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For one born into a life of gang-banging, where death, violence, and prison sentences are customary, it takes a commendable type of mental strength to believe in something that seems implausible such as legally becoming a millionaire. “F— livin’ basic, I’m takin’ risks/F— what they sayin’, I’m sayin’ this/ Don’t waste your time, it don’t make you rich.”. The Break Down: Being in debt can be a heavy burden to carry. “Don’t waste your time, it don’t make you rich” is a bar I wish everyone lived by. But all around I believe this book can teach a lot of people a lot about the America we know and can be a talking point for anyone regardless of race or location. Then I heard the reference again in the song on his Victory Lap Album, Blue Laces 2. It is important to read this book as it outlines the fight that occurred back then but it also shows the nature of accomplishing the task no matter how difficult or untraditional. Copyright © 2020 WILBERT ROGERS – All rights reserved. What these companies would often do would be to take the first black person they would hire, often in an arbitrary position and sit them near the entrance of their establishment so that it was visually evident to people that they have a “diverse” staff. This post Let These Words Guide You: 10 Motivational Lyrics From Nipsey Hussle’s ‘Victory Lap’ first appeared on Vibe. Recognizing how valuable, short and privileged we are to have life is something many of us lack, but it’s what Nip was clearly aware of in this bar. Nipsey Hussle was a talented rapper and an activist. Also, OGs look out for young kids with promising futures. Even in this space, the All Money In CEO leads by example. Grinding isn’t always a pretty situation. But what is for certain is that although this is a novel, this outlines the life of African Americans not to long from the day in which I am writing this. With this notion, Nipsey encourages listeners to consider education as a conduit to a better life. How to build an online / apparel business with little to no money. The Break Down: Taking it a step further than just speaking dreams into existence, Nipsey lays down laws about the tireless hustle needed to transform visions into reality. Who are the ‘Proud Boys’? Your email address will not be published. The Break Down: A myth that studious kids from impoverished areas are teased for being smart still persists in today’s society. Not to glorify it either, but to acknowledge it was something he had to intentionally become aware of to break from. Roc Nation And Three Six Zero Pre-GRAMMY Brunch 2015 - Inside, Paulina Porizkova spends final hours in home she shared with Ric Ocasek: 'I never cried as much as I have in the last year'. The Spook Who Sat by the Door by Sam Greenlee. Spook being a racial slur used to describe black person and a term to refer to a spy operative. Because of the platform he was running on the CIA was forced to account for their lack of black operatives and through this they were mandated to enhance their recruitment efforts for black people. The Break Down: This may be one of the most powerful lines from Victory Lap. His lyrics matched his body of work in real life — it was all about hustling, maintaining and preserving. Thanks for sharing! Shoutout the squad: Who are the creatives behind Cardi B's 'Press' video? It’s nothing wrong with getting help from people, but Nipsey encourages listeners to work with what they have until they’re able to get more. In 2013, the music entity sold nearly 80 million albums and P’s personal bank account housed $350 million. Hussle and Motivate: 5 Nipsey Hussle lyrics that will push you to be great, Ocean Views” motivates us to always believe in leveling up. Wil. Only at IKEA. But again, I must admit I didn’t immediately start to read it. Same great quality. Violence in the Black Community – from a black man. When he was 28 years old, P was awarded a $10,000 malpractice settlement. Can The Landlord Just Barge Into Your Home? Lyrics: Third generation South Central gang bangers/That lived long enough to see it changing/Think it’s time we make arrangements/Finally wiggle out they mazes, find me out in different places/ “I’m the Spook [Who Sat] By the Door,” this the infiltration, double back, dressed in blue laces. Lyrics: Say it’s all uncomfortable when you transition (let’s go)/But it’s all beautiful when you get rich in it (don’t stop)/When you start killin’ s**t (elevatin’) and they all witness it (keep rockin’)/Money grow faster (keep rollin’) than ni**as could spend the s**t (get down)/Open more businesses with you and your ni**as…. One of the most effective ways to spark inspiration in someone is just showing them that what they envision is possible. With Nipsey opening a business in the very neighborhood that he once committed crimes in, and rapping about saving money, he’s disrupting generations of destructive behavior passed down by OGs and family members. It’s been less than six months since the passing of Crenshaw’s Nipsey Hussle and to say his presence is still felt would be an understatement. Ones that hate us and cuff us and mace us He uses his knowledge to develop his organization and they opposed the racial institution the best way they could. Dan Freeman stayed low-key amongst the black recruits but excelled on all levels in large part to his military experience and his preconceived desire to take his learning and experience back to his community in the form of freedom fighters against the racist establishment. What’s even more captivating is that Gangsta Nip paints an ugly picture of long nights working toward a dream while in uncomfortable places. The Break Down: Here, Nipsey unapologetically gives a middle finger to the dope game and tells listeners that the music business helps establish long-term wealth than selling drugs. Lee Daniels EP’d ‘The Spook Who Sat By The Door’ Names ’24: ... Like Tupac Shakur, the late and greatly mourned Nipsey Hussle was a bibliophile. When I hear these lyrics, I can immediately relate to the feeling of going through the maze of life and facing obstacles and systems way bigger than I. I was intrigued. Here he’s being real with his mom, and himself, about his condition and the environment that’s made him this way. At a time where it seems like everyone is desperately seeking motivation from anywhere they can get it, I decided to pull up 10 of my fav Nip lyrics to hopefully give you that boost you need. “I gotta hustle, momma I’ma move the white/If I died came back I’d do it twice/Brain washed by the block it consumed my life/Cool nigga but a killa when the mood is right/Bullets have the dogs howling at the moon at night/Momma it’s cold outside/Ain’t no hope outside”. But before one’s disposition fills out, we have to get past the stage of intimidation, frustration of being in unfamiliar situations as well as unlearn learned behavior. Nipsey is doing his part in disrupting the troublesome thinking patterns of generations of gang members. Nip’s music always has a story of finding a way after one way is closed and when you hear that kind of message behind some blaring 808’s, some mornings it’s better than coffee. Never judge you, but the streets will never love you Spook Who Sat by the Door $23.95; HussleNomics $15; Heal Thyself $19; The Fire Next Time $14; Blood in My Eye $15; The I Ching $15; Black Skin White Masks $16; The Secret $25; The Art of Seduction $25; The Art of War $5 The meat of this book occurred in the inner city of Chicago around this time and took a great inventory of the thoughts and experiences shared by the African American community during this time with a parallel to the governmental standpoint as well. But he was also a self-made scholar. During an interview on The Breakfast Club, Nipsey spoke about reading, The Spook Who Sat By the Door, the fictional tale follows Dan Freeman, the first Black CIA officer and former gang member in Chicago, while he learns the tactics of the CIA.. Elizabeth Hurley, 55, celebrates fall in pants-free photo: 'Cold weather is coming', 'Home Improvement' actor Zachery Ty Bryan arrested in Oregon, Influencer Dmitriy Stuzhuk Dead Of Coronavirus After Telling Followers It Wasn't Real, How He Made $2.8M Trading Stocks Part-Time At Home, Jon Voight insists President Trump 'must win' election, slams 'evil' Joe Biden, Jim Carrey channels Joe Biden's inner Mr. Rogers on 'SNL', T.I. Confirms Long-Standing Rumor That His Friend Urinated on Drake. Los Angeles even named an intersection after him and he won a BET award just last weekend. Gangsta Nip blesses fans with rules and guidelines that steers listeners from life in the streets to corporate America. That live long enough to see it changing And a Spook Who Sat by the Door that’s the infiltration - Nipsey Hussle, Blue Laces 2 Contextualizing 1990s Los Angeles. And ‘The Spook By The Door’ this the infiltration Enough to call him a legend, These Ecuadorian clothing brands remind us to stay sustainably cozy, Finally Focused NY to LA: Episode 4 Director Terence ‘MF’ Thomas, Who is LA Rodriguez? For Nipsey, hip-hop is more than entertainment. Double back, dressed in blue laces. I do not want to give up too much because I believe this is a book that is mandatory to be read by every African American in the United States, especially teenage and early adults. Lyrics: We the No Limit of the West, ni**a/Percy Miller at his best, ni**a. It’s getting ugly: What is happening between Armenia and Azerbaijan? Freeman returns home to Chicago, where he uses his CIA training to organize street gangs into revolutionary groups. Vallet park on some loc shit Hussle and Motivate: 5 Nipsey Hussle lyrics that will push you to be great By Joshua Eferighe June 28, 2019. It’s what the Marathon emblem is all about and it was embedded in his music. In this novel the spook was a double entendre as Dan Freeman was not only a black man hired by the CIA to satisfy their mandate to recruit black people, but he was also an employee of the CIA which as you know practices counter intelligence or “spying”. The Break Down: We don’t fully understand our weaknesses until we step outside of our comfort zone. I wonder what it come to in your brain for you run to On Tru’s “What They Call Us,” from their album Tru 2 Da Game, the colonel spewed pieces of this method. Thanks to Nipsey Hussle for the recommendation and the references.


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