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Fast forward to the present, and not a single current WNBA player has a signature sneaker line. Can you share with us what that opportunity meant to you is that you are a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame? Originally released in 1997, the Air Swoopes II was the follow-up to WNBA superstar Sheryl Swoopes’ signature shoe. A year later, in 1996, when the WNBA was formed, the Houston Comets made her the first pick for their inaugural season. In 1995, Sheryl Swoopes -- the first woman signed to the WNBA in 1996 -- became the first woman to have a signature athletic shoe. Sheryl Swoopes: First of all, they are both totally different players when I think about Sue, I played with a year in the Olympics and a year in Seattle. There was something about that round ball that just drew me to it.
We'll be here for you.".

Sheryl Swoopes holds a special place in Nike Basketball history.

However, when start looking at players who recently retired and if they want to get into coaching, I think it easier for those players to connect with the players on that level. Unfortunately, I never got an opportunity to watch women play on TV [growing up]. It also shows the support that a lot of the NBA players have the WNBA players.

Landon Buford:  What is the significant difference in the women’s game now compared to when you were playing at Texas Tech? I do know you are getting an excellent product for not too much money, and when I say that, not too much money for NBA players to invest in a team.

I would also wish more WNBA teams would give former WNBA players more opportunities to a part of their organizations. Never did I think it would turn into a conversation about my footwear. Finally, they could lace up and walk onto the court and aspire to play like the woman whose name was attached to their favorite sneakers.

Sheryl Swoopes: I think for me, anytime you are the first at anything, there is always a lot of people watching you see how you handle that. In 1993, when I graduated from Texas Tech, I went overseas and played ball for a little bit, and then I came back home in 1995 is when the USA put the national team together. It was important to me to be a part of that first season. I am also working with a young man in Ghana to build a computer learning center.
Landon Buford: When your peers are asked to talk about your game, they always zero in on your ability to create and your pump fake. So I watched Michael Jordan. So, it not just focusing on doing things here in the states with our African American youth; it is also assisting and helping working organizations that are already established in Africa.

It's just such an amazing feeling to sit back today and watch the growth of the game.

That was the one thing that was always important to me because, for whatever reason, I never had a serious injury when I played until I started getting older. Some people can shoot, and some people can score. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question.

I don't know what it was -- the competition, the excitement [or] just me being able to be me. I will say this generation of kids are different, and I think everyone always says that. I think some our former players and coaches have gotten the amazing opportunity in the NBA, and don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with that, but I hate losing all this talent to the NBA and just hold on to this great talent into the WNBA. Even during the time when it is nobody’s business, but in the profession that we are in or the profession that she is in, there will always be someone watching you. Sheryl Swoopes reflects on her first trip to Lady Foot Locker to see her Nike Air Swoopes on the shelf and how a young fan's affection impacted her life. I believe Dawn Staley does a phenomenal job doing that.

As her teammate, there were moments when she do something I would sit there or when I was on the court where it was male or female, players weren’t supposed to do some of the things she was doing. I’m a massive fan of hers.

I got out there maybe four or five minutes at a time. To positionless basketball where you have a Liz Cambage with the Las Vegas Aces bring the ball up the floor, that is what I think is the most significant difference.

What was the design process like? Which I really was doing, and that's how I got started.

I just think the game has changed from your traditional position such as point guards, shooting guards, forwards, power forwards, and centers.

I had my son (Jordan Jackson). I like to think that I will be the first to achieve and accomplished a lot of things, not just in the WNBA, and as being a trailblazer. She also knows how to set her teammates up, and that was Sue Birds’ ability from a point guard’s standpoint was to just lead her team.

I didn't know women could do this. Find answers in product info, Q&As, reviews. You have to be able to relate to the players, and I think the older you are as it pertains to some of these coaches, it harder because they are who they are.

I think it would be a great idea because I think we need more teams in the WNBA. I leave that to other people to decide, but I will say if you talk about the big three people call myself, Tina Thompson, and Cynthia Cooper, the original big three or whatever you want to put it. She is a fan of the game. During her first four seasons in the WNBA, Swoops proved why she deserved to be awarded a shoe deal from Nike, as she went on to be the first-ever player to record a triple-double in the regular season as well as, the playoffs. Hall of Famer Sheryl Swoopes discusses her foundation, the current state of the WNBA, and how her shoe deal with Nike came about in the first place. Only because I am passionate about it, and I feel there is a significant need for it. Sheryl's Shoe Gerber watched Sheryl play at the Team USA training camp, taking notes on how she moved on the court. My background growing up, I didn’t have a lot of money and didn’t have a lot of those things. SS: Marni will forever be a special person in my life. I can't even sit here and tell you that I had a dream growing up to have my own shoe someday. Hall of Famer Sheryl Swoopes, Sheryl Swoopes is one of the greatest male or female basketball players of all-time in 1995, she was the first female to be award a signature shoe from Nike and second only to Chicago Bulls‘ legend Michael Jordan, and it would be named the ‘Nike Air Swoopes.’. The original design featured a strap on the back of the sneaker. Sue is a true point guard; she sees the floor very well; she understands the game and knows how to be a leader. I always say someone must be the first to be able to lay a foundation for so many young people coming behind us coming to achieve what we did but to surpass us. The first-ever female baller to receive a signature silhouette from the Swoosh, …

They are stuck in there way, and things won’t change. That doesn’t necessarily mean on the coaching staff it can be in the front office and player development.

espnW: Then came 1997, and league play began for the WNBA. I know it's real, but it doesn't seem real.

I wanted to make [my mom] proud. If the Houston Comets ever rejoined, the WNBA would be interested in investing in the ball club? Sheryl Swoopes: It was a process but not a long one, though. I just tried to take bit and piece from different players an incorporate that into my game. I did play with nails, by the way.

In order to help grow the game and teach the young players the game and what it is like to be a professional athlete. I am the type of person that has had a foundation for over 20 years, but as long I was playing, I don’t do much with it because I am more of a hands-on type of person. It was a fundamental skill I think more people should use because it allows you to create space and to be able to get your shot off.

That's what I did. He became my basketball role model.

There was a problem completing your request. Landon Buford: In 1995, you became the first female basketball player to have your own signature athletic shoe’ The Nike Air Swoopes.’ Can you take us through the process of how the deal presented itself? espnW: Leading up to the WNBA being founded in 1996, you hit accolade after accolade.

Molly Seidel, as told to Charlotte Gibson, Scout Bassett, as told to Charlotte Gibson, Maryam Shojaei as told to Aishwarya Kumar, Lynn Olszowy | ESPN producer and reporter, Dan Hajducky and Ericka N. Goodman-Hughey, Ericka N. Goodman-Hughey, with reporting by Charlotte Gibson, Sheryl Swoopes remembers buying a young fan Air Swoopes (1:16), Gibson -- First-time major winners are the new norm on the LPGA Tour, LPGA player Mariah Stackhouse inspires the next generation of golfers, Olympic marathoner Molly Seidel found a way to run again, 'Mulan' inspired Paralympian Scout Bassett to embrace her inner warrior, Why 'Bring It On' is one of the most important sports movies ever made, ENSPIRE winner Maryam Shojaei on her fight to get Iranian women back in the soccer stadium, Love 40 -- Venus Williams through the years, John McEnroe on narrating Netflix's 'Never Have I Ever', Splash Sisters senior women's basketball players stay fit while staying home, An oral history of 'Love & Basketball,' 20 years later, WWE's 'Fight Like a Girl' premieres on Quibi, Macedonian woman completes the Seven Summits, Pappas discusses 'Olympic Dreams,' the first movie filmed at the Olympic Village, Billie Jean King paving new narrative in Barbie's world, Serena Williams owns New York Fashion Week, How 'In Living Color' won the 1992 Super Bowl, the first woman signed to the WNBA in 1996, WNBA draft grades: Wings, Lynx score highest marks, women's basketball championship with Texas Tech. Everyone is represented, and for me to be one of the individuals there, it was a tremendous honor to represent women and the Hall of Fame.


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