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Maybe they should issue chastity belts when they accept a scholarship? You’re in our thoughts and prayers, Coach. It doesn’t say go to a public relations firm or go to the Wall Street Journal. That makes it a feat in itself. I’ve known Art and Jan since 1987 when they first came to Stephenville. I’m not sure that will happen as long as the BOR has unlimited funding to keep the light of truth under a bushel, but I hope that it does. Then you have other people that are saying different things about you. She completed her schooling from Rule, Texas. 0 9 . Staff. “I have respect and love for Baylor University. I don’t want to delve into the race issue right now because I think there will be a different time and place for that, which I think will show a lot more clarity. And it’s not forever.”, Briles added, “You know, I think it will be an opportunity to have a great experience at this time in our lives. They have also lived in Williamsport, IN. You both put down strong roots here in Rule, Texas, and in the places you have coached, and I’m confident you will make a big difference in the lives you touch in Italy! Of course not. They ran text messages from Briles about player discipline, and suggested he had helped cover up serious allegations. What can I say ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE We should forgive him as god has forgiven us for our sins. I always said that those eight years were a great time to be a Baylor Bear again, after year after year of just being a fan. The question remains as to how many things these coaches should have to watch at once, and how many things they should juggle, along with winning enough games to satisfy boosters. These two have been married for something like 35 years, and they still get very little time alone. The strategy of coaching football alone is all-in compassing, and then add in the recruiting process, the process of managing coaches, dealing with boosters, and dealing with off-season development, and now they are expected to manage the individual lives and decisions of up to 300 young people between the ages of 18-25. You lived your life in public view. Baylor released a statement in regard to Briles’ motion which reads in part: “The continued efforts of Art Briles and his supporters over the past two years to rewrite history cannot go unchallenged. To see people who have never been around the sport, collegiate athletics or high school athletics, and maybe intramurals. re: Here's what Kendal Briles thinks of Auburn Posted by auburnu008 on 10/7/20 at 9:59 pm to dbeck I am pulling for y'all. “I’ve wondered if I’d ever coach again. Now at tulsa. According to a recent deposition of former Athletic Director Ian McCaw, a few members of the Board of Regents, with the help of G.F Bunting and Co, a public relations firm hired by Baylor, steered the article to the Wall Street Journal.


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