sectarianism in glasgow

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Not all incidents of religiously aggravated offending come to the attention of the police, or in circumstances where they are able to charge offenders with a religiously aggravated offence (for example on occasions where there are large groups of people singing religiously offensive songs).

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The foundation of Celtic, a club with a distinct Irish Roman Catholic identity, was crucial in the subsequent adoption by Rangers of a Protestant, Unionist identity.

/BitsPerComponent 8 (8YLrrJcZs5YPh4aX$=@a@I-503Xt^rTm(jD-cI)+^fJ:;Pgs\jk_(ps_ /Resources << /ProcSet [/PDF /ImageC] /XObject << /Im58 58 0 R >> >> /MediaBox [ 0 0 595.44 841.68 ] Vp-:sL!,bf85bW$?.-spE/e]s[p61_bLMe!2TJDJaY$*b8lqBXUesD+0t8h5_U`Jm. 0t#LnM3>^mg+H#G0; /MediaBox [ 0 0 595.44 841.68 ] In August 2003, Rangers launched its 'Pride Over Prejudice' campaign to promote social inclusion, which has urged fans to wear only traditional Rangers colours and avoid offensive songs, banners and salutes.

An audit from the Crown Office in 2006 of religiously aggravated crimes in Scotland between January 2004 and June 2005, found that 33% of these were related to football. /Filter [/ASCII85Decode /FlateDecode]

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@ul2HNT'bXl\K]/\.=4K$&)Zke\4LKQK=-8b]M^S0Qa7_N"9t:2g:q+7ph\kL9=++0]oGt@A?1u endobj In 1984 he joined Celtic and scored 72 goals in 128 matches, won the Scottish Cup in 1985 and the Scottish league championship in 1986. b9(ih,QC21,62.c1VS7I^_h%ldsk*8g/OW35q$9! The fact that so many incidents were directed towards the police or someone acting in their official capacity suggest that, in many cases, the accused was unlikely to have known the religion of the victim and that the religious abuse may have been arbitrary in nature. 716 835 776 716 656 776 716 1014 716 716 656 298 298 298 504 597 GhSus8WVoO%_h\@d*Vol(%'0nGS=V>H&!Y9)TX)j*PBJL:-+^"ANKeY;d>2jQ0doA\HnM$MI^`( [13][14][15] Particularly from the 1970s, Rangers came under increasing media pressure to change their stance,[16] despite several of the club's directors continuing to publicly defend the position. History. b,\no%XR0cUC? "[27], Research, however, suggests that football is unlikely to be the main source of sectarianism in Glasgow.


endobj )IrA&b(:k!Qe-fnl#pmi2L /Filter [/ASCII85Decode /FlateDecode] Sectarian violence and/or sectarian strife is a form of communal violence which is inspired by sectarianism, that is, between different sects of one particular mode of an ideology or religion within a nation/community.

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2 0 obj "[27], The Orangemen of Glasgow (members of the Protestant Orange Institution), parade in the city around the historic date of the Twelfth (12 July), commemorating the victory of King William of Orange's Williamite army over the deposed King James Stuart's Jacobite army at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690 following the Glorious Revolution two years earlier. ;,kpK,Fc18QE^@UsA"; For example, a 46 year old Catholic claimed to have been told in 1979 that he had secured a job only to have the offer withdrawn when he revealed that he had attended a Catholic school.



This was a small qualitative study, and although not generalisable, offers some relatively recent insights into what were perceived as experiences of sectarianism in the workplace, and from respondents who were relatively young. 0/#oG`DKO_nc"VLp@1pMe]+5.Ge_&V/c6Ssdk+2k)(kkD/#j"QbMXML-X(tfjbl%A.N8.

92 0 obj 56 0 obj >> 358 597 597 537 597 597 298 597 597 239 239 537 239 895 597 597 /PaintType 1 (@W#ISeJsE5B*kgnZaWr44u@lm,2$&W=u$FukW2Yuu>M [21], While the majority of Celtic fans are Catholic, some of the key figures in the club's history (Jock Stein, Kenny Dalglish, Danny McGrain) have come from a Protestant background.

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'J-7lC%b:u\VX?kOQ7^n4E?d*4d1BRCZ'R,gg(gpI=GV#NBn NHC\d+R*E4QI_7M?eVFk[B"Y@d\+//J endstream [30], A series of developments during the 2010–11 football season has led to an intense public debate over the question of the nature and extent of religious sectarianism in Scotland. 8Fj^d.OkMq5`S[ED^o-!7DpQf$M(K[B(H?4V"TFWZQeC7*MuDjL7'#.NG=M8[GKWJQe4rG;$Ak#Tl2s7BYZMAAXg_"`hfg !kWb'.Rt?CW%i4r(*QRL9U8VeMNp>8giVj!t << !kWb'.Rt?CW%i4r(*QRL9U8VeMNp>8giVj!t "tp+$d29u!XcF7`2/$l=UlNb]QBd*5YkRF,dM8je%)clU4JO One of the key aims of the NFO study was to measure the proportion of respondents who believed that they had been the subject of sectarianism in the city and to try to identify the nature of this experience. GhS]l99\,M&\d_;^r9;AC6upZ6nU)`'dZK*8]oni*$cW1Hn6^D"NAF0qsQ>s4k&4C")_/RYX$F5 endobj

Sectarian behaviour is included in measures of 'hate crime'15 reported to the procurator fiscal and published in an annual official statistics publication, Hate Crime in Scotland. @pK9=Z+;a8+D5I. ;gd'EmZ&Wj\S@nMRi\(CUaH^Qde^(Sh!a+TKmVi1+ \$0NApno3bc%aM"aDogPSc/u9mqh)jfW700/(i=0eOm?aaXV0.7(PK+Fkf6f(9qcKEMl3ScV3R+>!1eo8,5hU>E3h[jSNO3Q03]DB.f[Id$^r8%>QLLVMmlM, pG&_onT$g;lJ!Q5q-JR=CmZcEKJh7Y@+B/i5SQ16sdk@X40a0$UY.g*uQWRH'pIl/8%7`NOFe2XlGKH'4-U. Memorials and Other Papers by Thomas de Quincey, the Pennsylvan... ...ngoing student publication project to bring classical works of literature, in English, to free and easy access of those wishing to make use of them. /Type /XObject

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[ Of this 71, 28 were Catholics and 4 were affiliated to the Church of Scotland13. 27 0 obj ?JI!&^M914G1M?A.


N;NhhTF#:FJUl/N&B'/?#E_4HqGsKOQ"`+;(biGBn2=[pP! Third, this study may not have provided a complete account of charges aggravated by 'sectarian' prejudice because some of these types of incidents may have been reported to COPFS as racial aggravations rather than religious aggravations. =C5iK=]iV!ZRF:sX2_Z:3OGYuJl(hcp`%$EZSqJ'=tIL1)QW9. The Old Firm is the collective name for the Scottish football clubs Celtic and Rangers, which are both based in Glasgow. /Contents 91 0 R 67 0 obj GhT9'968iI'#+6En0h>j>eWes/b)TA[8f:MPIPcGP[UIQ=(qa#E.h$oIO4kX(VOTZS^ /Length 89 0 R CRY`VYf?JOY][WG"0M)i:dOF$n*G=MP-Igq`daa7Qe?R4),fLsp+d>6#Mn=._/]q`aQ6sG%_.iM?ECEpO5?

/Height 8 >> r^YD^6a7=pndlS0=3\`V>]>",LnDrB"/hn_[M+`tF$@nEHg#e$m-KO.CP_gC5,5VlYZY+Oiqp&U IdDk4Dm$Z,Xc'.FR^=Z@Wg^i]/;'GPE4*9'4#ruq9=mru. /Height 8 PD-QubN'd,?FXTm&kITM@a4LeR/1i*6T7\cp4L=V^ [11] From the early 20th century onwards Rangers had a policy of not signing Catholic players or employing Catholics in other roles. between territorial gang culture and sectarianism in Glasgow.

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Church of Scotland, Sikhism, Scottish Episcopal Church, Scotland, Scottish Reformation, Religion in Scotland, Church of Scotland, Scotland, Scottish Reformation, Prehistoric Scotland, Shia Islam, Sunni Islam, Pakistan, Syrian Civil War, Religion. /Parent 4 0 R 5.

5^R+g1C2T"rg$35>Ro_-_\q4,I#NP^&tES4Xr+K5BZ#i::B[h!\UZ>X/-? 34 0 obj endobj << Welcome glory! 18 0 obj 0.6% of all respondents (6) believed they had been the victim of vandalism because of their religion: including 2 Protestants and 3 Roman Catholics.

/Font 5 0 R 597 597 597 597 597 597 597 597 597 597 358 358 627 627 627 656 0.5% (5) believed they had been unfairly treated by the Council because of their religion: 2 Roman Catholics and 3 Protestant respondents. @/WSnd@Pola:0P45tbQK,mCYp2tU,o]h/*66LM`[H#rW!BqgQa]n85 *JViA(jJse4DtacRTr8L_Imh,Y/lSME4(3`@FY^F@a=mkR5GH+=`0[7%N^.bnU9J3_JW


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/Resources << /Filter [/ASCII85Decode /FlateDecode] [11], In 1989, Rangers signed Maurice "Mo" Johnston, "their first major Roman Catholic signing".

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What is obvious from the material examined in this section is that more research is needed to allow us to explore the extent and nature of sectarianism in Scotland. UIC!L6"i.c#m,/O.8%*_gRg:PqAi:9i_^P@G^/. World Heritage Encyclopedia™ is a registered trademark of the World Public Library Association, a non-profit organization. /Pa65 65 0 R Set to the tune of The John B. Sails popularised by Carl Sandburg, the lyrics of the song make reference to the 1840s' Great Famine of Ireland.


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