signs of religious brainwashing

Two thousand years later, the church often takes the same imperious position that the Pharisees and Sadducees shared. No correct-thinking individual could possibly disagree with me. The justification was that if members of these faiths had been “brainwashed” and had no free will, then it was perfectly acceptable to beat their religious conversion out of them. Deviant Behavior and Teachings. Making the decision to keep [a] certain opinion to ourselves because we’re afraid of the response is a sign that community is breaking down. When you think about it, the entire New Testament tells the story of a nation (the Israelites) who believes that they completely understand the scriptures, who God is, and what he requires of them. Singer’s theories were also used by anti-religious deprogrammers to justify kidnapping members of various faiths (Christian as well as new religious movements) and beating them into renouncing their faiths. You almost immediately know how safe a group is by how they talk about others. The second lawsuit, asserting defamation and conspiracy, was dismissed under a California law prohibiting baseless, vindictive and harassing litigation. A culture begins to get unhealthy when its members no longer have the capacity to recognize the complex nature of social issues, politics, or biblical interpretations. The APA Board stated that “In general, the report lacks the scientific rigor and evenhanded critical approach needed for APA imprimatur.” The APA Board warned Singer and her cohorts not to imply that the APA in any way supported the positions she had put forward. Do they lump people into groups and stereotype them as “liberals,” “heretics,” or “red necks?” Are people generalized based on one or two litmus-test beliefs?

Authentic churches desire people to become more like Christ. Sometimes there’s debate about the significance and point of the passage, and at other times people agree pretty quickly on the point. But that changed one day after a guy brought up a touchy subject to me multiple times, and I realized that he had read one of my posts, got irritated, and was trying to covertly/politely re-educate me. The Federal District Court for the Central District of California rejected this evidence as inherently unreliable and summarily struck it from the record. I’ve been a couple of times and walked away wishing that Christian studies were similar. The original leaders of the Cult Awareness Network (CAN) were involved in the criminal activity of deprogramming which led to a $4.875 million damages verdict against the group and deprogrammer Rick Ross in a case brought by a Pentecostal Christian, Jason Scott. I remember sitting with a bunch of Christian friends and having a laugh at young-earth creationists not realizing that I was hurting someone in the room. If Christ is the Son of God, then he is the perfect example for one to model. The sad thing is that, if what I keep to myself is wrong, I’ll never know it — but if it’s right, neither will you. Singer’s half-baked theories were soon debunked by the scientific community. It is a traditionally-based process of all cultures. Things are seldom as cut and dried as we assume. Hillary Kelly Should Maybe Talk To Someone, “Anti-Domestic Violence Campaigner” Tamron Hall Promotes Woman Abuser on Show, Scientologists Taking Action Against Discrimination. Expert StudyApostates and New Religious Movements, Expert StudyThe Reliability of Apostate Testimony about New Religious Movements, published by the Center for Studies on New Religions, The Truth about Scientology and “Fair Game”, Religious Discrimination Against the Church of Scientology and its Parishioners in Germany, Scientologists’ Donations and Church of Scientology Financial Practices, Scientology Beliefs about “Creation of the Universe”, The Church of Scientology Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF): Truth and Misconceptions, The Sea Organization: Religious Order of the Scientology Religion, The Truth about L. Ron Hubbard and the ‘Make a Million Dollars’ Myth, The Unreliability of Stories and Rumors by Apostates, The “Snow White” Program and the Church of Scientology: The True Story. While many lives have been destroyed in the process, total success has never been documented. Truth is on their side. It’s an easy assumption to make. Sometimes I’ll question the status quo and be completely unprepared for the onslaught of angry responses. That position is further solidified by being around others who share the same ideas.

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Respected sociologists and experts in religion have also closed the door on this ignorant and archaic view. “Brainwashing” is the concept that an individual’s entire personality can be wiped out and replaced through the use of physical torture and drugs.

It’s obvious the minute it happens. Here are five signs that you are in a cult and not the true church of Jesus Christ. Need help deciding when someone is interested in discussing your differences or just trying to fix you? But the sad truth is that I’ve done it to others, too. In many groups, the rabbi discusses a passage and then everyone tears into it. When the average response to a contrary or new idea is anger, something is rotten in Denmark. Your phone calls or texts are not returned.

Do they demonize people who disagree about different points? If we learned anything from the gospels, it’s that in a blind world, the person with sight is thought to be insane. Be aware that when someone accuses another of having been “brainwashed” by their church or synagogue, they are speaking from a deep well of prejudice and manufactured hysteria. On appeal, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously agreed. This is a hard one. It, too, determined to summarily reject Dr. Levine’s “mind control” theories as unreliable and to strike his declaration from the record in deciding in favor of the Church and dismissing the specious claims. When it’s assumed that we’re all in agreement, it can be nearly impossible for people to process having an ideological traitor in the midst.


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