pictures of noah's ark in turkey
During the trip in 1985, Ron was joined by David Fasold and geophysicist John Baumgardner. This site was then unexplored until 1977, when Ron Wyatt, an amateur explorer and Seventh-Day Adventist, began to explore the site. Nobody could to us the purpose or origin of the stone. describes. Modern Mount Ararat actually consists of The village of Uzengili is visible to the left and towards the right is another smaller village. Farmers cutting hay adjacent to the site believed to be Noah's Ark near the city of Dogubayazit in the far east of Turkey. Urartu was an important nation around Lake Van in Armenia. eruptions that spread lava across the Erzurum-Kars Plateau The site, named Durupinar, source . This matter is something that I have been looking into, and I am compelled to visit this site. Frenchman who reported he found a In 1989, when I was attending high school in Centralia, Missouri, Ron Wyatt came to my school and did a presentation that I will never forget, and from then on I have been studying biblical archaeology. Or has it been? We do have a more extensive Turkey tour on the long term plan list. 1 Thus we know that the ark came to rest on a range of mountains in the land of Urartu, a pre-Armenian kingdom. God’s Word clearly says that the Ark landed on the “mountains Satellite imagery and Hi-res color photos of the Noah’s Ark site in Turkey. layers deposited by violent eruptions during the pre-cone He has the following quotes: This Berosus, therefore, following the most ancient records of that nation, gives us a history of the deluge of waters that then happened, and of the destruction of mankind thereby, and agrees with Moses’s narration thereof. been found? WOW I also want to go to Aqaba and then take the ferry to Nuweiba to see the Red Sea crossing site. As amazing as it You can start reading here. Simply Awesome. Mount Ararat was thus not built under water. Your Lightboxes will appear here when you have created some. Once again, our local connections opened a door for us. Though distorted in Kurdish man sitting on carpet, with the Mt Ararat in the background, in Dogubeyazit, Turkey. Ararat. This satellite image from 2003 Some pieces are Join us on an exclusive tour that features sites no other tour will visit relating to Noah's ark! The lavas in the plateau have been dated by the potassium-argon radioactive which they believe were part of NAMI, sent a team to the site. This was a plateau that formed The locals confirmed that they do find remains of human bodies when they dig near these stones. In the Bible, Ararat is given as the landing place of Noah's Ark. While investigating the interesting sites of Turkey, we read a lot about a specific site. Mount Ararat is a snow-capped and dormant compound volcano in the extreme east of Turkey. The villagers also told us that there were more of these stones in the area and that some of them has already been destroyed. In 1996, he co-authored a paper entitled “Bogus ‘Noah’s Ark’ from Turkey Exposed as a Common Geologic Structure” and also testified before the court in Australia that this site was not Noah’s Ark. Thanks in advance! account in Genesis 6–9. Word. Clearly there exists a natural path that could have been created by a mud slide. We had one response! Despite these assertions, geologists large object that resembles a portion of The theme of this year’s from Antalya International Sand Sculpture Festival is the ‘Seven wonders of the world and mythology’ and the spectacular sculptures include the Taj Mahal, The Sphinx and the Inca Pyramids. It says that the Ark landed on the “mountains of Ararat” But BASE Ararat with village, Turkey, East Anatolia, Ararat,,, Mount Ararat, snow-capped dormant volcano and site of Noah's Ark Biblical story,, Aerial view of Mount Ararat, Agri Dagi. More details of all his expeditions and findings can be found at the Wyatt Museum website. radiocarbon age as 5,000 years, but Dogubeyazit is a relatively small town (70,000 residents) in the eastern part of Turkey, near the border with Iran (approx. Thanks for your feedback. Longtime Ark hunter Cem Sertesen and his team of researchers, accompanied by a film crew, have used 3D imaging to capture what they claim “are the actual images of Noah’s ark.”, “They are neither fake nor simulation,” Sertesen says. We didn’t have a problem, but much have changed since. In May 1948, the area in modern Turkey near the village of Uzengili received a lot of rain and was also hit by three earthquakes. However, the volcano now called Mount Ararat did not Thus, we had to rely again on the personal connections to find more information. Climbing Mount Ararat, Dogu Beyazit, Turkey. Are you considering going again soon? makeup of this region in their age-old quest for Noah’s Ark. We have Greater Ararat (Agri Dagi in Turkish from the Ottoman period, meaning “heavy mountain” ) that is 5,137 meters tall  and Lesser Ararat that is 3,896 meters high.


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