paul mazursky an unmarried woman
“I could go with one of the known ladies… a star actress, maybe someone like Jane Fonda. Can’t even find a decent cause these days.”. She's not permitted to simply fall in love with him and stroll off into the sunset; that would be too easy. I feel … happy. IMDb An Unmarried Woman makes the fourth Paul Mazursky film I've seen, and on the whole it rather cements my impression of Mazursky as a talented but undistinguished craftsman. • The horn music is so obtrusively bad, some of the lines are hilarious, and the odd dramatic moment is over-the-top, too. A picture has to become an event these days. And Paul Mazursky was right. They said the the Slasher became popular during the time that the Women’s Lib movement went mainstream and women like Jane Fonda and Jill Clayburgh popularized such independence. So natural & human. Something she said suddenly struck me as very strange: On the deed to the house, she said, right after her name, she was described as ‘an unmarried woman.' © Letterboxd Limited. A wealthy woman from Manhattan's Upper East Side struggles to deal with her new identity and her sexuality after her husband of 16 years leaves her for a younger woman. The man she meets at the end of the film, a British artist, is played by Alan Bates, who liked the screenplay well enough to make this the first movie he has shot in America. Children of divorce, who can relate. She turned out to be better than I could possibly have expected.”. i can't stop singing this to the tune of UNMARRIED WOMAN, IT'S ALL IN ME. His “Harry and Tonto” had just been released, was doing well, and would win Art Carney an Academy Award as the best actor of 1974. A performance for the ages from a true talent. *The frankness & realism of conversation between women*Clayburgh's honesty and ever expressive face*Maybe I'm amazed! TMDb but for real, this is just a much better picture of a woman's post-divorce second wind. Mazursky's films have usually received good reviews and turned profits at the box office, but he hasn't had a major financial success since “Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice.” (Even with its Oscar for Art Carney, “Harry and Tonto's” grosses were good, but not spectacular.) She seems to agree with the film's woman psychiatrist who argues, sensibly, that men are the problem, yes, but they're not the enemy. She fared no better than everyone else involved in the critical and box-office disaster of “Gable and Lombard.” And although she'd been in two comedy hits since then (“Silver Streak” and “Semi-Tough”), it was hard to really appreciate her performances in the midst of the roughhouse and slapstick. Who can really say? I'd seen “An Unmarried Woman” at a screening two nights before, and half an hour into the film I'd become convinced I was watching one of next year's Academy Award nominees as Best Actress. The film documents Erica's attempts at being single again, where she suffers confusion, sadness, and rage. ps. Just as obviously, given Mazursky's reputation as one of Hollywood's very best writer-directors, it was going to be a role almost any actress in town would want. Look at ‘Smokey and the Bandit' at $40 million. The hunch was Jill Clayburgh. Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. Edit page. An Unmarried Woman uses the city and its locations to give even more depth to this story filled with characters who feel fully formed. The performances are uniformly great, particularly Clayburgh who gives everything in the titular role and it’s just so refreshing to watch a film about adults doing adult things and having adult conversations. While the conceit, though not original, could have bested … Jill Clayburgh deservedly won her Cannes Best Actress prize (shared with Isabelle Huppert that year!) I wonder why Jill Clayburgh isn't spoken about more when we talk about great actors, especially from her generation. “I took one look at that pickled herring, and that’s when I decided to become an abstract expressionist.”.


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