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I am under no obligation to review any product. An out-of-control paddle board is a real danger and could kill another surfer or swimmer. Place your paddle blade at your feet and adjust the paddle height to the top of your head.

As a beginner find a spot off by yourself. Avoid crowded breaks. 4 Tips to Paddle a Straight Line on a Stand Up Paddle Board.

The foot position for flat water is called the parallel stance. While it is true you can catch a wave on any type of paddle board it will be easier to learn on a board made for surfing. Rashguards are good for sun protection, Don’t wear a cotton t-shirt like a kook. Click here to assign a widget to this area. Here are some tips that I have found to increase your balance for stand up paddle boarding.... Mark here. Drop your ego.

Find a spot away from the other surfers and away from swimmers.

Submit your news, events, and all SUP info, so we can keep promoting and driving the great lifestyle of stand up paddling, building its community, and introducing people to healthier living. It is more effective this way and better from a standing position. And if all you have is an inflatable paddle board inflate it to the recommended maximum air pressure. Izzi Gomez elaborates further saying, “know your limits and don’t get too confident when you’re first starting out because it can get dangerous at times and it’s not necessarily yourself who is a danger but the other people around you.”, Izzi Gomez testing her limits in Fiji. Be polite. SAN DIEGO, California - Want to add in some excitement to your SUP routine and start SUP surfing? It is natural to look down at the board, your feet, or the water when learning to SUP surf but in reality, you want to keep your head up and back straight with your knees slightly bent when SUP surfing. The best way to fall is to try and fall away from the board. It might take a while to get a hang of it, but making progress is part of the fun.

“Start on something that is a bit larger, a ten-foot board is great board to start off on.

The back side of the board will be harder to paddle on, but practicing on both sides will greatly improve your chances of catching a wave your first time out. Many years later, as a middle age man, I bought a paddle board and began an exciting journey. All rights reserved. Both feet parallel to each other and the length of the board. Here are a few tips from my own experience that helped me progress my skill… The surf spot for your first few sessions should have small, gentle, sloped waves. Always know the wind and water conditions when heading out to paddle. Always where an ankle leash.

There are surfing rules and etiquette that are practiced by surfers.

Accessories like a shoulder strap make it easier for you to walk long distances with your SUP, plus they tuck away easily once you’re on board. Keep in mind that many surfers don’t like to see paddle boards in the line up. Hopefully these tips from the pros help you get a good idea of what you need to know and what you need to prepare for before paddling out to a lineup.

There are currents, other surfers, and hazards beneath the surface like shallow spots and reef so it is important to learn the lineup before you paddle out in it. Know and recognize your skill level and don’t paddle out if you’re feeling uncomfortable. If there is an issue with the wind, paddle from your knees or lay down, attach your paddle to your board, and use your arms to paddle as if you are on a regular surfboard. Keep your paddle shaft vertical How Can Sound Sleep Prevent Injury and Boost Your SUP Performance?

Center your body weight over your toes. Brief excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. “Really know the place your are going to go surf before you paddle out,” says Fiona Wylde.

The correct paddle length is shorter than when you are flat water paddling.

Be cool and friendly. Looking ahead rather than down keeps you from rocking back and losing balance.. Paddle smart. Feet are the foundation Get the right board and paddle. It will be easier to get a feel for the balance and how it moves through the water on flat water first. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Typically, it’s the surfer who is deeper on the wave who has the priority so if they are on the wave, don’t go. “A lot of the guys on the tour that people strive to be like right off the bat are riding tiny boards but getting to ride those smaller boards was a process,” explains Noa Ginella.

The important thing about falling is that you need to understand how to do it the right way. Keep your paddle shaft vertical during the power phase of the stoke. See their top tips here: Getting the necessary and proper gear is crucial to success when SUP surfing.

An efficient stroke recruits major muscle groups in your arms, core, and back, and requires a solid stance.

Knowing and avoiding the most common beginner mistakes will help you better enjoy your time on the water and improve your paddling technique. This site expresses my own independent opinion. Always think, assess, and ride the waves that work for your skill level. If you have a 10′ paddle board and a 10′ ankle leash that’s a kill radius of 20′. You are going to fall. Dress for the water temperature. 1.

Know the conditions before heading out and look for currents in the break.

Having the board within reach keeps you from having to chase it and gives you something to hang on to if you tire out. Check out this article for a detailed explanation on How to Hold a SUP Paddle. | Photo: ISA / Sean Evans. Paddles: a beginner does not need a special paddle.

This email address is being protected from spambots. If you start out as a beginner around the other advanced surfers they are going to get pissed.

| Photo: ISA / Sean Evans, It’s extremely important to know your limits. Knee high is perfect for a first session. Face forward. While it is true you can catch a wave on any type of paddle board… it will be much easier to learn on a board made for surfing.

“Start on something that is a bit larger, a ten-foot board is great board to start off on. You are going to fall. And stay away from swimmers too. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. A leash also keeps the board from hitting others if it gets away from you. When used correctly, the blade offers stability and the angle you need to have a powerful stroke. SUP Surfing Wrap Up Before Surf’s Up. I can explore a coastline, lake or river.

Learning to fall safely ensures that you can get back on and keep enjoying yourself out there. | Photos: Starboard / John Carter, No matter what you’re riding out in the lineup it’s important that you know the proper rules and etiquette when surfing with others. That being said, you have to start somewhere so, get out there and enjoy it. You need to understand these rules. Remember, have fun! As you prove yourself in the water you will be accepted, but it takes time. “When looking for a place to paddle out, try not to pick a spot that is crowded. A beginner’s stand up paddle board often has a large round nose and a large deck area.This is different from a smaller, shorter, surf board. If you are new to SUP surfing, a leash connects the board to the paddler and is used to keep both you and others safe when paddleboarding.

BUY 2 Full-Sized SUPs & SAVE $50 | APPLIED IN CART! Understand some surfers don’t like paddle boards, link to 4 Tips to Paddle a Straight Line on a Stand Up Paddle Board, link to How to Improve Your Paddle Boarding Balance with Balance Training Exercises. © 2020, All Rights Reserved, 10 SUP surfing tips to know before your first sup surfing session, 3.

I have learned a lot in the past 12 years and continue to learn more all the time. Don’t only rely on your arms when paddling.

You’ll be surprised at how quick you learn. Avoid fast breaks with steep faces. Look for a place that has only a few guys out and is really mellow and has mushy, soft waves.” - Caio Vaz, Avoid crowded lineups as much as you can! Remember the fins of your board are on the tail end (back of the board). This blog is where I share what I have learned. Focus on engaging your core. When in the surf stance practice paddling on both sides of the board. Always. Don’t be jerk. There are lots of leashes to choose from, depending on the kind of SUPing you are planning to do. So always remember to attach all of your fins before heading out. As a beginner you are a liability and your board can be considered a weapon. If you are not comfortable on flat water you will have a hard time on surf. Practice paddling with your surf stance on flat water, 4. They’re designed this way to give you more freedom to comfortably stand up and move around.

Good luck finding your first (or next) break. And while you are on flat water….


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