre, and proceeded to duplicate the feat throughout the country. Rhythm and role are now one. It was a studio which put more reliance than most on the title given a film.

Optional. Ben's sister decides to throw Diana a going-away party, which Ann wants to attend with her real love, Freddie. Nils Asther………………………………………………………………… Norman There is nothing startingly novel about “Our Dancing Daughters,” for while there is an undeniable vivacity to many of the scenes, the action is not particularly well portrayed and it is frequently anything but conservative. Although never static for long, the young Joan Crawford pauses to admire her reflection confidently before swooping out of her spacious boudoir, part of a kinetic–and kinaesthetic–deco design.

In “What the Films Are Doing to Young America,” sociologist Edward Alsworth Ross represented a vocal segment of public opinion when he wrote that the movies were making young women (as well as young men)more “sex-wise, sex-excited, and sex-absorbed than…any generation of which we have knowledge.”  Sociologist Herbert Blumer interviewed young people and confirmed the widespread belief that the imitation of young female stars was having a deleterious effect on the behavior of America’s young women.

One girl, a delinquent, admitted that when she went to parties after seeing the film, ‘of course I mingled the drinks as [Diana] had done.

Still, we can learn almost as much about a period from glossy distortions such as this as from pure documentary. Our Dancing Daughters was to the twenties what Saturday Night Fever was to the seventies: it completely captured the feeling of the era. Kathlyn Williams…………………………………………………… Ann’s Mother starring Joan Crawford, John Mack Brown, Nils Asther, Dorothy Sebastian, Anita Page. The lesson (of Crawford able to steer critics’ attention away from Gilbert in Four Walls) was not lost on the powers at the studio, and the opportunity she had awaited for three years was finally in view.

A flapper who's secretly a good girl and a gold digging floozy masquerading as an ingénue both vie for the hand of a millionaire. You can include an image to complement your Analysis.

The Power of Glamour by Annette Tapert (1998). Rod La Rocque……………………………………………………………… Abbott Cinematography by George Barnes . In other words, she was now considered so valuable a property that she was to be given a paid vacation.

Douglas Fairbanks Jr…………………………………………………………… Gil Our Dancing Daughters (1928) and Our Modern Maidens (1929) I thought it would be fun to screen these two late Silent films together. It is revealed, after Gil (Mr. Fairbanks) and Billie (Miss Crawford) have dawdled away from the altar, that Kentucky has a definite reason for objecting to the marriage. Mayer’s idea. And just to jolly up the potential box office, MGM “borrowed” me from First National to play the second lead.

Her baby face is the badge of the flapper-age vamp.

Our Modern Maidens is a less well-known film than Our Dancing Daughters and it is often assumed that if its romance doesn’t run smoothly, at least it ends happily. They were ready and able in all except what their purses held to go along with her lack of inhibitions about all the really important things life held–boy-friends, party-going, having a good time generally and waking up not to a hangover but a happy ending. It is quite unnecessary to depict an intoxicated girl, as is done for considerable length in this film. Josephine Lovett, who wrote “Our Dancing Daughters,” cannot be accused of much subtlety in ridding Mr. Blain of his tempestuous bride. She's best friends with Ann, a gold-digging flapper.

After an unusually violent terpsichorean performance, this young woman, known as Diana, suddenly takes an interest in Ben Blain, a stranger to the hectic life but the son and heir of a multi-millionaire. Crawford was to marry inside the MGM ranks, which meant her fellow contract artist Rod La Rocque. For the next decade, descendants of this hedonistic but principled creature surfaced again and again, although languid thirties chic came to  replace her pre-Depression exuberance.

Joan Crawford: A Biography by Bob Thomas (1979).

‘Mother, how vicious!’ she cries spotting the orchid on her parent’s gown–for flappers like Diana have modern parents, too. In the words of one respondent (female, sixteen, white high-school junior): “I remember after having seen Our Dancing Daughters with Joan Crawford, I wanted a dress exactly like one she had worn in a certain scene. Both are in love with Ben Blaine, a millionaire. Showing all 2 items Jump to: Summaries (2) Summaries. Ben thinks that Diana is disinterested in him because she flirts with everyone, and marries Ann, who only wants his money. They cross the ornamental lake in a gondola, and before the fade-out in the shrubbery on the island, the champagne has gone to Doug’s head and Anita is in his arms. The film throws a light on a very fascinating transitional period.

Her friend Ann is thoroughly selfish and amoral. As a consequence, it is unlikely that the complex activity of the female spectator or the fan magazine reader of the 1920s can be fully explained by a model of consumerism, such as advanced by Doane, that depends on a binarism in which women can only either possess or comprehend. The technique was to poll several executives until a consensus was reached. Bickering Brown.

Clearly, commodification was (and remains) a central function of the cultural work of movie culture, but an interpretation that privileges commodification, eve  the active process of self-commodification that Doane advances, would not fully account for the kinetic and comic aspects of the flapper film. Yet the appeal is not quite so simplistic as this suggests: nor is Crawford’s conquest simply a matter of story-rigging. Our Dancing Daughters (1928) Plot.

Dorothy Sebastian………………………………………………………. Testing stories for their public appeal in this way, before spending money in turning them into a scenario, was one of the few bonuses which MGM derived from its links with Hearst, whose film company w as simply one way of promoting the career of his mistress Marion Davies, vainly as it usually turned out.

The bright Crawford skyrocket notwithstanding, her next few pictures were quite indifferent.

Motion Picture Classic noted in 1924: “No topic of the day…is so eagerly pursued as that of the Modern Girl: what she is doing and why she is doing it; and what she is thinking, if at all; and why she is as she is.

Bickering Brown. Fan mail poured in; she was the heartthrob of young men and the idol of millions of girls.

Even Our Dancing Daughters had been exhibited with recorded sound effects the year before, and by now Crawford was the only female star at the studio save Garbo who had not yet risked her future with a talking debut. The “legs” slip on a pair of short bloomers, revealing a lovely young woman who is dancing while she’s dressing to go out. Presumably it is to point a moral, for the young woman falls to her death down a flight of stairs. Their affairs with Fairbanks and Rod La Rocque become progressively tangled, but after a series of misunderstandings, illicit preganancies, and annulments ensure, the likely couples are apporpirately united in the final reel.

He went to L.B.

This despite the fact he's dating two women. “She and I had come a good way toward creating our own images of each other,” Fairbanks wrote in his memoirs, “some of it no doubt influenced by what the columnists and fan magazine hacks wrote about us.”  On June 3, 1929, days after they finished filing Our Modern Maidens, they were married. Her mannerisms at times tend to the overly antic, as her shoulders gyrate, head shakes, and eyes roll to the ever-present syncopation of her spirit.

Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch are itinerant lawmen, hired by desperate towns as marshal a... An artist slowly loses his mind as he and his two female friends scrape to pay the bills.

What will happen when Diana and Ann see each other?

Followed by Our Modern Maidens and Our Blushing Brides, which weren't sequels (there was no continuity) but dealt with similar themes, all starring Crawford as a young woman in New York finding love and romance. Perhaps this was true of the first couple of tons of mail-bags, until she saw the rising cost of loyalty in time and postage. Harry Beaumont, the director, has among his worthy sequences in this film, one in which the fractious Diana tells her companion, Beatrice, that she is in love. Emboldened by  having a film role tailored for her in Four Walls, Crawford purloined the new script.

The script and direction are rather hackneyed and Crawford is overemphatic throughout, but it hardly mattered. Artistic, well-read, and beautifully mannered, he was her Prince Charming.

A great deal of Mother’s pressure on me would now be lifted. The wide-eyed Joan Crawford, who is attractive in many of the scenes, figures as one of the dancing daughters. Our Dancing Daughters is a silent film drama made in 1928. But Joan Crawford was getting scared to death. Following Studlar, I would argue that the comedy in the flapper film, the kinaesthetic power of the flapper performance, and how the female spectator experienced it are undoubtedly key factors in commodification but they also exceed the processes of commodification.


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