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Brint Ryan has essentially become the state’s shadow comptroller. “It’s hard to tell where ART ends and Pat Robbins begins,” said board member and former San Antonio state senator Cyndi Taylor Krier. Like they say, money makes the world go round. The TPPF’s positions on issues can make the difference between life and death for major legislation. He took a right turn in the primary—beginning with his now famous secession remark—and never looked back. Guess who the company’s lobbyist was. She represents several Fortune 500 companies and is well-known and regarded for her experience and knowledge of various topics including: education, energy, environmental issues, financial institutions, IT, and transportation. What To Watch For: Patrick will try to use the Tea Party Caucus as a springboard to a future statewide race, most likely for U.S. Senate or lieutenant governor. Rusty Kelley is Senior VP/CFO/Treasurer at Penn Virginia Corp. See Rusty Kelley's compensation, career history, education, & memberships. Previously, McGarah served as the Committee Director of the powerful Senate Natural Resources Committee. Enough said. 14701 Saint Mary's Lane In fact, Carney’s Texas connections go way back. “I’ve learned how to work within the system, but at the heart of it, I’m not a politician. Sullivan’s power is unique. Victor Mendoza is an accomplished public policy analyst and licensed attorney. Yet after a record-setting ten years in office, he appears to have finally learned what power is and how to use it. Here’s a good example of how the CPPP operates: In 2009 rising unemployment prompted unprecedented demand for food stamps from needy Texas families. The motto for the Eighty-Second Legislature might as well be “Money makes the world go round,” which must mean that a great deal of power will rest with the comptroller, “the chief steward of the state’s finances, acting as tax collector, chief accountant, chief revenue estimator and chief treasurer for all of state government.” But that statement needs an asterisk: The comptroller accomplishes all those things only after her actions have been thoroughly audited by Ryan’s nine-hundred-employee Dallas-based tax consulting firm—called, simply, Ryan—which sucks about $1.5 billion a year out of the State’s treasury for its corporate clients. Prior to that, he worked at Goldman, Sachs & Co., where he was a Senior Vice President. Now come the salad days: In 2010 ART raised and spent more money than ever before. When Robbins began raising money to fund Republican campaigns in 1976, she was a lonely voice in the wilderness. Is it the Texas Hospital Association, whose lobbyists work overtime to protect the complex formulas for hospital reimbursements? 23 Jan. Emerald Bay – Lake Tahoe . Donors like Butt, who was the third-largest individual contributor to Texas political races in 2008, with $2.1 million.

He persistently questions the chorus of politicians who tell us how great the state is doing in the realm of education, scoffing at the state’s accountability system, which seems designed to make politicians look good instead of reflect reality.
The CPPP sounded the alarm, pointedly reminding state officials that they were violating federal law.

As CEO of Hunt Companies, a real estate and construction conglomerate, Hunt devours a lot of research data. What To Watch For: Kimbrough’s biggest task will be convincing fed-up legislators that TxDOT is moving in the right direction—before they file yet another slew of hostile bills. In addition to subject matter expertise, through his work in the Texas Legislature, Micah has cultivated an expansive professional network in all areas of state government. When Rollins took over the leadership of the Texas Public Policy Foundation eight years ago, the fledgling organization had only four employees and was six months in arrears with the rent. Kelley credits his mentors for his staying power: Gullahorn; Jack Martin, of Public Strategies, who, Kelley says, “could see around corners”; and a high school football coach who gave him the best advice he’s ever received. Toomey, an Austin lobbyist and a former chief of staff to Perry, quickly stepped into the breach. Which brings us to the 2011 list. The committee’s recommendation, however, was classic Kimbrough: Fire the head honchos and start over. His efforts convinced lawmakers to increase funding for Child Protective Services by $200 million. What Ryan & Company has done is increase the precision of the rules.”. The well-funded Jones campaign loaded up on prime-time-TV advertising and joked about Edwards’ spots that ran during the low-cost soap opera time slots. Carol McGarah has worked with Rusty Kelley in Austin, Texas since 2001.
And this October, Hunt’s family foundation announced a gift of $10 million to expand Tech’s nursing school in El Paso. His extended network of political appointees in state government and staffers-turned-lobbyists has given his operation a reach and scope not seen since Bob Bullock. His number one goal is the elimination of the Senate’s so-called two-thirds rule, a longstanding tradition that requires the approval of two thirds of the Senate before a bill can be debated. After serving one session in the House, in 1981, Jones decided to run for the state Senate the next year. The people won. Each will prepare a version of the budget, which, according to tradition, will be numbered Senate Bill 1 and House Bill 1. Carney’s strategy was to attack Hutchison as a politician with Washington values while positioning Perry as a candidate with Texas values. Austin has executive branch experience working for two governors including, Rick Perry of Texas and Bobby Jindal of Louisiana. For more information, please visit our website at In the 2009 session, for example, the TPPF effectively killed a local referendum on a regional gasoline tax in the Metroplex, even though it had massive support from local business groups. Rusty Kelley in Texas.


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