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“They are our eyes and ears out here,” said Allen. Boone spent much of her first year as editor-in-chief getting to know the East Bay homeless community and the many nonprofits and government agencies involved in housing, poverty and legal issues. Oakland, CA 94612, Or donate to the friends of Street Spirit online at: It was the only electoral ballot measure in recent US history, in about the last 20 years, where voters rejected an anti-homeless measure. Nixon changed the way grants for social programs were issued, turning them from categorical grants to block grants, which are more broadly defined and give local governments more discretion as to how best allocate this money. Est 1995. 4.Denmey, Carol: “DBA Paints a Happy Face Over a Brutal Beatdown” The Street Spirit, May All my customers tell me I’m a good salesperson. That was in January 2017. The corporate-minded press pushed the narrative that the homeless should be removed out of sight and off the streets. (8) More than 150 homeless vendors sell the Street Spirit in Berkeley, Oakland and Santa Cruz. (15) Due to a decrease in funds, local governments were no longer able to allocate resources for urban employment and job training and housing. The Street Spirit played a large role in the defeat of the measure. Write to: American Friends Service Committee, 65 Ninth Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, STREET SPIRIT 18. Terry Messman, editor American Friends Service Committee1501 Cherry Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102215-241-7000. Street Spirit is more than a newspaper -- it is a community. Street Spirit features investigative reporting about an alarming new wave of civil rights abuses and police harassment targeted at homeless people. (8) More than 150 homeless vendors sell the Street Spirit in Berkeley, Oakland and Santa Cruz. This was one of the most prominent victories for the homeless population of Alameda County, and the Street Spirit surely played a role in its success to galvanize support to defeat the measure. (16) This left thousands of mentally ill on the streets. Every morning Allen checks in with the vendors to get information about the people sleeping downtown, their moods and their attitudes. (14). “People develop relationships, they connect.”. Two years ago he was diagnosed with lung cancer, which has now reached its second stage, and since then he has been on disability insurance.

Web. Street Spirit’s reporting was responsible for alerting the public to widespread violations of low-income psychiatric patients at East Bay Hospital in Richmond, a hospital used as a dumping ground for homeless, poor and severely disabled people by nine Bay Area counties. Month after month, the Street Spirit exposes the reality of structural violence and the consequences of poverty, the campaigns, which are challenging this, and fighting for change. Hindman saw it as an opportunity to further involve the teens and young adults that YSA serves by getting them writing, making art, taking photographs and editing the paper.

Many homeless vendors support themselves by selling the paper, and this extra income … Street Spirit, San Francisco, CA. 13. Today, 40 publications exist in the United States, and about another 100 in Europe and other parts of the world. Donate or Subscribe to Street Spirit. But their familiarity with Smith suggested they were repeat customers.

Since then, this number has steadily increased, with about 22% of children in the U.S. living under conditions of poverty today. Governments at the local, state and national level have spent the past 40 years imposing ever stricter criminal sentences on U.S. citizens, contributing to the fact that the United States incarcerates a greater percentage of its population than any other country in the world. Please help us continue this crucial work by donating to Street Spirit or subscribing for $25 per year. The publication is as active as ever today, with a new edition published monthly. Ibid, p. 13 Today, 40 publications exist in the United States, and about another 100 in Europe and other parts of the world. American Friends Service Committee is a Quaker organization devoted to service, development, and peace programs throughout the world. (17) There was an overreliance on the private sector to drive urban development and public housing. Therefore, we need the help of our readers and supporters to carry on with this combination of progressive journalism and humanitarian assistance to homeless people. The Street News in New York and the Street Sheet in San Francisco – both founded in 1989 - launched the North American street newspaper movement, which quickly spread to many other cities across the nation in the 90’s. Her two-page spread with photos was the centerpiece of the March issue. Decreases in Housing: In addition to a decrease in public spending, public housing disappeared, as local governments focused on urban renewal, taking advantage of disinvested areas, which were seen as being suitable for private redevelopment. Youth Spirit Artworks seeks an Editor-In-Chief for Street Spirit, the 22-year old Northern California homeless street newspaper with monthly publication of 15,000 newspapers each month and over 80 regular homeless street vendors. It helps me a lot.”. "Berkeley Sit-Lie Ordinance, Measure S (November 2012)." "Who’s Poor in America? We are called to confront, nonviolently, powerful institutions of oppression, violence and injustice. Covering Justice News and Homeless Blues in the Bay Area. Butigan, Ken: “Getting the Story Out- Terry Messman and the power of activist journalism" After a first warning, an initial violation would have carried a $75 fine, with subsequent increasing amounts. Boone said it was thrilling to hear from other editors about what they were covering and how best to serve people in need. Boone is also working on updating Street Spirit’s website. Since the late 1960s, the rise of radical alternative presses and media outlets have played a large role in giving poor people a voice in a political climate where they are almost entirely shut out of major media. Another success story for the homeless population in which the Street Spirit played a large role was the defeat of Measure “S” which aimed to criminalize homelessness in Berkeley in 2012. Homelessness has become a major social and political problem in the USA since the late 1970s. As a testament to the power of the press, our reporting was instrumental in shutting down that notoriously abusive facility, the largest psychiatric hospital (until its closure) in Contra Costa County. Allen says none of the downtown vendors are aggressive or confrontational. “I have nothing but good things to say about them,” he said. Francisco” Temple University Press; 2013 pg. Street Spirit is a tool of enabling and empowering, not just a handout. 9. In response to this, the Street Spirit began a 16- part series investigating the mistreatment of these homeless clients, including several suspicious deaths, which occurred at the hospital. 13 May 2015. Street Spirit is a publication of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) that reports extensively on homelessness, poverty, economic inequality, welfare issues, human rights issues and the struggle for social justice. 1515 Webster St., Suite 303 19.

By doing this, Nixon established the political context for a far more aggressive implementation of federal funding cuts, which were later instituted by Reagan. The program provides jobs and extra earnings to homeless people, and acts as a positive alternative to panhandling.

“The mainstream media often ignored the life-and-death issues faced by homeless people, and when they weren’t ignoring them, the corporate press stereotyped and scapegoated homeless people”.

(18) Someone earning minimum wage would have to work 163 hours a week in Oakland in order to afford the median monthly rent of $2412. A publication of Youth Spirit Artworks. For the past 25 years, scores of homeless and poor people have sold copies of Street Spirit, a paper that focuses on homelessness and poverty by examining everything from the impacts of city government decisions to protests about the criminalization of poverty, to the rousting of encampments. Street Spirit pays the entire printing costs of more than $3000 each month to give more then 100 homeless vendors 20,000 issues of the newspapers to sell every month for free. The Quaker American Friends Service Committee in Oakland founded it in 1995. Later in the day I saw him again, and he had thought twice about this apparently, and said that I could take his picture for a fee of $20.00 yet I did not have my camera on me. The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), a Quaker non-profit based in Oakland, decided to provide the public with an alternative story to that told in traditional media outlets AFSC fought to campaign for justice, as it had become clear to them that the corporate-controlled media was heavily biased against homeless people. This story is part of SF Homeless Project. box and many unhoused people have their mail sent there, which Orton then distributes. Today, close to 20,000 people monthly purchase a Street Spirit newspaper, and it is estimated that another 5000 newspapers are passed on and read.

mainstream reporters rarely or never visit”, the newspaper passionately covers stories on economic justice, poverty, and the human rights of the poorest of the poor. Each homeless vendor receives 50 papers a day for free, then sells the newspaper for $1.00 per issue, and keeps ALL proceeds from sales.

(8) More than 150 homeless vendors sell the Street Spirit in Berkeley, Oakland and Santa Cruz.

He wants all people who read the paper to become more knowledgeable about their rights in this country, and as homeless, especially in light of many injustices which homeless face on the streets. Matthew Allen, operations manager for the Downtown Berkeley Association, said the Street Spirit vendors are helpful to his team of  “ambassadors” who provide cleaning and hospitality services in the area.

The County’s Street Spirit was launched in 1995 as part of the street newspaper movement founded to help the poor and unhoused earn money rather than panhandle for cash. 17. On a recent sunny afternoon, Rosalind Smith was in her usual spot outside Sweet Adeline Bake Shop in South Berkeley. When the American Friends Service Committee could no longer financially back Street Spirit, YSA took over management of the paper. ( Log Out /  Others are more like general-service newspapers with a wide range of articles. Every morning, from 7-9 a.m., Orton parks his van on Shattuck Avenue near Kittredge.

A publication of Youth Spirit Artworks. (4) Articles advocate for the end of homeless criminalization, by enlightening readers with analyses of studies which for example show that law enforcement and jail time are about two to three times as expensive as the cost of supportive housing, and by including interviews of the homeless who have suffered dehumanization at the hands of the police. total population is 1.57 million people. Interview with Terry Messman by author, April 17, 2015. He agreed and twenty years later Terry Messman remains as editor and publisher of the newspaper. Street Spirit pays the entire printing costs of more than $3000 each month to give more then 100 homeless vendors 20,000 issues of the newspapers to sell every month for free.


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