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Singing hairdos?

Rock's Backpages is the world's most comprehensive online database of pop music writing, a unique resource unavailable elsewhere online. Anybody can do that.”, It was Andy Warhol who wanted Lou Reed and John Cale to let his beautiful new friend Nico sing with their avant-garde rock band. Mayfield’s sweet falsetto sings of Nixon’s bland reassurances over the fuzz-bass of “(Don’t Worry) If There Is a Hell Below We’re All Going to Go”; doleful horns give the politically conscious “We the People Who Are Darker Than Blue” a profound emotional undertow; “Move On Up” is simply one of the most exhilarating songs in pop.

Released outside of Jamaica by Island Records with guitar overdubs and ornamentation, the original Jamaican version is a stripped-down masterpiece.

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It’s weird. But it doesn’t. The Spell feat. She signed a publishing deal with the idea of writing songs for others, but people began to encourage her to record the songs herself.

“Venus in Furs” is a jangling, jagged-edge drone about a sex whipping not given lightly. Released four months before Giorgio Moroder’s "I Feel Love", Trans-Europe Express influenced everything from hip-hop to techno. “Who the hell are you? Produced by Quincy Jones, the sophisticated disco funk nails the balance between tight, tendon-twanging grooves and liberated euphoria. HB, Lauryn Hill raised the game for an entire genre with this immense and groundbreaking work. RO, Millennials coming at this album can end up feeling like the guy who saw Hamlet and complained it was all quotations. Newsom’s unusual song structures, with their fragmented melodies, and strange and beautiful orchestral arrangements by 63-year-old Van Dyke Parks, take time to work their magic. Start your Independent Premium subscription today.

“Rock’n’roll is mainly masculine, male-dominated.

CH, Before they went their own way, Fleetwood Mac decided to tell a story that would be the quintessential marker for American rock culture in the Seventies. "The Pete Tong story reminded me of this," he quipped. Thousands of articles, interviews and reviews from the world's best music writers and critics, from the late 1950s to the present day. You can view our full Privacy and Cookies Policy.

With male pop stars, odd behaviour is encouraged. By registering for free articles you will receive our weekly newsletter, you can change this preference at any time by clicking ‘Unsubscribe’ in the newsletter. CH, Though her 1971 album, Blue, is usually chosen for these kinds of lists, Mitchell surpassed its silvery, heartbroken folk five years later with a record that found her confidently questioning its culturally conditioned expectations of womanhood. It’s hard to explain.

It knows the potency of cheap (i.e., pop) music, and uses it to explore real, often dark emotions. Albena Veskova], Caminhando e Cantando (Paula Pedroza Remix), Une histoire d'amoure (feat.

Nelson’s songwriting efforts continued throughout her teen years, even as singing was placed on the back burner. Individuals can subscribe to Rock’s Backpages for three, six and twelve months to get unlimited access to the complete Rock’s Backpages archive. The tension between the savagery of his vocals and Kim Deal’s softer melodic tone won’t reach its perfect balance until their next album but their debut, Surfer Rosa is gigantic, and deserving of big, big love.

I did the album with everything I had in me, and I couldn’t dilute it or change it to make it appeal to people who don’t want it.”. Shara Nelson in the video for Unfinished Sympathy, for which she wrote the lyrics and melody.

RO, Proof that a woman could satisfy her unique artistic vision and top the charts without kowtowing to industry expectations, Kate Bush’s self-produced masterpiece explored the extreme range of her oceanic emotions from the seclusion of a cutting-edge studio built in the garden of her 17th-century farmhouse. I've never met anyone else who could do that. Wait now, what? “What Silence Knows,” her debut album on Chrysalis/ERG, is a sophisticated, mature work. Its “loud, quiet, loud” tectonics would prove so influential that Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain would later say he “was basically trying to rip off the Pixies”. Aside from my friend's light treatment of the story, the Big Shot blog has suggested throwing Nelson and Tongy into a Big Brother house with Charlie Sheen. That’s even without the essential contributions of drummer Mitch Mitchell and bassist Noel Redding, who handed Are You Experienced? Want to bookmark your favourite articles and stories to read or reference later? I want my son to feel that way. My son wouldn’t say, ‘So what?’ but he doesn’t necessarily know that that’s really f**king cool. The swooping chord changes in James Cleveland’s “My Soul Looks Back” are magnificent. Rising through the UK garage scene as a member of east London’s Roll Deep crew, the MC born Dylan Mills allegedly honed his skills in production after being excluded from every one of his classes, apart from music.

Emilie Chick 09. Death is everywhere, sometimes in its most visceral form: “I’ve seen soldiers fall like lumps of meat,” she sings on “The Words That Maketh Murder”, “Arms and legs are in the trees.” Musically, though, it’s ravishing: Harvey employs autoharp, zither, rhodes piano, xylophone and trombone to create a futuristic folk sound that’s strikingly original yet could almost be from an earlier century. I know it will take time for people to see it as I see it. HB, Sign o’ the Times is Prince’s magnum opus from a catalogue of masterworks – a double album spanning funk, rock, R&B and most essentially, soul.

Recorded in just two eight-hour sessions, in which Morrison first played the songs to the assembled musicians then told them to do their own thing, Astral Weeks still feels as if it was made yesterday. To spend time with Curtis is to be in the presence of a beautiful soul. There’s no high art. Your guide to the 2020 election in California.

Long before the Spice Girls packaged attitude for popular consumption, songwriter Ellie Greenwich was having trouble with a group of teenagers who had grown up in a tough part of Queen’s – “with their gestures, and language, and chewing the gum and the stockings ripped up their legs”.

To access Rock’s Backpages through your non-UK university or college, please use your library page via the below menu. Sister Sledge gave Rodgers a chance to work with warmer, gutsier vocals than the cool voices he used to give Chic records such laid-back style and the result is a floor-filling dance party, punctuated by mellow ballads. HB, A uniquely British take on hip hop and soul that continues to influence booming modern genres like grime and dubstep, the Bristol collective’s debut gave a cool new pulse to the nation’s grit and grey. The synthesised sounds coming out of Kraftwerk’s Kling-Klang studios had already become pure and beautiful on 1975’s Radio-Activity, but on Trans-Europe Express, their sophistication subtly shifts all future possibilities. Radio 1 DJ Pete Tong has been granted a restraining order against former Massive Attack singer Kind of Blue is unrepeatably cool. HB, It only takes 20 seconds of opening track Bone Machine to realise Pixies and producer Steve Albini have stripped down the sound of rock ’n’ roll and rebuilt it piece by piece.

With music streaming on Deezer you can discover more than 56 million tracks, create your own playlists, and share your favourite tracks with your friends. “I’m out to bloody entertain, not just get up onstage and knock out a few songs,” he declared. Marley sang of life “where the living is hardest” in “Concrete Jungle” and looked back to Jamaica’s ignoble slaving past – “No chains around my feet but I’m not free”.
A friend of mine recently posted a Facebook link to a 90s documentary on former Radio 1 DJ Mike Read's stalker, the intimidating and clearly quite unwell Blue Tulip Rose Read. Music feat. “I’ll Be Your Mirror” is a love song. The Times endorses one incumbent and three newcomers for the Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees.

Unaware of the "Pete Tong story" I Googled his name and read, with my heart sinking into my stomach, that he had put a restraining order on singer Shara Nelson.

She studied languages in college, majoring in French, but didn’t really exert herself in her studies because she knew that eventually she’d get back where her heart was: singing. Hendrix’s attack on the guitar contrasted against the more polished virtuosos in rock at the time – yet it is his raw ferocity that we find ourselves coming back to. Eager for creative control, she signed with the small, respected Cooltempo label. “It was great to see that, not just for women, and not just for guitars, but for playing an instrument and doing it really well.”, “I love that s**t,” agrees Benson.
Closer may be a final flowering, but Unknown Pleasures is more tonally consistent, utterly unlike anything before or since.

HB, Weave a circle round her thrice… Joanna Newsom is dismissed by some as kookily faux-naif, but her second album, before she trained out the childlike quality from her voice, may be the most enchanted record ever made. The Second Spell feat. She has also been issued with a 12-month community order and will have to complete 80 hours of community service.

You can smell ashtrays on greasy spoon tables in Tricky’s whisper and feel the rain on your face in Shara Nelson’s exhilarating improvisations.


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