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[4], The capacity of the Razorback is reduced compared to the Rhino, and can carry up to 6 Space Marines in Power Armour, though not in Terminator Armour. When he returned to Mars, the Adeptus Mechanicusrecognized it from earlier records and commenced work on its production. Gerelateerde spellen aan Warhammer die ook door Games Workshop Ltd gepubliceerd worden zijn onder andere Lord of The Rings, Mordheim, en Warmaster. When he returned to Mars, the Adeptus Mechanicus recognized it from earlier records and commenced work on its production. Warhammer (ook wel gekend als Warhammer Fantasy Battles of als de afkorting WFB) is een tabletopspel, uitgebracht door Games Workshop Ltd, dat zich afspeelt in een fantasywereld, die enigszins te vergelijken is met middeleeuws Europa (kastelen, ridders, beperkte technologie), aangevuld met magie en niet-menselijke intelligente rassen: Elfen, Dwergen, Ondoden, Chaos (Demonen), Skaven (Ratachtigen), Reptielmannen (Lizardmen) e.d. The Razorback is a variant of the Rhino chassis that sacrifices some of the basic Rhino's troop-carrying capacity in order to add a top-mounted weapon system. The Blood Angels Space Marine Chapter uses several variants only fielded by their Chapter, such as twin-linked Assault Cannons and a Flamestorm Cannon. Home; Producten. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. A standard Razorback is armed and equipped with: A Razorback may take the following pintle-mounted weapon: A Razorback may replace its turret-mounted twin-linked Heavy Bolters with one of the following turret-mounted weapons: Razorbacks may also have a variety of vehicle equipment such as: The following is a list of all known variant patterns of the Razorback: An Infernum Pattern Razorback of the Dark Eagles Chapter armed with a Multi-Melta and a Searchlight. [4] They also believe it fails both as a troop transport and a battle tank, lacking the transport capacity or firepower and armour of dedicated machines. The Razorback has the same access points found on the Rhino, however it lacks any fire points due to its turret-mounted weapon.

This discovery was a great triumph for him, though reports say that another STC template was also found at that time though the vehicle schematics it contained were never put into production. A creation of Nef Anyo, the Razorback is essentially a much larger Jackal and is boastfully claimed to be "impervious to evil", but possesses a vulnerability to Nef Anyo's previous creations: the Bursas. Adeptus Mechanicus Technical Specifications. Unlike the basic Rhino, which is either unarmed or armed with only a pintle-mounted Storm Bolter, the Razorback's weapon system allows the vehicle to stay after deploying its cargo of troops and act as heavy fire support.

The Razorback holds the title for the Space Marine vehicle with the highest number of weapon choices and there exist several weapon load-outs that have been used by a single Space Marine Chapter and then spread to many more. The Razorback, capable of carrying six Battle-Brothers and providing heavy weapons support for an Astartes squad on the ground, proved a useful addition to most Space Marine Chapters' armouries. The "Stronos" Pattern is now an extremely rare sight amongst the Chapters fortunate enough to have one in their possession. Warhammer [1], Some Chapter Masters are wary of using the Razorback, partly because it is a relatively "recent" machine at only 4,000 years old. A variant of the Predator Battle Tank designed to carry troops is believed to be the first precursor to the modern Razorback. The Standard Template Construction (STC) database containing the Razorback's design was uncovered by Chief Artisan Tilvius in the 36th Millennium in the Southern Rim region of the galaxy. Schrijf de eerste review over dit product. An Infernum Pattern Razorback turret with a, An alternative turret mount for a Razorback, the. An Infernum Pattern Razorback of the Dark Eagles Chapter armed with a Multi-Melta. In some cases Razorbacks lack this system, however, and so a second marine or servitor is added to man the weapon, protected from enemy fire by a gun shield. A Razorback of the Blood Angels Space Marine Chapter in combat, armed with twin-linked Lascannons.

Since the 36th Millennium the Razorback, with its increased firepower, has filled the gap left by the Predator as it developed into a full main battle tank. The Razorback can be further upgraded with Dozer Blades, a pintle-mounted storm bolter, a hunter-killer missile, and extra armour. Because the rediscovery of the design occurred after the Horus Heresy, the Traitor Legions rarely field the Razorback. Further uses include providing escort for armoured attacks and heavy reconnaissance in coordination with bike-mounted troops. It mounts twin-linked Psycannons and only a few exist in the Chapter's service. We houden u graag op de hoogte via onze Facebook pagina. It is sometimes favoured over the Rhino because of its superior firepower, although this comes at the cost of less transport space. This means that there are fewer taboos when it comes to reinterpreting the vehicle's design and many Chapters exploit this by adding unapproved weapons and upgrades. Due to the wide range of weapons that can be equipped on the Razorback's remote-controlled system, it is capable of being deployed against targets ranging from light infantry to heavy armour. Secondly, it is used in a heavy reconnaissance role, supporting Astartes Bike Squads or Attack Bikes as they seek out the enemy and launch lightning strikes ahead of a Space Marine main force. It is most popular in Britain. Specificaties: Warhammer 40K : Space Marines - Razorback, Merken     |     Algemene voorwaarden     |     Privacyverklaring    |    Klantenservice    |    Links.

However, the STC template for the Razorback was first rediscovered in M36 by Chief Artisan Tilvius while he was exploring the Southern Rim of the galaxy. It is the most popular miniature wargame in the world. The Vortimer Pattern Razorback is a minor variant of the standard Razorback APC that is used exclusively by the elite and secretive daemon-hunting Grey Knights Chapter of Adeptus Astartes. JavaScript lijkt te zijn uitgeschakeld in uw browser.

Impressed by the tank's versatility, however, several Chapters field the Razorback in other roles, employing them as mobile command centres and heavy reconnaissance screens. [6b], Imperial Armour Volume Two - Space Marines and Forces of the Inquisition, Imperial Armour Volume 2 - Second Edition, https://wh40k.lexicanum.com/mediawiki/index.php?title=Razorback&oldid=433378, Quad MkII Adaptable Thermic Combustor Reactor. This page was last edited on 30 July 2020, at 01:34. Deze website slaat cookies op om een goede werking van de website te kunnen garanderen.

Others see it as filling a gap between the two, able to provide heavy fire support for squads assaulting the enemy, and freely mix Rhinos and Razorbacks together.

Standard Astartes battle doctrine dictates that Razorbacks should be deployed as fire support vehicles, accompanying Rhinos or infantry squads into the thick of battle. This pattern was an extremely powerful and a widely employed vehicle, but due to unknown reasons the production of the Mark 1 was halted and all records of its existence sealed. Twee of meer spelers gaan de battle aan met hun leger en de dobbelstenen laten deze legers tegen elkaar vechten om de strijd te beslissen. U moet JavaScript geactiveerd hebben om de volledige functionaliteit van deze website te kunnen benutten. The remote-controlled turret uses the same logic-engine (cogitator) that is found on the Land Raider and is able to provide rapid and efficient threat response that reduces the crew to only one, although a second crew member can still be used in cases where the driver is too busy to control the turret. Warhammer is een spel van Britse origine, waardoor de terminologie Engels is. Tolkien (In de Ban van de Ring, De Hobbit) en Michael Moorcock (Elric of Melnibone). [4], Standard equipment includes Smoke Launchers and a searchlight. The first edition of the rulebook was published in September 1987, and the ninth edition was released in July 2020. A Vortimer Pattern Razorback of the Grey Knights Chapter armed with a set of twin-linked Psycannons. The Razorback is heavily armed variant of the Rhino troop transport that sacrifices a portion of its transport capacity for turret-mounted armament, normally a twin-linked lascannon or heavy bolter.

The Razorback is a Corpus boss introduced in the Divine Will Tactical Alert in Hotfix 18.4.10. The turret is normally remote-controlled, using a targeting logis-engine similar to that found in Land Raiders. De wereld van Warhammer vindt zijn oorsprong in onder andere de verhalen van fantasy-schrijvers J.R.R.

Within two hundred years the fir… The Razorback's most commonly used weapons are Twin-linked Heavy Bolters, used for anti-infantry suppression, or Twin-linked Lascannons used for anti-armour duty.

[4], The Vortimer Pattern Razorback is a variant used by the Grey Knights. [6a], It is believed that Techmarines of the Fire Hawks Chapter formulated a means of overcoming the power feed issue and first used the new vehicle variant during the Badab War, where this advanced type of Razorback was used to smash through enemy fortifications and deliver squads directly through the breach.

Klik hier voor meer informatie. Devastator marines in particular favor the use of the Razorback. The Razorback is an armoured personnel carrier (APC) used primarily by the Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes, and also by other Imperial adepta such as the Inquisition and the Adeptus Arbites. The oldest Razorback pattern, the Mark 1 "Stronos" variant named after the de facto Chapter Master of the Iron Hands Chapter, the Iron Father Kardan Stronos, was equipped with twin-linked Plasma Cannons and a single Lascannon. In addition to the protective wards crafted within the Razorback's armour, the Vortimer Razorback mounts one of that Chapter's few remaining Psycannons and, like the Vortimer Pattern Land Raider Redeemer, each deployment must be sanctioned by order of the Grey Knights' Chapter Council.

First, the Razorback provides protection for squads operating in support of armoured attacks by Land Raiders and Predators. Zoeken. These vehicles were personally constructed by Master Armourer Regis Vortimer himself and were for the Deliverance of Vulgate. Warhammer 40K : Space Marines - Razorback, Warhammer (ook wel gekend als Warhammer Fantasy Battles of als de afkorting WFB) is een, Naast de fantasy-versie bestaan er andere varianten, zoals, Op werkdagen voor 15:00 uur besteld, de volgende werkdag in huis. Warhammer 40K : Space Marines - Razorback SpeelgoedDeals. Als u gebruk maakt van onze shop, dan stemt u in met ons beleid. The Razorback's top-mounted weapon … A Razorback of the Ultramarines Space Marine Chapter in combat, this Razorback is also equipped with non-standard sponson-mounted weapons. Warhammer 40,000 is a miniature wargame produced by Games Workshop. Some Chapter Masters believe the Razorback fails as a troop transport, not being able to carry a full squad, and fails as a tank, lacking as it does heavy armour protection and not enough heavy weapons to take on enemy heavy armour in a full-on tank battle. [1], The heavy bolters can often be replaced with a twin-linked heavy flamer, a twin-linked assault cannon, a twin-linked lascannon, a Multi-melta[5], or a combination of a lascannon and a twin-linked plasma gun. The New variant was named Infernum Pattern Razorback. The Razorback is also able to be outfitted with a Hunter-Killer Missile Launcher, Extra Armour Plating, a Pintle-mounted Storm Bolter, ram spikes or a Dozer Blade, a searchlight, and Smoke Launchers.


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