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The Sarabhais are taken for a ride by a woman called Sunehri who says she is a child bride. Thanks to Indravadan disclosing the policy of rationalism, Maya ends up winning this challenge. 9. She, Sahil and Indravadan are putting together a song to mark the passing of Popat Kaka but unfortunately Maya loses her voice completely. And even though Payal, a doctor, comes to the Sarabhai residence to talk about marrying Rosesh, she is rejected. Monisha is a millionaire suddenly after her rich uncle bequeaths all his possessions to her. Sahil and Indu patch up. The Sarabhais are back and stuck in a bus, thanks to a sticky situation Monisha has got them into. It is a magical time for the Sarabhais because of The Midas Chant which makes whatever Sahil say come true. Even though Rosesh spills the beans to Maya, Indravadan manages to win the bet of Rs 3 lakh. 8. The Sarabhais are back and stuck in a bus, thanks to a sticky situation Monisha has got them into. How will the family resolve this issue? It involves getting Sahil to refrain from eating sweets. While many suggested hilarious titles, the cast finalised Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai Take 2 as the show’s title. Maya is terribly upset about Rosesh’s wedding plans. Vidisha decides to stay with Monisha when she comes to India for her wedding shopping, which makes Maya very unhappy. Despite throwing down the gauntlet, Maya is anxious about losing the game to Monisha. The presence of social activist, Manisha, scares the Sarabhais. But he is not wanted by anybody. 10. After such incidents, Maya is resigned to re-hiring her former servants. 6. Rate. Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai, one of the most loved shows of all time, is now making a comeback as a web series. Sarabhai V/S Sarabhai (2004–2017) Episode List. Meanwhile, Rosesh is given lot of information on married life by Sahil and Indravadan. The sensitive poet, Sahil, astounds Maya when he writes an ode to her pet goldfish. Monisha bemoans the lack of romance in her life and goes to the extent of talking to an editor of a gossip magazine. Here online for free Episodes on Hotstar. Rate. Sahil states that Indu is a bad influence on Arnab. Rosesh, saddened by the feeling that he was unwanted, puts himself up for adoption. Unfortunately, this woman escapes with a lot of money and jewellery. His eyes have been blindfolded by Monisha! It is Indravadan’s encouragement that prompts Sahil to propose to Monisha who breaks off with her fiancé. This goes on until they get the news of the death of a relative whose name started with the letter ‘M’. Is this one of the reasons why Maya is planning to throw him out of the house? Which TV Series would you suggest to people who enjoy Sarabhai vs Sarabhai? An astrologer foresees either Rosesh getting married within the next month or waiting for 51 years. Nayesha decides to marry Jugal Kishore and also urges Maya to learn Punjabi. Sarabhais, an affluent Gujarati family in South Bombay, will have you in splits with their idiosyncrasies. She, however, manages to get two tickets for herself and Indravadan. Monisha seems to be possessed by the spirit of Baa and imposes her will on quite a few family members. The participants recite their handwritten poems. Rosesh falls in love with a girl called Youyou at Monisha’s cousin’s wedding. At the restaurant, there is a lot of confusion because Dr Acharya and an impersonator are also present. Rosesh goes to the extent of saying that Maya must bribe Monisha so that she does not deliver her speech. Monisha has to step in and sing on behalf of Maya. What is the source of the problem? However, she withdraws the complaint later. Meanwhile, Monisha strives to resolve the rift between father and son, but fails. Anirudh who is the judge becomes emotional after listening to Indravadan’s poem. Dushyant and Maya step in to try and resolve Sahil’s problem and Maya succeeds in doing so. Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai - Take 2 - 12 Jun - 2017 - Season 2 - Episode 5 - Indu's Antics Indu's Antics Sahil states that Indu is a bad influence on Arnab. Then Kachcha Kela came with his new Poem. Rosesh pretends to be married and says that he has a child, producing Rita in front of Maya. Sahil has to take Maya out for lunch after lying to Monisha. Will the family be able to connect to the right spirit? 5. Will hosting an exhibition of antiques help? He plans to invite two of Maya’s cousins as well. She fakes illness and moves into Monisha’s house so she can start the pest control. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Maya and Monisha criticise each other and Maya challenges Monisha to a game of ‘antakshari’. Indravadan has no qualms about stealing tickets to a cricket match from Jayant, But Maya throws a spoke in his wheel. Maya dupes Indravadan into drinking milk and this leads her to play a game of checking out rational behaviour with Maya. He calms down only after coming to know that the tickets are meant for him and Monisha. Maya challenges Indravadan that Roshesh will win the poetry contest at the Art and Poetry Club Annual function. This leaves Maya and Monisha free to enjoy the day as spinsters! Monisha damages Maya’s phone but her plan to get Dushyant to repair it is met with resistance. Indravadan does his best to keep Maya from going to Sudanshu’s island. Indravadan struggles with his strict diet, imposed by Maya. Indu and Maya Finally set the exhibition of antiques. Maya is narrating the story of Sahil and Monisha getting married and how she had to be convinced by Sahil about his feelings for Monisha. This prompts Maya to place a matrimonial advertisement, leading to a barrage of girls visiting the Sarabhais. Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai Season 2: Latest & Full Episodes of Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai online on Disney+ Hotstar. Rosesh disappears outside the house in the night and returns in a wheelchair. Rate. An impromptu play gives Indravadan the opportunity to win a lot of appreciation because he has refused Sahil’s help. Meanwhile, Rosesh is given lot of information on married life by Sahil and Indravadan. Monisha is horrified that she has ended up breaking the car’s light and confesses only when Sahil accuses Rosesh of the misdemeanour. Maya recounts how she loved Indravadan’s poems, prompting Sahil to tell Indravadan that he should not be scolding Rosesh for his poetry. Be a part of their crazy lives! Add your shows and see the site populate with them, Calendar and Homepage with your shows only, Track your watched episodes and see new ones come out, Define search engines to find episodes with one click, Get suggestions for new shows based on what you watch, Many other neat features and customizations. This annoys Sahil, especially when he comes to know that Monisha has accepted an overnight cruise with Karan. Will this last? Unfortunately, Indravadan chooses this time to play a prank on her and this irritates her. Monisha tells Pratibha about Rosesh causing an accident and this invokes Maya's wrath. Nilima has even lodged a complaint against Sahil. Year: Season 2. The show revolves around the life of a fictional Gujarati family, the Sarabhais. Sorry, no streaming providers are yet available for this show from your country. Rate. Rosesh and Indravadan never seem to have a steady relationship, as it is shaken once again. Track Sarabhai vs Sarabhai season 2 episodes. Jashpal Mama Death. And it does seem like Monisha cannot have a break because Sahil leaves home to seek some space in Indravadan’s house. Rosesh, his sleeplessness and his untimely violin playing disturb everybody to the point that Sahil makes him see a psychoanalyst. Indravadan is shaken by this and learns only later that he has been pranked! Later on, Sahil states that Dinky was a patient, needing plastic surgery. Will Rosesh recover after being dumped by Maggi? Everyone recalls Dushyant causing a blackout. Maya and Roshesh consider Indravadan's attitude towards Rosesh and his gregarious nature boorish. What are the hilarious incidents that ensue? They also teach the game to Indravadan, who ironically, plays against Maya and wins! Rate. The Sarabhais have to deal with Sharman who is facing imminent arrest. Maya cheats on the game but Sahil does not fall for her antics. Unknown to him, however, Maya finds out that he is hiding inside a cupboard. Much curiosity surrounded the viewers when the makers announced the show’s comeback and asked for an apt title for the show. Rosesh, typically, writes a poem for Monisha. Madhusudan foists Kissme on the Sarabhais. Will Maya be unhappy about this? Monisha and Maya do not think twice about reading Sahil’s personal diary and find that he has written about a woman called Dinky. Maya complains to Sahil about Indravadan pouring milk over Roshesh’s head for reading out a romantic poem on cauliflower. Maya does not want to allow her to stay at home, but Indravadan intervenes. A hypnotist is the guest of honour at the Sarabhais’ party. Binge watch episodes of Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai entire season 2 only on Disney+ Hotstar Error: please try again. 4. Monisha tempts him with a chocolate cake and he eats all of it, but is later delighted to find out he has lost weight. Their older son Sahil and his wife Monisha Sarabhai live in the apartment across the hallway. 2. So, he takes ‘revenge’ by putting Indravadan under his spell and causing Indravadan to think he is Maya. What will Maya and Monisha do to address their suspicion? Monisha, true to her form, makes fun of the game of scrabble when the rest of the family is playing. So what exactly happened to the family in these seven years and will Rosesh's heart go 'beat beat' with the entry of Jasmine Mavani? The party, ironically, is cancelled. Maggi has captured Rosesh’s heart and this annoys Maya immensely but she changes her mind when she meets Maggi. Rosesh finally bags a big serial but can he impress his director? Maya does not take kindly to Monisha’s food stall at the Mumbai Marathon and goes to the extent of telling Sahil that he should either divorce Monisha or make her sophisticated. Meanwhile, Indravadan tries to reason out Jugal Kishore’s love for Nayesha. Rosesh moves in with Maggi but it does not last. Will all end well? A fight between Monisha and Sahil fills Monisha with ideas of suicide and she goes to the extent of telling Rosesh about her final wishes. Rosesh is inspired to write a story about this. Baldev and his wife Sarupa have marital problems and only Maya supports their decision to go ahead with a divorce. Sahil, feeling helpless about the ‘war’ between Maya and Monisha, leaves the house, causing concern to his family members. During the exhibition Dushyant notice something about Kachcha Kela and start to blaming him for stealing. It is nostalgia time for Indravadan and Maya as someone is writing a book on their marriage.


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