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[citation needed], Overall, the character of Mega Man has been well received by critics. Mega Man's role in the original story was to be an assistant to his creator Dr. Light. The Mega Man game on the Game Gear was published by Sega. [16] The main series on both the NES and Nintendo Game Boy would follow this approach in the design of every game developed on those systems, and set the standard for all platformer Mega Man games to come. An updated version of the latter iteration, now sporting a noticeable round stomach, appeared as a playable character in the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions of Street Fighter X Tekken.[21]. And he said, 'Yeah, let's put a pistol in there.' The several spin-off series that have emerged over the past years, each one continuing the Mega Man mythos in some unique way, includes but is not limited to the Mega Man X, Mega Man Legends, Mega Man Battle Network, and Mega Man Star Force series. Mega Man has become one of Capcom's mascots, one of the company's primary original characters, and continues to be one of the video game industry's most recognizable icons. "[38] IGN agreed with his dependency on support characters, saying Zero is "cooler than Mega Man". As of December 31, 2019, the game series has sold 36 million units worldwide. Such appearances include Capcom World 2, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, Pocket Fighter, Mighty Final Fight, Power Stone 2, Boktai, Boktai 2, Lunar Knights, The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, Onimusha Blade Warriors, and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars. Dr. Marvel (ロックマンV(バーサス) 対決!Dr.マーベノレ, Rockman V (Versus): Taiketsu! Rockman Xover (ロックマン クロスオーバー Rokkuman Kurosuōbā?, "Rockman Crossover", also localized as Mega Man Xover in English) is a Mega Man crossover social game. It was first announced at Gamescon for the iOS phone platform and released on November 29, 2012, and is available for both the iOS and Android devices. He has since been seen as a sports star in the Super NES game Mega Man Soccer, a race car driver in Mega Man Battle & Chase, and a board game piece in Wily and Right's RockBoard. It was these [5], Although originally the names "Mighty Kid", "Knuckle Kid", and "Rainbow Battle Kid" were proposed, Capcom eventually settled on "Rockman" as Mega Man's Japanese moniker. We've seen a version of Ares in the DC Extended Universe thanks to Wonder Woman, but Marvel's take on the character is completely … The game's main enemies are the unseen Dr. Marvel as ten robots based on Marvel and Capcom characters: Acid Man is a name jokingly used in one example from Dragão Brasil Especial #14 in the quote "What was that thing that Acidman used to escape?". The word "Rock" in Rockman is a reference to the music genre rock and roll, and is meant to work in tandem with his sister robot, Roll. Prior to decision on the name "Mega Man" which was proposed by Joseph Morici, Capcom had even considered the name "Rainbow Man" as a possible title due to the nature of Mega Man's color change when using different Robot Master weapons.[15]. During the show, the band members wear costumes inspired by their take on the series, including motorcycle helmets with built-in microphones fashioned to look like those of Mega Man and Proto Man, and the iconic arm-blaster.[22]. Peter Parker. Rock, (real name: Samuel John LaRoquette) is a Marvel Comic villain, and an enemy of the Hulk. [23] Nintendo Power listed Mega Man as their fourth favourite hero, citing his ability to steal weapons from downed Robot Masters. "I'm often called the father of Mega Man, but actually, his design was already created when I joined Capcom," he explained. But I realized that this design wouldn't be accepted as Mega Man, so I had another designer create the new Mega Man, and I worked on Zero to release him as the 'other main character' that would steal all the good scenes! Featured Characters. So I did what I was told and I put the pistol in there. The popularity of this crossover is such that another meeting of the two series, "Worlds Unite", was announced for spring of 2015. Mega Man's fictional universe can be divided into seven categories, each featuring different variations and incarnations of a robot boy hero. The film using a mix of CGI and people in extreme sport equipment for the fighting robots based itself on the first game with slight modifications to the story and character designs to work. [37], described Mega Man as "Capcom's ill-treated mascot", and "one of the most incongruous characters of all time", saying "it wouldn't be completely incorrect to assume that the popularity of the series has almost nothing to do with Mega Man himself", but with "his rivals, his enemies, and their abilities.


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